Reading : A Great Hobby!!

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Written by Pradeep


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Books are your child’s best friends!! This has been proven, over time. It is the best way to spend your time, if you are feeling bored. Your books never get tired of you. With most of the families being nuclear these days and there being no siblings, children often find it difficult to spend their free time. They cannot always be playing or spending time with the parents, they need their own time as well. This can be best spent on reading books.
Parents must make an effort to develop reading habits in their children from the early age. Obviously, children of this age are not fully skilled to read on their own, but when they find you doing the same, they tend to copy it later, when they grow up. If the parents really want their children to develop this habit, they can do the following:

  •  You should get some good and interesting books for them.
  • The books should be colorful and must have lots of pictures, to allure your kid.
  • You can go in for bed time stories to develop their interest in reading.
  • There should be magazines, newspapers and other novels available in the house, so that your child gets used to of reading material.
  • Let your child select his books according to his interest.
  • You should make reading a routine activity for your kid and not the one that is occasional. Consistency is a must for developing any habit.
  • Show your child the pictures of birds, animals, shapes and colors to teach him the same. This will arouse his interest in books.
  • Encourage your child to read aloud, so that you can check him when he goes wrong. It also brings fluency in his reading.
  • Books are a great source of knowledge. They not only augment your child’s vocabulary but also increase his knowledge.
  • Books help in building your child’s attitude. So it is the parent’s responsibility to get the right books for their kids. They help in bringing about a positive change in your child’s character.
  • Reading is the best way to spend your free time as it discourages destructive thinking. We all know that idle mind is devils workshop, so don’t let your child just kill his time that can be utilized constructively.
  • Answer all the queries of your child, which he has, after going through any book or picture or may be magazine. This will build his interest.
  • Always keep an eye on what your child is reading. Children at this age are not aware of what is good and what is bad for them.

Reading not only gives a child the confidence but also makes his personality more appealing. Your child is in a better position to present his thoughts in front of others. His imagination also improves manifold. Reading makes his store of knowledge really rich.


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