Top 10 Interesting Children’s Day Celebration Ideas

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Written by Smita Srivastava

Smita Srivastava

Children's Day celebration ideas

Children’s Day is a day especially dedicated to kids. It is the most awaited day of the year. Schools hold functions, and everywhere you go, there is something happening just for the kids. This is also the day when parents get the perfect opportunity to brighten up their child’s day with joy, laughter, and happiness.

Making the kids feel loved and special on this day is something that can’t be expressed in words. From arranging interesting games, to preparing how to celebrate Children’s Day, and to bring smiles to the faces of the children, we are here with amazing Children’s Day celebration ideas.

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Why Do We Celebrate Children’s Day?

Children's Day is celebrated as it is Nehru ji's birthday

Every year November 14 is celebrated as Children’s Day in India. The date holds significance as it is also the birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. He loved children and had a lovable and kind attitude toward them. In fact, the kids used to lovingly call him ‘Chacha Nehru’.

He always believed that the future of the country lies in the hands of kids. Giving them proper education, love, and affection will ensure they grow up to be good humans and help to build the country’s future.
Therefore, on Children’s Day various events and activities take place at schools, restaurants, malls etc. to make the kids feel special on this day. Even at home, parents try to celebrate this occasion with their kids by arranging exciting activities, dance, fun games etc.

10 Children’s Day Celebration Activities For Kids

There are many fun ways to celebrate Children’s Day in the most exciting way and make it a memorable day for the kids. Here are some exciting ideas to celebrate Children’s Day in the most enjoyable manner ever-

1. Camping

Camping with kids is a great way to celebrate Children's Day

When it comes to camping, what comes to mind? Bonfire! Right. Camping can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate Children’s Day with your kids. Pack some delicious food items, favorite games, music system, and a camera to capture all the wonderful memories. Camping is one activity which will remain forever in your kids’ and their friends’ memories.

2. Disney Party

Disney party is a hit with the kids

Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Toy Story, Donald Duck are every child’s favorite. Watching Disney movies or cartoons, makes them feel like they are in a wonderland. So what better way to celebrate Children’s Day than hosting a Disney-themed party?

Find out your kid’s favorite Disney character and select the color theme accordingly. Then you can do decorations around it. You can hang up Disney posters, arrange for costumes or masks for the kids, and even get snacks and desserts in the theme colors.

3. Visit a Water Park

Trip to water park is good idea for celebrating Children's Day

Who doesn’t love water parks and the twisting and twirling water rides there? On Children’s Day take your child to a water park and have fun with the exciting water rides. Almost everyone loves water games and it will make for the most memorable day with family.

4. Picnics

Picnic with family is fun

Take your kids out for a picnic at their favorite spot on Children’s Day. Carry some food items your kids like to make their day. Head to a beautiful serene spot for a family picnic and make this day memorable for your children.

5. Movie Marathon

Host a movie marathon on Children's Day

If your child is a big fan of movies, then this is the perfect day to plan a movie marathon for your kid. Select age-appropriate movies for your kid, and create a theme of the same.

Arrange popcorns, blanket, and curtains, and dim the lights in order to create an atmosphere. Now get ready to enjoy the movie marathon with them. This movie marathon idea is sure to make them feel really happy and ecstatic.

6. Pool Games

Kids love pool games

Most kids absolutely love swimming pools and water. If your kid also likes to splash around in the pool, then pool games are a great idea to make the Children’s Day special for them. Treasure hunt, Marco Polo, Duck Duck Splash, Water Balloon Splash are the most exciting and amazing cool pool activities to make a child’s day special. Try out these games with your kid and make them feel good. A day at the pool and enjoying these games will be real fun!

7. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is a unique way to celebrate Children's Day

An adventurous treasure hunt activity would be quite thrilling for the kids. You can play puzzle piece hunt. In this activity you have to hide all the puzzle pieces in different locations and then ask the children to find them and complete the puzzle. One who completes first, gets exciting prices.

Photo treasure hunt is also an exciting game to play. In this you can hide the pretty memories and photos of your family in different areas and later ask the kids to collect and make a family tree out of it.

8. Visit the Arcade

Arcade has lots of kid friendly activities and games

In order to spend some good quality time with your kids, take them to the arcade. There they have a variety of games like pinball and video games. After winning the games, one gets exciting prizes. Arcades also have snack stalls to curb those hunger pangs. A day well spent is a day well remembered.

9. Costume Party

Throw a costume party this Children's Day

Costume parties are a creative way to celebrate Children’s Day. Choose the theme for the party. It could be anything ranging from your child’s favorite book, favorite movie, cartoon character, etc.

Manage the dress code according to the theme of the party. For example if the theme is Cinderella, then all should be dressed in pink color. Likewise, you can have a Ghostbuster costume party or even have kids dress up as famous personalities. Get creative and make Children’s Day special.

10. Piñata

Piñata is a popular party game

Piñata is a Mexican game but it’s gaining popularity world over. In this you need to have a colorful container made of cardboard, paper mache, pottery or cloth. It can be in any shape or form. But it has to be colorfully decorated. This is a piñata.

Inside the piñata usually there are treats like sweets and candies. In case you don’t want to give sweets, you can fill these up with healthy treats. Now, all the kids have to do is break it open and once the treats fall off, collect them and have fun.

Children’s Day is eagerly awaited by kids throughout the year. Instead of making it just another regular day, celebrate it with some fun activities which will bring joy and laughter to your kid. Do not ignore and work to make your child feel important. These small efforts like planning a picnic, theme party, and costume party, etc. will make them happy and give them memories for life. It will also help you bond with your kids. Remember, a day well celebrated is a day never forgotten. So, celebrate this day fully and devote your time to them.

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