Restful Joy – 7 Ways Hanging Out With Your Kids Can Help You Destress

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By Jess Goode, Marketing Assistant at Myer

You might love your little munchkin to death, but they can be a lot to deal with most of the time – especially now that quarantine has forced us to stay indoors for long periods of time.

It’s hard to keep energetic kiddos cooped up and engaged all the time, and if you’re a busy parent who finds this really stressful, then we’ve got a helpful guide for you right here. It’s all about finding that balance between managing your work, chores, and spending quality time with your children. It is also about finding activities that can be mutually exclusive between you and your kid. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how you can distress by hanging out with your kids:

1. Coloring:

books and color pencils

You can keep yourself, as well as your kid, cam, collected, and engaged by coloring together. There are tons of adult coloring books out there, and indulging yourself can sooth your mind, keep your hands moving, and leech away all the stress of the day. Your kids will also enjoy this activity a lot. It’s not only educational, but will also help them perfect their motor skills and develop a creative imagination. You can find some great coloring books for children online. Add them in your cart and get ready to spend some quality time together.

2. Go for Play Dough or Silly Putty:

Whether you’re an adult or a child, squishing things is always a great stress reliever. This is why you should make some time for you and your kid to play with play dough or silly putty. The former is great for making clay models, so if you’re an artistic type of a parent, you’ll actually enjoy making stuff with your kid. With silly putty, you can simply get, well, silly! Just squish it, peel it off, and squeeze it however you want – it is guaranteed to make your kids squee with glee!

3. Create a Reading Hour:

dad reading story to baby

Reading is an excellent way to de-stress, and even if you’re not the literary type, you can always unplug with a good audiobook. You can create a quiet reading hour with your kids where they get to read or play or color in their favorite books while you get to lie back and enjoy immersing yourself in a completely new world. If nothing else, your kid can simply enjoy flipping through the pages and might even develop an interest in reading.

If you want to do a dual-reading activity with your child, then you can create a story-telling hour, where both you cuddle up on the bed and you read stories to your kids. The importance of storytelling is well-known, as it helps develop a child’s imagination, language development, and also improves their bonding with you. Years down the road, your child might not remember much, but they’ll surely remember that one particular story that you used to read to them when they were small.

4. Games Never Lead Astray:

kids playing junga

You’re never too old for games and playing some with your kids is an excellent way to let go and de-stress. You’ll notice that you’ll forget your worries at their enthusiasm and actually feel like a kid yourself as you play with them.

Interactive card and board games like Jenga, Twister, and Uno are especially attractive for kids. They get to use their mind and body, developing their motor skills and imagination while enjoying some quality time with you.

5. Outdoor Play:

Getting active is one of the most essential ways that you and your kid can de-stress these days. Cabin fever is a real thing and being constantly cooped up can drive everyone crazy. So even if you can’t take your kids to the park, take them out to the lot, the front porch, or the backyard so that both of you can let off some energy.

You can indulge in interactive outdoor games. Playing some kiddy basketball is a fun activity. You could also play with toy blasters or set up a trampoline for your little one to jump on. A wall ring toss is also a great idea and you can also let them ride their toy cars, bikes, and scooters as you enjoy the fresh outdoor air on the side.

6. Puzzles for the Win:

kids playing game on ipd

There are many benefits of puzzles for a child’s development – especially if they are a preschooler. From boosting intellect to helping them reach their developmental goals, a puzzle can be an educational tool for your kid. It can also be a way for an adult to empty their mind and decompress while hanging out with their child.

There are many kid-friendly puzzles in the market these days. From color coordinated rugs to ABC puzzle-mats for toddlers and character-design puzzles that are attractive to older kids, there are a lot of choices out there. You can also find several puzzle games online, so you and the kids and play it together on a tab or an iPad. You’ll certainly find one that calls to you and your kid alike.

7. Legos Never Fail:

If all else fails, then bring out the Legos.

Lego is the kind of toy that never goes out of style, is super timeless, and beloved by every kid out there. Children love using their hands, stacking stuff, and generally creating things from their well of unique imagination. Legos are a perfect medium for them to go all out.

Just like kids, building things from Legos can be relaxing for adults as well, so you can get yourself a complicated lego piece and go about building that as your child works on their own project!

So, these are some activities that can take your mind off things and let you enjoy some quality time with your kids. You’ll certainly feel de-stressed as you follow them. 

Jess Goode, Marketing Assistant at Myer

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