5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Rice Water For Babies

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baby drinking rice water

Rice is always considered a low-allergen food and the most beneficial for babies. Rice becomes the first solid food that is fed to babies when it is weaned from the mother’s milk. Before the rice is introduced, the mother can start with Rice Water for the babies.

As the name goes, is basically the starch that is formed when rice is boiled to softness. This particular drink is considered to be one of the most rejuvenating and beneficial drinks for babies five months and older. It is found to be the most economical to prepare, requiring minimal ingredients.

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How to Make Rice Water?

making rice water

Rice water is easy to make and beneficial for infants. What else would a mother ask for?


  • 2 tablespoons of rice
  • A cup of water


Add 2 tablespoons of well-washed rice to a cup of water. Boil or pressure cook it well. Strain the mixture and retain the water. Your rice water is ready. Let it cool down and your rice water is ready to be fed to your munchkin.

Benefits of Rice Water for Babies

Here are the health benefits:

1. Good for Baby’s Skin

  • It can make your baby’s skin feel gentle as it acts as a wonderful moisturizer.
  • Skin problems like eczema and dermatitis can be very distressing for a small baby. Rice water acts effectively to reduce these problems.
  • Since rice water can be started as early as when the baby is five months old, (with medical advice, of course), the mother can find it easier to wean her child from breastfeeding.

2. Provides Energy

  • It feels more wonderful to see your little one zestful throughout the day than dull and boring. So this is an energy booster to keep your little one as bubbly as ever throughout the day.
  • When the baby is down with a high fever, this drink brings down the temperature.

3. Rich in Essential Vitamins

  • Who does not wish to boast of a healthy and lively baby? The carbohydrates and vitamins present in rice are favorable for a healthy body.
  • Vital vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B6 are abundantly present in this fruitful liquid. Rice Water has the advantage of being very rich in Vitamin B, which is fruitful for mental and the physical development of the baby.

4. Stomach Friendly

  • It is an effective cure for vomiting in babies.
  • When a pinch of salt is added to this water, we find that it can help in enriching the sodium levels that a baby has lost during dehydration. When babies are down with the loss of water due to diarrhea and intestinal colic, this drink acts as a remedy to compensate for the lost fluids and does not let tiredness get to them.

5. Strong and Healthy Bones

rice water

  • Proteins present in rice water are vital for building the bones of babies during infancy itself.

6. Perfect Food When Baby is Suffering From Constipation

  • As it is high in calories, it can be used to replace ORS which is prescribed during constipation.
  • It could also be the only food suitable for consumption when a baby is suffering from constipation.

7. Relieves Gastritis in Babies

  • Rice water tackles the gaseous condition in babies.
  • It provides a soothing effect on the stomach.

Disadvantages of Rice Water for Babies

Though there are several health benefits associated with rice water for babies, it has disadvantages too:

1. Not Rich in Nutrients

As rice water mainly contains nutrients dissolved from rice, it lacks some of the other essential nutrients the baby requires.

2. Could Cause Allergic Reactions

Though rice is hypoallergenic, it could still pose an allergic reaction to high-risk infant groups.

3. Reduces the Intake of Breastmilk

As rice water fills up the baby’s tummy, it could interfere with breastfeeding.

Side Effects of Rice Water for Babies

stomach pain

Like any other food, before starting rice water for your baby, do consult your doctor. If your baby is allergic to foods like barley and oats, the chances of them being allergic to rice are also high. If your baby is allergic, then they will have the following symptoms:

  • Stomach pain
  • Bloating
  • Rashes
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Breathing difficulties and shortness of breath

Do not completely replace rice water with milk or formula milk. You can mix formula powder with rice water if you wish to get the maximum benefit.

Also, use good quality rice to prepare rice water for your baby. It is also very important to thoroughly rinse the rice in order to clean it properly so that you are assured that your baby is consuming healthy food.

From all the above advantages, one can reach a conclusion that something like rice Water – simple and commonly available – can be an asset to every new mother. This “Wonder Drink” is a foolproof way to keep your baby healthy and cheerful. After all, a healthy baby is a happy baby!


1. Can I Give My 3-Month Old Rice Water?

No. Most doctors advise against anything apart from breast milk or formula for babies until they are 6 months old. Wait till they are older and then start giving rice water.

2. How Frequently Can I Give My Baby Rice Water?

Not more than once a day. You can increase the quantity as your baby grows. Check with your pediatrician for quantity recommendations.

3. Can I Give Rice Water to my Baby at Night?

It is not recommended. Rice water can kick-start the digestion process. Hence it is advisable to give it to your baby in the morning.

4. Which Rice Should I Use and Make Rice Water for my Baby?

You can use any type of rice to make the rice water for your baby. Just ensure you wash it well and boil it in clean drinking water. You can use the rice you eat at home.

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