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Scary stories are always full of suspense and have a certain thrilling feeling. Sometimes kids love to hear a spooky story. These stories inculcate a feeling of courage and bravery and make them bold. These stories for kids are very interesting and allow all the family members to enjoy some good family time together.


scary stories for kids

How To Portray Scary Stories?

First of all, make sure the child is old enough to not be traumatized. This website is not responsible for any night terrors and/or wetted beds. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it is pretty obvious that horror stories should be said in the dark. Whether you use a flashlight to light up your face in a very evil way is completely up to you. You should speak in a very spooky bass when telling the story. Make your characters seem extra scared during dialogue areas. And Et Voila! Your child is officially scared out of their mind. You monster.

Best Scary Stories For The Kids

Scary stories always give a feeling of adventure and thrilling. Here are the top scary stories for kids which you can enjoy with your whole family and enjoy with your kids.

1.      Story Name: The Hook

  • Author: Alvin Schwartz
  • Genre: Horror
  • Age Recommendation: 8 years and above
  • What Is It About: The Hook story is an urban legend that is best said as a scary story for kids as a drama. It is great entertainment for children of age, eight years and above. Written on the basis of a true story, it is a horror story that revolves around three major characters, a criminal(named Hook as he has a hook replacing his hand) and a couple. It is set like the couple in a secluded place rush home as it is warned that Hook escaped from jail. They rush to the nearby coffee shop concerning safety. But to their shock and surprise, they find a blood-stained hook that hung from a back seat window, suggesting that criminal was somewhere near and thus can be a great ending for this story for kids.

2.      Story Name: The Candy Man

  • Author: Clive Barker
  • Genre: Horror
  • Age Recommendation: 7years and above
  • What Is It About: Clive Barker’s ‘ The Candy Man ‘ is a story of a slave, Daniel who was beaten to death by his factory owner and town dwellers since he loved the factory owner’s daughter, Rose. It is one of the top scary stories for kids as it is believed that the soul of Daniel didn’t leave that world though he died. It is also believed that the soul would haunt one who enunciates ‘ The Candyman’ five times. It is highly recommended for children of eight years and above. This is best said if interest is built on emphasizing why children shouldn’t enunciate the word ‘ Candy Man ‘ five times and its repercussions.

3.      Story Name: The 13th Floor

  • Author: Sid Fleischman
  • Genre: Horror
  • Age Recommendation: 7 years and above
  • What Is It About: Recommended for eight years and above, Denver’s story set as a mystery and horror one, is greatly said with voice modulation that could carry the essence of the scary story for kids. The ending can also be dramatized. It is about a couple who reach the thirteenth floor of the maze-like house( that was actually haunted), though others couldn’t reach. But they were no more seen after that. It is one of the perfect bedtime stories for kids.

4.      Story Name: The Clown

  • Author: Thomas Mann
  • Genre: Horror
  • Age Recommendation: 7years and above
  • What Is It About: It is one of the best suspense short stories for kids by Thomas Mann. Good for children of eight years and above, it is about a family that shifts to a large house. The children complain of a clown who comes to their room at night. Their father takes it lightly. A babysitter once came to the house and was disturbed by a creepy statue of a clown in the home but the truth was that the family had no statue of the clown. It is highly effective to say this story for kids in a low voice to rise the eeriness of the atmosphere in them.

5.      Story Name: The Stare

  • Author: John Buttler
  • Genre: Horror
  • Age Recommendation: 7 years and above
  • What Is It About: The Stare’ is a suspense thriller that’s a scary story for kids age ten and above. It’s a story of a girl on the train who was stared at by an old woman between two men who actually died. A man saves the little girl by pushing her. It is best said if a terrific image of the man who saved the girl is drawn and suspense is maintained until revealing his identity.

6.      Story Name: The Flying Dutchman

  • Author: Ben Hammott
  • Genre: Horror
  • Age Recommendation: 11years and above
  • What Is It About: The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost story about a ship that sails inshore forever. The ship actually escaped a storm yet sunk. But that ship is seen in Cape of Good Hope, where it sunk. The thread line of the story is so great( after Richard Wagner’s opera) and it would be great if it is dramatized and said with sounds of winds and rain for the scary story for kids age ten and above.

7.      Story Name: Hide And Seek

  • Author: Arthur Clarke
  • Genre: Horror
  • Age Recommendation: 11years and above
  • What Is It About: ‘Hide and Seek’ is a suspense mystery loaded scary story for kids recommended for eight years and above. Saying about two brothers who escaped an icy hand pulling them, it is best said if it is dramatized and asked at last, what would have happened if the icy hand pulled them.

Some Last Words

These are some of the top scary stories that you can share with kids if they have got bored of hearing bible stories for kids. Make sure to make them entertaining and not too scary while narrating them to your kids. Gather around all the family members and go on a thrilling adventure with all of them this festive season.

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