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Stories play an important role in everyone’s life. The Bible contains a lot of interesting stories. These stories have a lot of information and knowledge which help everyone to understand the structure of the world easily. The stories allow everyone to know how the world works and contains a lot of important stuff. All this information is explained in an easy and detailed way, which can be understood by everyone. Elders in the families should read these bedtime stories for kids in their family and other members also to spend quality family time. This will help strengthen their bond with each other and also inculcate good moral values in the minds of the younger generation in the family.

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Best Bible Stories To Read Out For The Kids:

Given below are the top short stories for kids that are taken from the Holy Bible and will melt their hearts to rejuvenate them with a pearl of new wisdom.

Story Name: The Story Of Creation

  • Age Recommendation: Every Age Group
  • Genre: Spiritual
  • What Is It About: The story of creation from the Book of Genesis(Old Testament – Chapter 1), says of how organisms evolved and the world which is seen today was made. In the beginning, there was nothing, but only God existed. God first made light, and subsequently, sky, land, sea, moon, sun, organisms, men and women were created in seven days. It can be well enumerated for kids with toys of life forms for children of all age groups, thus, making it a great bible story for kids.
  • How To Tell: You can create curiosity by pausing in the middle and asking children to find what would have been created next.

Story name: The Fall of Jericho

  • Author: Bible
  • Age Recommendation: Every Age Group
  • Genre: Spiritual
  • What Is It About: It’s about the Israel people who were freed from Egyptian rule, but still had to reach the land promised to them. Its origin is from The Old Testament in the Book Of Numbers. (Constituting Chapter 27; Deuteronomy 34; and also the Joshua Chapters 1 to 6). The plot of the story is about how God helps Joshua, the successor of Moses, and one loving God to have victory in battle. Thus, God himself goes before the people of him and offers victory in battle.
  • How To Tell: It is best said if children could be taken to that historical time where battles were fought, and effective dramatization was way too good to handle the storytelling.

Story name: Adam and Eve

  • Author: Bible
  • Age Recommendation: Every Age Group
  • Genre: Spiritual
  • What Is It About: Adam and Eve is a story from the Book of Genesis(Old Testament – chapter two ). It is an excellent bible story for kids as they were the first humans and also the first to commit sin. Best said for children of age four and above. Children can be involved in these stories for kids by making them think about what would have happened next. The plot of the story is about the first humans, Adam and Eve, disrespecting God due to which they are subjected to punishment.
  • How To Tell: Enunciate along with dramatization with voice modulation of joy and sorrow to make it more amazing to listen.

Story Name: The Tower of Babel

  • Author: Bible
  • Age Recommendation: Every Age Group
  • Genre: Spiritual
  • What Is It About: The Tower of Babel has its origins from the Book Of Genesis(Old Testament – Chapter 11). It explains how different languages came about. Its outline can be offered like the proud Babylons – Noah, his family, and other people of Babylon planned to make a tower so tall that they could reach the level of God. Anguished by the pride and activities of people, God made people speak different languages so that they can’t communicate and so no more construct. It was so messy when people tried to communicate with the language they knew. At last, people speaking the same language left together for different places to settle. This story can engage children age four and above.
  • How To Tell: It would be the best telling by dramatization and voice change before and after the curse, messy state of different languages can all be beautifully presented and amazingly interactive.

Story Name: Abraham’s Covenant

  • Author: Bible
  • Age Recommendation: Every Age Group
  • Genre: Spiritual
  • What Is It About Abraham, renowned as the Father of Nations, though he would not have children at all. From the Book of Genesis(Old Testament – Chapters 17 to 21), it is a beautiful story for children age four and above. It’s about the couple – Abraham and Sarah, who longed for a child and for whom God promised a child. They became parents at last for a child, and they named him Isaac, which means laughter. Abraham chose the name,  as Sarah laughed if she could have a child at such an age when angels in disguise as guests wished her a child. It is a great bible story for kids and must be read to the children before sleep.
  • How To Tell: It would sound great if the pain of desperation, hopelessness, and, at last, joy can be captured correctly in the dramatization or enunciation.

Story Name: The Judgement of Solomon

  • Author: Bible
  • Age Recommendation: 4 and above
  • Genre: Spiritual
  • What Is It About: The legendary King of Israel, Solomon, is known far and wide for both his enormous wealth and his innate wisdom. He is mentioned in several holy scriptures, including the Hebrew Bible, the Quran, the Old Testament, and the Hadiths. This story is about a strange problem King Solomon had to solve. One fine day, two women came to his court with a little boy. Both the women claimed that they were the child’s mother, and it was impossible to tell who was telling the truth. To observe their reactions, King Solomon pretended to be cruel. He said that he would cut the boy in two to settle the dispute. Each woman would get one half. Immediately, the real mother sank to her knees and begged the King to spare her little one. She didn’t care if the boy was given to the other woman as long as the child was safe. King Solomon declared that this woman was the true mother and gave the child to her.
  • How To Tell: Try to capture the regality of King Solomon when voicing him, and portray the desperation in the mother’s words.

Some Last Words

These are some of the Bible stories which you can enjoy with your family members. The best part is they are more interesting than scary stories for kids. Gather around and spend some good family time this festive season.

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