Sex and Pregnancy

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Sex is one of the important and beautiful aspects of the relationship for any couple. Along with providing pleasure it also makes you feel relaxed and takes away all your exertions. Most of the women who are pregnant have a number of doubts about sex. When to have it or when to avoid it? Is it ok to have sex while you are pregnant? Is it safe for baby? And many other questions like this cross the mind frequently. Sex is safe for those who have normal pregnancy, which is low risk. But even if it’s normal pregnancy sex life surely goes through few changes. It does not remain the same, the way it was before pregnancy.


It is necessary to talk about one more aspect of pregnancy which is related to sex. As a woman passes through various physical, hormonal and emotional changes, the desire for sex in women keeps on fluctuating during pregnancy period. Few women do not feel like having sex during their whole pregnancy and few might want it very often. All this is very normal and happens with many pregnant women. As a partner husband should respect the desire of his wife and should not force her for anything. Many women find it uncomfortable as their tummy increases in size. The most important thing is to talk about it openly with your partner. Express your feelings, desire to him. However, in certain cases, doctors advise couples not to have sex, like the ones listed below: pregnancy pillow

1. If the doctor has put you on pelvic rest you must avoid intercourse, orgasms, weight lifting.

2. If your partner has some sexual medical history of HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease, refrain absolutely from having sex. There are chances that your baby may get infected during sex.

3. In case of oral sex, ask your partner not to blow air into your vagina, it may cause harm to the baby.

4. Avoid certain positions when you are not comfortable in them.

In such a case when the doctor has advised you to avoid intercourse, there are other alternatives you both may try. You both may try kissing, touching, mutual masturbation, oral sex and even vibrators. It is good to consult the doctor before you choose a vibrator for yourself. Kiss each other passionately on weak points, touch, and lick, rub each other’s spot. However, you must talk to your doctor before trying something new, since preterm pregnancies require extra care and orgasms may be harmful for the baby

You may ask your partner for gentle massage. Keep on telling each other what makes you feel good. Be creative, innovative and enjoy your moments to the fullest. Always remember at any point of time, at any position or move if you feel uncomfortable, stop then and there. Tell your husband and he will surely understand!

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