Once you learn that you are expecting, you will be find yourself making quite a lot of changes to your current lifestyle. You will be focusing more on the developing baby. One major doubt that may harbor you while you are pregnant is whether having sex with your partner is safe during this vital period? Although it is quite safe to have sex during pregnancy, it is imperative that having sex should in no way cause you or the fetus inside any kind of harm. In case of a normal low risk pregnancy, neither intercourse nor orgasm poses threat to you or your growing baby. Since your little baby is safely cushioned and surrounded in a pool of amniotic fluid and protected by the wall of your uterus and the thick mucus plug seals the cervix during pregnancy and guards against any infections, sex during pregnancy is absolutely ok for a healthy pregnant woman. However, some medical conditions call for abstinence from sex during the first and last trimesters or even throughout your pregnancy period. Let us give you an insight to 8 reasons for not having sex during pregnancy.
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Will Sex Trigger Miscarriage During Pregnancy?

One of the most common fears that haunt most pregnant women is whether indulging in sex will cause a miscarriage? Actually this is not something that you need to be tensed about as most miscarriages or abortions occur when your fetus is not growing normally. But at the same time it is very important to remember that some sex positions are not safe and comfortable for you during pregnancy. So it is essential to find a safe position that will work with your growing belly so that you don’t put extra pressure on you stomach and back

Can Sex Cause Premature Labor?

Another fear is whether sex can trigger labor. If you have a low risk pregnancy, there is no chance of sex triggering premature labor. Orgasms cannot trigger labor pains or cause an abortion. Although orgasms can evoke harmless uterine contractions, these contractions are not permanent and are usually very mild.

8 Reasons To Abstain From Sex During Pregnancy

Given below are some of the most common circumstances that require you not to indulge in sex during pregnancy.

    1. Cervical insufficiency: This is one condition where the cervix is not strong enough and calls for abstinence from sex especially when the fetus gets bigger and the load that the cervix must hold grows heavier
    2. Genital herpes: Suppose your partner has been diagnosed with genital herpes, it is imperative that you do not have sex during your pregnancy period regardless of whether your partner experiences any kind of symptoms or not. You need to avoid oral sex too, if your partner is suffering from oral herpes
    3. Any kind of other STDs: It is advised to abstain from any kind of sexual act if you or your partners have any kind of sexually transmitted diseases
    4. Placental Issues: If you happen to experience bleeding during the last two trimesters of your pregnancy , there is every chance that you may be have some kind of placental issues like placental abruption, placenta previa or placenta accreta. In such cases, the doctor would advise you to avoid sex till you deliver your baby

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  1. Spotting or vaginal Bleeding: Another case where you are advised to stay away from sex during pregnancy if when some spotting or vaginal bleeding occurs. You need to visit your doctor at once and find out the reason behind this bleeding. Vaginal bleeding occurs due to various issues, some of which require you to abstain from sex during the first and last trimesters or even throughout your pregnancy
  2. Dilated cervix: This is one more conditions that call for abstinence from sex during pregnancy
  3. History of premature labor: If you have had a history of premature labor, doctors often advice you to abstain from sex especially during the last trimester of your pregnancy. The doctor would recommend to abstain from sex as when the semen comes in contact with the pregnant woman’s pelvic area or when the pregnant woman has orgasms or nipple stimulation, then all these activities can cause premature labor
  4. History of repeated Abortions: Very often, you may have become pregnant after experiencing repeated abortions due to some reason or the other. In such cases also, the doctor normally advises couples not to have sex during pregnancy

Relax, as having sex is not the only way to show your affection for each other. If abstaining from sex is recommended for both your and your baby’s benefit, go ahead and make sure you hold yourself till you give birth. However try exploring other means of being intimate like kissing, cuddling and massaging. It has been found that foreplay; masturbation and oral sex also provide pleasure and are equally enjoyable during pregnancy when you have to forego sex. Make sure that you speak openly and honestly about your needs to your partner and encourage him to do the same. This will make your relationship strong, healthy and loving. If you feel something is not right or you want to change something, communicate it to your partner so that he will understand your feelings and your comfort and pleasure is primarily in his mind.