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Short Bedtime Stories For Kids

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Children love stories because they are imaginative. They like to identify themselves as the main protagonist of the story. A child will dream about the story he hears during bedtime from his parents. Telling bedtime stories is an excellent way to spend time with kids. You can get absorbed in the story as well. Also, these stories are a unique way to go back to your childhood memories. You can narrate your experience of listening to these stories from your mom and dad and, your child will love to hear it. When you are telling bedtime stories, you should keep it short. Yes, some stories can take longer than others. But, you should also personalize it to give your child an exciting time. As a parent, you should make this storytelling time fun in every way possible. Let’s see how you can make bedtime storytelling more interesting for your child.

mom and kid reading bed-time story

How to Make Short Bedtime Stories For Kids Interesting for Your Child

You will be surprised to know that telling Bedtime Stories For Kids is also an art. Every parent wants to make his child’s early days memorable. Bedtime storytelling is an integral part of it. So, you have to master the art of bedtime storytelling. Here are some of the things you can do to make bedtime storytelling more interesting for your child.

  1. Use Your Child as the Main Protagonist: You have to make your child engrossed in the story you are telling. Your child’s mind is very fickle. That is why it will wander to somewhere else while you narrate the story. It can make you annoyed. The best way to tackle this situation is to make your child the main protagonist of the character. Now, his mind will not wander to some other places as it will want to know what happens to himself in the story. It is a very effective method of making the child concentrate on the story itself.
  2. Make the Story Simple to Grasp: There are some Classic Bedtime Stories For Kids that are very hard to grasp. Due to the complexity of the words and the plot of the story, a child struggles to understand the story properly. So, while narrating the story, you should make that story simple. It will be easier for your child to understand.
  3. Don’t Shy Away from Improvising: Do you know that you can tell the same story over and over again by just improvising? Yes, you need to bring your creative-self to the fore. So, don’t be shy while improvising and focus on making the story more interesting for your child. Improvisation is a critical element in a good storyteller.
  4. Have a Lesson Ready in the End: You need to have a lesson ready at the end of the story, a lesson that will make your child a better person That is why choosing stories that have a moral lesson is perhaps the ideal at bedtime. It will be easier for your child to understand this moral lesson at bedtime than at any other time.
  5. Be Energetic While Narrating the Story: Some people do not reflect the energy while narrating the story. They might feel energetic, but their body language and voice do not reflect that. The enthusiasm of telling a story could get badly affected if you don’t have the energy in narration. Therefore, keep your energy levels high and keep engaging your child in the story.

Short Bedtime Stories For Kids You Can Tell Your Child
You can make your child’s bedtime fun with Funny Bedtime Stories For Kids. Your child will surely love to listen to these bedtime stories. Here are some of the bedtime stories which are very short and fun to narrate:
Poindexter Makes A Friend 
If your child is shy about making new friends, then this is a story that you should narrate to your child. It will teach your child how to overcome shyness and make new friends. The story of Poindexter will teach a lot of things to your child about making new friends. It is one of the best Short Bedtime Stories For Kids.

  • Written By: Mike Twohy
  • Ratings: 5/5
  • Year of Publishing:

Bob and Otto
Bob and Otto is a story of two worms who are best friends. This story shows the importance of friendship in life. By narrating this bedtime story to your child, you will teach him the importance of friendship. This story will be an excellent lesson for your child.

  • Written By: Robert O. Bruel
  • Ratings: 9/5
  • Year of Publishing: 2007

Harold And The Purple Crayon
There is no limit to imagination. This story of Harold portrays precisely that. With limited imagination, you cannot do much with a crayon. However, if you let your imagination fly as Harold did in this story, you can create mesmerizing things with just a purple crayon. This story will encourage your child to become imaginative.

  • Written By: Crockett Johnson
  • Ratings: 2/5
  • Year of Publishing: 1955

A color of his own

It is a fascinating story that you can narrate to your child during bedtime. When you are with people who are similar to you, you will not have any problem. But when you are with people who are not like you, you will have a big problem. You will feel alone, even if you are with so many people. In this story, there is a chameleon that cannot accept its nature of changing color. But, once it meets another chameleon, it begins to realize its true nature. It is one of the very Funny Bedtime Stories For Kids

  • Written By: Leo Lionni
  • Ratings:3/5
  • Year of Publishing: 1975

Splat the Cat: Good Night, Sleep Tight

Splat the Cat is a series of books. It was first published in 2008. The first book of this series was a huge success, which compelled the authors to create a series of books on Splat the Cat. The Good Night, Sleep Tight version of this book is ideal for bedtime reading.

  • Written By: Rob Scotton
  • Ratings:7/5
  • Year of Publishing: 2011

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Dr. Seuss is one of the most popular children’s story writers. He has a collection of some great children’s books. Therefore, a list of famous Short Bedtime Stories For Kids will have one of his stories. “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” is one of this best books for children.

  • Written By: Seuss
  • Ratings:4/5
  • Year of Publishing: 1990

Finally, narrating bedtime stories to your kids is a beautiful way of making them fall asleep. You can get Free Bedtime Stories For Kids from the internet and narrate them to your child. These stories are a wonderful amalgamation of learning and fun. Therefore, it is an activity that parents should include in their daily schedule.

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