Soft Drinks For Baby – Is it Safe?

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Aparna Hari

Her experience in impactful writing combined with her background in Home Sciences makes Aparna the perfect candidate for content writing in the pregnancy and parenting niche.

Soft Drinks For Baby

Soft drinks for baby are not a baby’s best friend when it comes to health. Their acidic content has a bad effect on a baby’s emerging teeth. Infants start to feel full once they drink these beverages. And it locks up the room in their stomach for highly nutritional food to enter.

Moreover, the bad news is that infants who are given soft drinks begin to favor the great taste that they offer. Thus, they drift away from healthy drinks like full-fat milk that are not so flavored. So, to create healthy taste choices, only water, breastmilk or formula and full-fat milk should be fed to your little one. After they turn two, you may consult a pediatrician to know how your baby’s body will respond to sweet drinks.

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Should You Consider Giving Soft Drinks For Baby?

It’s best to not even let the shadow of soft drinks lurk near your baby, at least before they turn two. Soft drinks like fizzy drinks, fruit squashes, and so forth have their share of nasty effects on a baby’s health. Their sugary and acidic content is bound to put hurdles on the emerging teeth of an infant. Furthermore, chocolate milk or milkshakes are also not free from sugar.

Because these sweet drinks will make your cutie’s stomach feel full, they’ll say no to or miss away on the nutritious foods. Your baby has a tiny stomach, so it’s vital that every little amount of their food intake is packed with the goodness of essential nutrients. But how will your baby eat the right food if these drinks fill up their stomach with bubbles?

The newfound taste of sweet drinks draws a baby into consuming more and more. And because the baby is happily drinking it, the parents too love to give it a bit more. And the baby later gets annoyed with problems like diarrhea. Simply put, their body has trouble adjusting to the extra sweetness or sugar intake.

Top 3 Reasons to Limit Sugary Drinks For Babies

Reasons to Limit Sugary Drinks For Babies

While it’s true that a small sip of soft drinks or soda won’t leave your baby’s body with a big groan, there are solid reasons to put a full stop to it before they grow a bit old. Here are the 3 major reasons to avoid soft drinks for baby.

1. Imagine Making Your Baby Gobble a Whopping Ten Teaspoons of Sugar

A minimum of 10 teaspoons of sugar is tossed into a bottle of soft drink on average. And the friendly nutrients such as protein, fat, or fiber are not even standing in the way of sugar to slow down its speed of absorption. So, by quickly entering the bloodstream, sugar causes an imbalance in the system, which has its irritating effects. Now, even some researchers are pulling away the cloth from soft drinks’ sugar type to say that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is damaging to health.

Therefore, see HFCS on soft drinks for babies as a complete red flag.

2. Caffeine Intake Gives Mood Swings to Your Babies

The caffeine portion is absent in a few sweet drinks like Sprite and 7-up but some cola-like ones have caffeine in them. Giving caffeine to a baby is like making their brain ride an F1 car, but not in a positive way. It’s not good for a baby to be so hyperactive. This dose of caffeine through sweet drinks has its ups and downs and causes mood swings when its effect gets over.

3. Unmasking the Calcium Stealer From Developing Bones

Do you know that at one time people started to call soft drinks by the name of phosphates? Yes. This is because phosphoric acid is added to them to raise the bar of flavor, and also to make them bubbly. Phosphate fools around in your baby’s bloodstream looking for buddies to pair with. And it loves calcium! Thus, by draining calcium from your baby’s growing bones, it just messes up with the calcium quantity, which is gold for the baby’s body at this age.

This means, every time your baby sips some soft drink, they unnecessarily lose calcium.

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Problems With Sweet Drinks For Babies

Problems With Sweet Drinks For Babies

The American Academy of Pediatrics says a big no to these juices before a baby’s first birthday. These are the problems that sweet drinks can lead to.

  • Poor nourishment
  • High chances of dental cavity
  • High risk of gas, bloating and diarrhea
  • Greater threat of exposure to bacteria

Apart from this, parents should mold their little ones into ‘liking’ healthy and nutritious food. Once a baby starts taking steps into the path of artificially sweetened flavors, it’s difficult to keep them away from indulging in junk food and drinks. Introducing soft drinks at a young age will spoil their taste preferences and they’ll keep on demanding sweetened drinks. Rather than ruining their taste preferences in their later years, it’s better to completely keep soda away from babies.

In your baby’s early formative years, their definition of drinks should be limited to water and breastmilk or formula. As they grow older, they won’t expect all drinking items to be bustling with flavors. Infants whose parents take precautions to control their junk food and junk drink intake grow up to eat sweets in a balanced amount. Finally, the sentence ‘water is what all of us drink’ is one of the finest messages for your baby’s future health.

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Suggestions For Parents

Suggestions For Parents

Babies who are yet to kiss the six-month milestone should, and only be given breastmilk and infant formula. These provide all the nourishment that your little one needs at this stage. As babies grow, you can plan to introduce other healthier drinks, but soft drinks should always remain at a distance from your munchkin.

For 6 to 12 Month Old Babies

It’s thumbs-up to give your baby boiled tap water which is cooled and in a cup. Why from a cup? That’s because your infant will learn to hold the cup, which is a small object as compared to a bottle. When the spotlight comes to drinks – breast milk, formula and water are the only healthy drinks for a baby.

For 12 Month Old babies

If your baby’s diet is well balanced with essential nutrients, then you can feed them pasteurized, unflavored, full-fat cow’s milk. Remember, babies under 2 years are not to be fed with reduced-fat milk. Your baby’s body is such a powerhouse of growth and development at this time that only full-fat milk can charge them up to fulfil their needs.

If your little sweetheart is eating fruits and vegetables, you don’t need to give them smoothies, fruit juices or soft drinks for baby. However, it’s understandable that you want to have your baby taste something fresh and delicious every once in a while. For such times, make sure you mix 10% fruit juice with 90% water. Lastly, don’t feed your cutie those juices which are marketed as 100% pure fruit juice. Most of them are not legit, therefore, it’s better to avoid them.

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1. When Can I Introduce Soft Drinks to My Baby?

Wait until your baby has gotten at least 2 years old.

2. What Age Can Babies Drink Coke?

The added sweeteners in these soft drinks will always leave clouds of harm above your baby’s head. After their 2nd birthday, they can drink it, but still, it’s best to consume it in very minimal quantities.

3. Why Can’t Babies Have Soft Drinks?

Soft drinks, because of their sugar content and acidity, don’t match well with oral health. Moreover, it sucks up some calcium content which is extremely vital for growing bones.

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Her experience in impactful writing combined with her background in Home Sciences makes Aparna the perfect candidate for content writing in the pregnancy and parenting niche.Read more.

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