8 Stylish Trendy Toddler Boy Haircuts

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Written by Smita Srivastava

Smita Srivastava

Haircuts for toddler boy

A good haircut can instantly lift up the looks. Gone are the days of boring run-of-the-mill haircuts. These days, everyone from adults to even toddlers have a lot of options to choose from. If your toddler boy is blessed with a good crop of hair, getting them a smart and trendy haircut is a good way to give them a makeover. You would be surprised to know about several haircuts for your toddler boy that can enhance their overall look.

Do you want to know about the different haircuts for your toddler boy? Are you confused about which haircut to choose for them? Then read through the article, and you are sure to be surprised about the wide range of different haircuts available for a toddler boy. So, why go for the same old mundane haircut, when you can choose from some trendy ones? Check out some trendy hairstyles for your toddler boy.

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8 Stylish Haircuts For Toddler Boy

As adults, we give so much importance to our looks. But even little kids these days want to look their best. And, toddlers these days are very smart and know what they want. Right from choosing their own outfit, to shoes, they want everything according to their choice. So, here are some stylish haircuts for a toddler boy-

Mop Top

Mop top is a good haircut for toddler boys

Some toddler boys have pretty long hair. It is tough to maintain, but you might not feel like cutting them because they look cute. Mop-top is the best choice for you in this case. You can choose the length you want to maintain, especially in the front. You can choose to keep the fringes in the front close to the eyes or well above the eyebrows.

Short And Spiky

Short and spiky haircut is easy to maintain

As the name suggests, the ‘short and spiky’ cut will give your toddler boy short hair with little spikes. This style of hair is simple to cut and easy to maintain. You can try this haircut if your toddler boy has thick and straight hair. Kids also will love it when they look in the mirror because most of their favorite cartoon characters will have the same cut.

Classic Side Parted

Classic side parted haircut never goes out of style

One of the classics that never goes out of style is the classic side parted haircut. The classic side parted look will work well for toddler boys with thin hair growth. This cut can also help the toddlers having wavy hair by making the hair on top of their head to settle down. Always try to keep the sides and back clean. Regarding the top, you can choose how much you want the stylist to cut. This haircut will surely smarten up your little gentleman.

Pyramid Spikes

Pyramid spikes haircut for toddler boy

Just like a pyramid, in this haircut the hair stand pointed in the middle. It is very similar to the spikes, but the length at the top will be longer. The sides will be either short or clean, and the top hair will be long and spiky. Ensure to comb the hair from both sides and keep it pointed in the middle. Your toddler boy is sure to look trendy and fashionable with this haircut.

Mohawk Cut

Mohawk cut

A mohawk cut is very popular and perhaps the most stylish of haircuts. While it used to be favored by men, these days even girls are flaunting it with élan. But, kids with mohawks are at a different level of style and cuteness altogether. A toddler boy with a cute mohawk can give the adults a run for their money. In this haircut, the sides and back will be shaved clean while keeping the hair at the top of the head, longer. This haircut works best for toddler boys with straight hair. Give your little one a rockstar vibe with this haircut.

Mushroom Cut

Mushroom cut helps to keep the hair length and gives style

Mushroom cut is one of the classic bowl-cut hairstyles that is suitable for any hair length. It resembles the look of a mushroom and gives a modern vibe with a retro effect to your little one. It is one of the preferred standard haircuts, and your toddler boy will surely grab the attention. This haircut works when you want long hair but don’t want it to fall on the ears and neck. In this, the hair is short on the sides and back but are longer on the top.

Undercut Haircut

Opt for undercut haircut for your toddler boy

Undercut haircuts suit almost every toddler boy. In this haircut, the hair at the sides is cut really short and the hair at the top of the head is of longer length. Undercut is good for showing off facial features. This is a good haircut for your toddler boy who loves to flaunt long hair.

Standard Short Haircut

Standard short haircut suits almost all toddler boys

A standard short haircut is the simplest of all. When you do not want to mess around, just set your trimmer to the required levels and trim it off. They look the same all over the surface and are suitable for any kind of hair. Your toddler boy will look spruced up and neat with this standard short haircut.

Every toddler is special and unique. A good haircut can be a great way to show off their personality in a charming way. Every parent wants their kid to look best. You can try out these different hairstyles, and experiment with new looks for your toddler boy. These stylish haircuts for your toddler boy will surely come in handy to give your little prince a makeover. Happy Parenting!


1. How Often Should a Toddler Boy Get a Haircut?

The frequency of the haircuts depends on how fast the hair regrows. On average, a toddler boy requires a haircut once every two months. Some may also require more frequent ones, like once a month.

2. How Old Should a Boy be to Get a Haircut?

There is no fixed age for a haircut. It depends on how much hair grows and how comfortable your toddler boy is with it. Some kids may be born with a lot of hair and require a haircut within six months, while others take two to three years to get it cut. Always keep an eye on the hair growth of your toddler.

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