Teaching Kids Public Safety

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Every child must know the importance of public safety. The parents should make sure that they teach their child what public safety means, and why it is so important. The fear of losing the apple of your eye may be agonizing. Parents get traumatized by just imagining about it. Always keep an eye on your child when you go out to any public place. If the child still doesn’t know how to cross the road, never let him do that on his own. Hold his hand tight, while crossing the road, so that your child does not run away either out of fear or noticing anything exciting on the other side of the road. Here are some points to remember to prevent any mishap:

Teaching Public Safety is a Must

Teaching Public Safety is a Must

1.Whenever you go out to a mall, departmental store or any such crowded place, hold your child’s hand and tell him not to go anywhere without informing . He must be explained the consequences of going away from his parents.

2. Let your little one go only as far as you can reach quickly – never let him out of your sight in a crowded, public place.

3. Decide a common meeting point that a child could easily remember, in case you both have to go in different directions. It will help you both locate each other.

4. Make him memorize your mobile number, name and address, so that in case of an emergency, he can at least give your contact information to others.

5. If the child is too young to learn the phone number and address, then keep an I-Card in his pocket, containing all the details needed by him to approach you. You can also leave your business card in his pocket. This way anyone can help him reach you.

6. Help your child recognise the security guard to seek any help if required. Tell him a policeman or a security guard should be approached if he is lost.

7. Always remember the colour of the dress your child has worn, so that you can ask the people nearby, for any help in finding him

8. Tell your child that if he feels he is lost and he cannot see his parents, he should stay at the same place, instead of running around to find them. It is quite possible that the parents are very close to him. He can be easily located if he has not moved around to look for them.

9. It is very important to teach your child not to talk to strangers. He should never ever discuss his problems with anyone whom he doesn’t know.

10. Tell your child never to eat anything given by a stranger. It is possible that the stranger might add any sedative in the eatable, causing uninvited trouble

11. Teach your child not to go anywhere with anyone he does not recognize.

12. Teach your child to raise an alarm, if a stranger is troubling him. People will come for his help and he would get rid of the unwanted person.

It is important for the parents to explain their children to be careful about their safety.


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