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The Baby : Week 6

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At 6 weeks, its all about smiles and sounds!

Week 6 brings a lot of smiles and sounds with it. No matter how hard the night was, to see your baby flashing that heavenly, toothless smile at you makes up for all the lost sleep and rest. Babies save the best for their Moms and Dads, and now is good at making faces every now and then. The three of you can have a playful time together, and the baby is most happy when his parents are talking to him rather than DVDs or cartoons. If you have a joint family, at this time everyone would like to spend some time with the baby, and you could take that time off to unwind and relax your mind.

Your Baby:

Roughly, now your baby will be awake for about 10 hours in a 24 hour span, but t he waking up is not limited to daytime. He’s absorbing the world around him, reacting to all sounds that he can hear. Depending on what you made him hear while he was inside, he may have specific liking for a song, or a music and this may act as a soothing effect. Note this down, it will be useful next time you are unable to console your baby. Tummy time would have increased, and the little fairy might be trying to lift himself on his arms. In case you are thinking of introducing the bottle to the little one, this should be the week to do so, though you must ask the doctor first. If your baby is colic

, this can be tough on you, and both of you can get frustrated over endless hours of your world crying, and crying bitterly. Swaddling can help, but if nothing seems to work, do not get disheartened or assume you have done something wrong. If you are feeding, cleaning and making the baby sleep, there’s nothing wrong that you are upto. Colic is heart breaking,, and though no specific reasons have been attributed to it, yet it is said that babies who produce gas or have stomach discomfort after a feed take the route to colic. See if you can talk to a paediatric, do your best to calm
him and refrain from blaming each other or self.

You, Mama

You are probably gearing up for the doctor’s visit, since your first (if you have had a normal delivery) is now scheduled. In case of a C-section, you would have probably been to the OB once by now. Be open and talk about any discomfort you are facing, even though it sounds silly to you. Your vagina, cervix, breasts, stiches etc will be on the list of a postpartum check-up, but do not hesitate to ask/consult if you have any lactation trouble, or are having pains or are constantly hungry. Baby blues might be talked about, and some remedy will be given, but you have serious postpartum depression, you might need to see a therapist. Let the doctors give you a go ahead on sex, and even if you feel like not getting pressed up, you can still refuse.

P.S. Babies prefer being bottle fed by others than their mothers. Do hook on other family members and take a short break!

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