Tips and Ideas for Selecting Baby’s First Birthday Dress for Girls

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Baby's First Birthday Dress For Girls

It’s your baby girl’s birthday! You want everything for your baby girl to be perfect. Therefore, a girl’s birthday dress must be unique and special. Whether winter or summer, a birthday dress for girls is exquisite. A beautifully designed birthday dress for baby girls in unique patterns, colors, and attractive prints is excellent for a birthday occasion. Let’s dive in to read the tips and ideas for selecting baby’s first birthday dress for girls.

Choosing the party outfit for the baby daughter always makes the mother crazy with excitement. Every woman’s desire to be a tiny princess is mixed together with the party dress that every little girl wears. If you are wondering how to select the best birthday dress for girls, this post is for you. 

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Tips to Help You Choose a Dress For Your Baby Girl’s First Birthday?

There is nothing more joyful than choosing a dress for your princess. Here are some tips to help you choose the best birthday dress.

1. Fit and Comfort

Your baby girl is growing, so selecting a dress that fits loosely is ideal. Choosing a loose-fitting dress can be a comfortable deal for your baby girl. In addition, select natural fiber or viscose material for a dress. Do not buy a dress that is made with polyester material. It can cause rashes and may be uncomfortable to wear for a long time. A birthday dress for your baby girl must be breathable, lightweight, and easy to wash.

2. Strangling Hazards

Long shoelaces, detachable ribbons, and drawstrings inserted within the dress design are highly strangling hazards. Your baby girl may fall on the floor if these laces, ribbons, and drawstrings are caught between the fences, doors, and other moving objects. Hence, it is best to select dresses that are closed off with a snap, Velcro, and buttons instead of drawstrings and ribbons. If you want to include ribbons, cut all the excessive lengths. This helps to reduce the chances of strangling hazards.

3. Choking hazards

Dresses with excessive appliqués and ornamentation, such as sequins, tassels, and other hanging accessories like heavy beading, should be avoided since they pose a choking hazard. It is best to double-examine how it is firmly fastened to the dress and ensure that this is not easily removable to ensure safety.

Choosing lovely patterned clothes with embroidery is even better than drooping jewelry. At kids’ parties, toddlers may be drawn to objects that dazzle and dangle, which increases the likelihood that they will swallow these small objects if they easily come off the child’s clothes.

4. Flammability of Material

A significant safety problem is the flammability of kids’ clothes, especially dresses. Candles are blown out, and sparkles are lit during children’s birthday parties to mark the occasion. The children’s enjoyment and the absence of mishaps or injuries are in everyone’s best interests. In this situation, several materials might be combustible and could burn if they are near a flame.

Ideas For Selecting Baby’s First Birthday Dress For Girls

When selecting a birthday dress for a baby girl, the widest collection of dresses creates a lot of puzzles for you. So, if you also need clarification while selecting dresses, read about these options for your baby girl’s birthday dress.

1. Frocks With Frills

Frocks With Frills

A full bell-shaped filled pattern sleeve is highly commendable for your baby girl of age 6 months to 1 year. Frill patterns look simply gorgeous if accompanied by sequin. Be sure to choose only short fluffy frills, as they may create trouble while walking. Frill gets stuck with doors and under the foot, which is why they can fall on the floor.

2. Traditional Indian Outfits

Traditional Indian Outfits

Traditional Indian outfits also look amazing on baby girls. You can try some trending costumes, salwar suits, lehengas cholis, skirt dresses, and peplum suits for your baby girl on her special occasion birthday.

3. Princess Theme Gowns

princess dress -Baby's First Birthday Dress For Girls

She will look stunning in princess-themed party gowns for girls aged 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and old. Discover her favorite style with these good and loving princess theme evening gowns. These princess costumes for kids make fantastically fantastic ensembles for birthdays.

4. Little Mermaid Themed Birthday Outfit

Little Mermaid -Baby's First Birthday Dress For Girls

Little Mermaid is a favorite among girls, and mermaid-themed costumes create stunning underneath-the-sea birthday attire. These mermaid costumes for baby girls are loved by all and are offered in stunning hues of turquoise, azure, mauve, and purple.

5. Sequin Dresses

Sequin Dresses for Baby Girl

Well, sequins are currently highly fashionable, and you can buy a dress or top with sequins just about anywhere. Try to keep your accessory choices to a minimum while wearing a minidress in any color you choose. You are also in fine shape if you choose a sequin shirt and a pair of torn jeans.

6. Western Dress

princess dress -Baby's First Birthday Dress For Girls

For an entirely different look, you can select western dresses exclusively designed for the birthdays of baby girls. You can customize western outfits according to you. Jumpsuits, short skirt dresses, sequin frocks, and western gowns are the perfect options.

How to Maintain Your Baby’s First Birthday Dress For Girls?

Baby’s girl birthday dresses comprise ribbons, sparkles, and sequins, which get damaged if not maintained properly. So, here are some tips that help to keep your baby girl’s first birthday dress. Baby’s First Birthday Dress For Girls

1. Carefully Read Washing Instructions Label

The garment label attached to the dresses certainly includes symbols, suggestions for cleaning, and what to avoid doing. Certain water temperatures must be used when washing some gowns to preserve their size and prevent shrinkage. Because of the fabric they are made of, some dresses cannot be machine laundered and must only be hand washed.

Use a moderate detergent for kids’ clothes and carefully hand wash the dress. If one wants to keep the fabric of the dress in generally good condition, one should adhere to the specific recommendations for the various types of gowns.

2. Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Little girl gowns must be handled carefully because they are fashioned with delicate materials and lovely designs. Harsh chemicals may cause harm to the dress’s fabric and pose a risk to the baby wearing it because they could result in an allergic response or an itchy rash on the skin.

There are fabric softeners and detergents specifically designed for children’s clothing that are free of some ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction in babies with sensitive skin.

3. Handle Dress With Utmost Care

The dress’ buttons and beaded accents should ideally be clasped. It is essential to look for and fix any threshing or skipping threads because failing to do so could result in the thread continuing to run and eventually irreparably ruining the dress. It is best to avoid getting the garment damaged or spilled to prevent discoloration.

And if that does occur, it is imperative to deal with the stain immediately by rinsing it out with fresh water before it settles and solidifies on the dress’s material. A precautionary measure is to double examine the dress’s condition before the event to ensure that none of it that can be avoided will occur, such as the unexpected removal of pearls due to a loose thread or the detachment of accessories from the garment due to improperly stitched attachment.

4. Deal With Stains

What can ruin your little girl’s party dress? This is a question with several possible answers. Kids are messy, and they can stain their dresses with cakes, and other food items served to them. Every parent should be aware that bleach only works on some stains. It could make the stain worse or harm the fabric. Knowing what caused the stain on the dress is essential in determining how to get it out.

Some are more quickly removed using warm water, while others are more safely removed in cold water. As we aim to remove the stains without much danger of extending to the other sections of the garment surrounding the stain, it is preferable to treat the stain on the spot.

5. Storage of Birthday Dress

In addition to laundry maintenance, the dress must be stored properly to maintain its quality and style. It is not advised to store the dress in damp or sun-exposed places because doing so can encourage the growth of mold and mildew, eventually leading to irreversible discoloration.

Keep the dress in a cool, dry place far from elements like the sun. Put a bag of silica gel inside a corner to dry the space. To avoid dust buildup or mites eating it, it’d also be ideal for placing it somewhere in a dry cloth bag before getting placed in a particular location. To keep a certain odor from adhering to the dress’s fabric, it must sometimes be air-dried.

For dresses with form, it is advisable to store them in a garment bag and hang them on a hanger that is appropriate for their size and won’t alter their shape.

Top Tips to Keep Your Baby Comfortable in Her First Birthday Dress

tips for selecting Baby's First Birthday Dress For Girls

Besides choosing a birthday dress for a baby girl on her first birthday, it is essential to keep your baby comfortable. Here are some tips to keep your baby comfortable in her first birthday dress.

  • Choose a simply elegant yet sparkling dress.
  • Ensure no ribbons and laces are interrupting them from playing. If necessary, cut off the extra length of ribbons and laces.
  • Choose a birthday dress made with soft fabric that is comfortable to wear for a long time.
  • Avoid using tight dresses for your baby girl as it may be uncomfortable for them to move. Choose a slightly loose dress.
  • Try to avoid overdressing your babies, as it may make them uncomfortable. They may also feel trouble moving freely and weighted with overdressing.

Choosing a birthday dress for your baby girl can be trickier without proper knowledge. Now that you have the necessary expertise, choose the ideal dress for your baby girl’s birthday. In addition to a selection of baby girl dresses, you also know how to remove most stains from the dress and store it adequately. It’s time to go clothing shopping for your little girl so she may feel like a princess.


1. Which Dress Should I Choose For My Baby Girl on Her Birthday?

You can choose any sequin dress, frock, and frill-based midi for your baby girl’s birthday.

2. What Outfits Are Trending For a Baby Girl’s Birthday?

Faux fur jackets, crochets, denim, sequin dresses, big-sleeve gowns, and skirt dresses are some of the best outfits for a baby girl’s birthday.

3. Should I Choose Long Ribbons and Frill Dresses For My Baby Girl?

You can choose ribbon dresses and frill dresses for baby girls. But try to avoid selecting long ribbons as they may get stuck between their shoes and increase the chances of accidents.

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