Cot Mobiles For Babies – How it Helps in Baby’s Development

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Cot Mobiles For Babies

When you have a baby, you want to buy anything and everything possible. You want to ensure you don’t miss out on providing them with something that can help with their development. It can be quite confusing to decide what can actually help and what may not be needed after all. Among the many decisions is whether to buy toys such as cot mobiles for babies or not.

One of the most important investments parents make is a bed for the baby. While babies can co-sleep, many parents invest in baby cots or cribs as well. Irrespective of where the baby sleeps, you need “baby things” around the area. Are cot mobiles one of those baby things to invest in or ignore? Read on to know more. pregnancy pillow

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What Are Cot Mobiles?

A cot mobile is a toy that hangs above a baby’s bed. This mobile usually has multiple toys or items hanging from it. The mobiles come in varied themes and the toys or items suspended from the mobile will be in line with the theme.

A cot mobile can be hung above a baby’s cot or a crib. Some come with music, and some don’t. Some models run on batteries while some can be keyed. In both models, the mobile will rotate along with the items hanging from it.

These can entertain a baby and also help in their development. Babies love to watch things moving, especially if they are in bright colors or different shapes. When a cot mobile rotates or makes music, it can excite the baby and grasp their attention.

Are Cot Mobiles Good For Babies?

Cot Mobiles Good For Babies

A cot mobile just like any other baby toy can have both advantages and disadvantages. A cot mobile can entertain a baby and keep them occupied instead of them crying out for you. A baby is not hungry or wet every time they cry. Many times, they are just bored and want to be entertained. A cot mobile can help here and save parents a lot of time and effort.

On the other hand, when a baby gets very used to seeing a cot mobile rotating over their head, they might want it to fall asleep. In that case, it can become difficult to put them to bed when you are not home. Else, you may have to carry the cot mobile with you even when you travel.

When Should a Cot Mobile Be Installed?

Consider installing a cot mobile within the first 3 months after your baby’s birth. By this time, they can see farther away, without blurry vision. A revolving cot mobile can help improve their focus and hold their attention longer.

Where Should You Position a Baby’s Cot Mobile?

The cot mobile should be over the baby’s head, safely out of reach. Your baby should be able to see it above their head when they are lying down in bed. At the same time, they shouldn’t be too close as the baby can reach out and pull down the mobile, which can be dangerous. A few feet above the baby’s head is a good position for installing a cot mobile.

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Top 4 Developmental Benefits of Cot Mobiles For Babies

Developmental Benefits of Cot Mobiles For Babies

Some of the benefits of installing a cot mobile in your baby’s crib or above their cot are:

1. Helps Babies Sleep Better

A cot mobile comes with soothing music which can help a baby fall asleep. Even if they were to wake up in the night, they can see or hear the cot mobile and fall back to sleep. A musical cot mobile can help a baby lull into a good sleep without you having to sing or read to them. Learning to sleep on their own is a huge developmental milestone for babies.

2. Helps Keep Babies Entertained

It is not possible to stay with the baby all the time and entertain them. Looking at a colorful cot mobile rotating with some of their favorite hanging can not only excite a baby but will keep them occupied at least for a few minutes.

3. Helps in Visual Stimulation

A baby’s sight is not fully developed at birth. The sight keeps improving after birth and reaches its optimal vision as the baby grows up. When a baby looks at colorful things hanging or rotating above their head, they are visually stimulated. It can help improve their focus and hand eye movement.

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4. Helps in the Development of Gross Motor Skills

Babies will try to reach and catch the cot mobile. They will kick and move their arms to the music and the revolving items. Such movements help in developing their gross motor skills, which is very important.

Three Main Safety Tips When Using Cot Mobiles For Babies

Safety Tips for parents When Using Cot Mobiles

When you install a cot mobile above your baby’s bed, you need to be careful and take extra precautions to ensure the baby’s safety. Here are a few safety tips to help you:

1. Make Sure Cot Mobiles Are Attached Firmly

Ensure the cot mobile is attached properly and firmly. Constant rotating, keying, or handling of the mobile might loosen up the screw or string securing it.

2. Do Not Hang it Too Close to the Baby

If the cot mobile is too close to the baby, they will reach and grab it. They can get their fingers twisted in the strings or even pull it down on themselves, which can hurt them in many ways.

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3. Maintain After Installing

You cannot forget the mobile once you install it. Check it from time to time and ensure it is in safe working condition. If any part is loose or not functioning properly, detach the mobile and hang it back only after you are sure it is safe.

When Should You Remove a Cot Mobile?

Though a cot mobile can look very cute, and you may want it to hang forever, it is practically unsafe and not quite possible. You should consider removing the cot mobile under the following circumstances.

  • When your baby is about 5 months old or starts sitting up, it is time to remove the cot mobile, else your baby will start playing with it.
  • It starts coming off or has loose fittings despite tightening it repeatedly (even if its just small parts of the mobile)
  • The music or the mobile itself seems to agitate the baby rather than help soothe them
  • Your baby is just too old for it and is not interested in it anymore
  • You are moving your baby to a big baby bed

Cot mobile for babies can be a good investment to help your baby develop in multiple ways. It can also help them sleep better thus saving a lot of time and energy. Also, you don’t have to actively entertain your baby every time they are awake.


1. Do Cot Mobiles Help Babies Go to Sleep?

Watching a revolving cot mobile and hearing some soft music can definitely help your baby fall asleep. Some babies won’t prefer this and may not sleep so easily.

2. Is a Cot Mobile a Necessity For a Baby?

No, it is a personal choice. As parents, if you feel the cot mobile is a worthy investment and you have the space to hang it safely, you can buy it. Else you can skip it too.

3. Can I Hang a Cot Mobile on the Crib?

American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP) does not recommend crib mobiles. Especially ones with tiny parts hanging from them or strings holding them together.

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