Tips for Baby Bath

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Tips for Baby Bath

Bath times are beautiful times that strengthen your bond with the baby. Apart from relaxing and leaving your baby clean and fresh, bath times present an excellent opportunity to interact and bond. However, between the coos and the aahs, you need to exercise some caution when it comes to a baby bath. Babies are fragile little beings who need a lot of attention. Your little, tiny bundle depends on you for almost everything.

It is very important to maintain the safety of the baby during their bath time. It is mandatory to follow a number of safety tips to maintain the proper safety of the baby while bathing the baby. In this article, we shall discuss some of the top tips that must be followed by all parents to keep their babies safe while they are taking a bath.

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Baby Bath: Why I Am Scared To Bath My Baby?

For new mothers bathing their newborns could sound scary!! To hold and clean this little body requires some calm and patience, and you need to be sure to cut off from the rest of the world for some time. To ensure that both of you enjoy this intimate experience, choose a comfortable time of the day when your baby is neither hungry nor sleepy.

Most mothers squeeze in bath time in between feeds. At first, you may seek help from family elders, since there are certain weak points in a baby’s body. Some practice and a little bit of patience will make you confident about bathing your baby on your own.

How Often Should I Bathe My Baby?

That entirely depends upon you! Some babies love to be in the water while some may detest bath times. Baby bathing may not be required daily for a baby till about the first year as too much bathing also dries out the baby’s skin. So about 2 to 3 baths a week should be enough to keep your baby clean and healthy.

If you live in an area where you get hard water, try using filtered water. Use all baby products and never use adult soaps/towels/shampoos on your little one. Choose a comfortable time when there will be no interruptions and can devote yourself completely to bathing your baby.

15 Baby Bath Tips

15 Baby Bath Tips

Some prerequisites for preparing yourself and the little one for a bath are as listed below:

  1. Choose a comfortable bathtub, not too edgy and preferably with soft corners. Bathtubs can be slippery, so you could use a rubber mat. Some bathtubs are cushioned at the back where the baby’s head rests. This saves your baby from accidental bumps on the head.
  2. Close the room and make sure the temperature is comfortable enough for your baby to be naked in the room for some time. Since babies can feel cold in a short time, try to maintain the bathroom temperature at about 75 degrees F or 24 degrees Celsius.
  3. Take all baby products in one go, and pack them so as to easily get hold of them. Remember, you MUST NOT leave your baby unsupervised in the bathtub even for a second. Babies can drown even in an inch of water, so keeping all essentials at a given place will make sure that your attention is undivided towards your baby.
  4. Lay out clean sheets, nappies, diapers, clothes, and towels nicely on the bed.
  5. Fill the tub with warm water, and feel with your finger that it is neither too warm nor too cold. Swirl your hand in the water so as to ensure the water is uniformly heated. Do not leave the baby in the tub while the water tap is open
  6. For young babies, 2 to 4 inches of water is enough.
  7. Carefully undress the baby, patiently and calmly. Make sure you have a good time at hand to bathe your baby so that you do not have to rush.
  8. Slip the baby in the tub, feet first, using one hand to support her neck and head. Pour cupfuls of bath water over her regularly during the bath so she doesn’t get too cold.
  9. You can simply use plain water to clean your baby. Make sure you clean the diaper area and run the water in the skin folds.
  10. Use a mild soap, if need be, and use your hands or a soft washcloth in movements top to toe. Wash the scalp and clean the eyes and the face. Always clean the eyes by running a cotton pad (a fresh one for each eye) or a soft washcloth from the inside corner of the eye outward.
  11. Clean the nose and the private parts. Soften the washcloth several times so that it remains soft and spongy. For girls, clean the genital area, from front to back. Never wipe your baby back to front. For boys, clean the penis and genital area, also washing from front to back.
  12. All through bath time, maintain eye contact with your baby. Talk to him, sing sweet songs, smile at him, and keep him entertained.
  13. Rinse the little one nicely with water. Wipe her dry with a soft and clean washcloth.
  14. Very carefully, lift her out of the tub with one hand supporting her neck and head and the other hand supporting her bottom. Be cautious as the baby might be slippery after a bath.
  15. If you are finding it hard, ask the help of another adult to take and wrap the baby in a dry cloth.

If you feel the baby’s skin is dry, apply a mild lotion and gently massage her. Powder her if need be, using a baby comb, comb the little tresses. Dress your little angel, and see how beautiful she looks.

Baby Bath – Some Common Mistakes

Baby Bath - Some Common Mistakes

Now you know some essential measures to take to keep your baby out of danger while bathing. Read on to know some common mistakes parents, especially new parents, do that can be turned dangerous for the baby.

Avoid these mistakes while bathing the baby:

1. Forgetting To Test the Temperature Of The Water

Water that is even slightly hotter for you can bring about scalding of the delicate baby skin. It is always advisable to use a bath thermometer. However, if you don’t have one, use your elbow or wrist to check the temperature rather than the fingers.

2. Using Too Much Soap

Using too much soap doesn’t mean a hygienic baby. On the other hand, too much use of soap will adversely affect the baby’s skin. Use mild, fragrance-free soap, that too towards the end of the bath.

3. Bathing Babies, Too Long Or Too Often

This is another common mistake while bathing a baby. Even though the notion is to maintain the cleanliness of the child, a long and frequent bath can zap his or her skin of moisture. Limit the bath time to 5-10 minutes.

The frequency of baths depends on several factors like age, skin type, skin condition, etc.

  • For newborns, 2 -3 baths per week are enough.
  • For a baby with a cradle cap more bath (daily once) is needed to get rid of the flakes.
  • A child with eczema should bath less frequently as frequent bathing may worsen the issue.

Babies are little creatures that definitely need our care and support at each point in time. Once you start taking care of them, they are always in need of your extra attention in everything they do. Being innocent, they may not be able to handle difficult situations on their own. So, it is important that you take care of these necessary things and follow the given tips religiously to avoid any problematic situation and keep the baby safe and secured from all the hazards that may take place.


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