Top 10 New Board Games For Kids To Play In 2019

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As more and more kids are getting addicted to the screens, many therapists are coming up with the importance of introducing board games, which slowly lost its “glamour” in the surge of videogames, to the children. It is found that children with learning difficulties, children with ADHD, children who struggle to communicate are found to enjoy board games. Not only that, many autistic kids have found board games very interesting. Listening to instructions, following the rules and taking quick decision in games, eventually improves their condition to a certain extent. Many board and card games improve the mathematical skill including addition, subtraction and multiplication of the children.
The year is coming to an end. Won’t it be a great idea to enjoy the remaining year with moments full of fun and amusing entertainment? Try out the new board games for kids and indulge with your kids to have loads of fun with your family. Read this article to help you prep. up the party mood with these board games for kids and family to have a complete fabulous party celebration.

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Best Collection Of New Board Games For Kids In 2019

Check out the latest board games that are getting quite famous around the world:

1) Sushi Go

It is an exciting game making entry as new board games for kids. This is the best card-based game designed for kids aged six and above. A goal of this game seems easy to grasp but a bit tricky to attain. This game is best for small groups of competitive kids. The game aims to make the best meal of sushi from the cards in front of them. The real fun part of this game is in pinching the last card the opponent wants to complete a high-scoring meal.

2) Ouija Board

Hosting a Halloween party? This is the right choice to spice up the freakiness. Put the lights off, light up the candles and ask questions to this board to get magical answers. It comes with a mystical board and a message written on it. It is a new board game for kids.

3) Codenames

It is one of the best team games. The players have to guess the identity of ‘secret agent’ via a ‘spymaster’ from the player’s team. It can be played with four or more players who will have to team up to have a spymaster who gives cues to pick actual agents avoiding other team’s cards. Enjoy this fast-paced game for ultimate fun.

4) Word Scrabble

Scrabble is one of the most popular board games for kids and adults as well, which increases vocabulary and word-forming skills. It is a competitive and classic game built to entertain and make children learn enjoyably. It can be played with eight and more players. Each round has two to four players. You can also team up and play. The game comes with a board, 100 wooden letter tiles, one drawstring letter bag, four tile racks and instructions booklet. The players have to draw a certain number of tiles and make words using them and those on the board to earn points. You can double or triple your score by landing on these spaces by creating a word. The one with the highest scores wins.
It is a simple and addictive game liked by people of all ages.

5) Googly Eyes Showdown

As the name suggests, it is one of the best fun board games for kids. After playing this new board game for kids, you won’t be able to see straight. Sounds strange, right? Well, it is a decisive game in which players are blindfolded with vision-altering glasses to draw something, and the other players have to recognize it. The rolled dice tells you which level of rear glass to wear ranging for mildly altering to high altering. To give a competitive edge, you also have a timer to guess within time. The first to reach the finish line wins the game. A great game for big parties and celebration is surely a worth to buy.

6) Sorry!

It is a new board game for kids and one of the best competitive games. It is an exciting game which makes you sit on your edge. It is filled with significant twists that might land you on the starting point again. It is designed for kids of ages six and above, allowing a maximum of 4 players in each game. It has a game board, 45 cards, 12 pawns, two power-up tokens and a guide booklet. You’ll need to navigate by picking up cards in each turn to reach the safety zone avoiding other players to do so. It is a combination of strategy and luck, which makes it unpredictable and takes the gaming spirit to the next level.

7) The Game Of Life

The Game of Life Board Game by Funskool is very appealing and the perfect game for the entire family. Life is a game, so play it well. Well, someone has taken this way too seriously and has created a Game Of Life. It allows reinventing the player’s life through the navigation received in the game. Children can make their own exciting alternative as they move through the twists and turns of “life”. Create an alternate life every time you play The Game Of Life.

8) Dobble

This board game is designed for children above 4 years of age. Even though it seems an easy game, Dobble is a fast-paced, competitive race as one who can match pictures first is the winner of the game. This game promises a quality family time with the kid.

9)  Chutes And Ladders

Chutes and Ladders Board Game is a classic designed for kids 3 and Up. We put this in the 2019 board games because chutes and ladders is a classic game that children who even who haven’t learned how to read can enjoy. The new generation should also be get introduced to this classic game. Spin the spinner allows the kids to move the pawn up the ladders and down the chutes.

10) Candy Land Nostalgia Tin

This new board game for kids is best for all ages. You have to win the race to castle surpassing the nostalgic twists. You will surely love this game once you start playing this with your close friends.
If you worried about the amount of time, your child spends on screens, its time for introducing board games. Mentioned above were few of the best board games for kids to play in 2019. Show up the sporty spirit to play and experience enthusiastic substances which might register in life forever. Selecting age-appropriate board games can have significant benefits for kids –intellectually, socially, and academically.
Happy playing and partying!

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