Top 10 Popular Board Games for Kids

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“Nothing can replace playing,
Just like breathing can’t be replaced;
Nothing can be as entertaining as playing
Just like fatigue cannot be entertained.”
Playing has a vital role in various aspects of life. Just like other regular processes are necessary, so is playing, whether it is outdoors or indoors. It not only helps in building a healthy physical and mental being but also nurtures different skills possessed by different kids.
This writing piece will include popular board games for kids which meet the criteria of ‘fun’, ‘fast’, ‘simple’ and ‘engaging’. Bring back those good old days when the complete family would sit together to play a board game and spend quality time with the little ones. It is important to make kids learn the right attributes, and it is best done by playing games. It also positively influences the cognitive skills of the kids.

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List of Popular Board Games for Kids of All Times

While selecting a board game for your little one, first of all, you have to consider if it is an age-appropriate one. Nearly all board games come with recommended age groups. However, if your child aged six used to play lots of board games, the game suggested for six may be too simple for him and he or she may quickly get bored. In such cases, you can grab board games intended for seven or eight-plus. However, generally speaking, it will be better to pick the one with the suggested age group.
Here’s the list which includes few of the best board games for kids:

1. Bananagrams Word Game

Bananagrams word game is designed for children aged seven and above and requires 1 to 8 players. It is similar to scrabble, with the added competitive edge of a timer. The one who uses all his/her letters first is the winner. It promotes word-formation ability and increases knowledge of different words. It is considered one of the most popular board games for kids.

2. Boggle

Boggle is a competitive game of finding words designed for kids of age 8+. It requires 1 to 8 players to start the game. It is recommended to have a one-word game collection in your board games to enhance word power. The one who guesses the maximum words on the board will be the winner.

3. Sequence

Sequence is a popular board game for kids and for the entire family. The sequence is played, when there is a large gathering, or multiple players are involved. It is a card plus board game in which you need to place your card wisely on the best suitable position as directed in the guide booklet. It’s simple, easy and engaging quality makes it a must-have board game.

4. Eight Minutes Empire

Eight minutes empire is designed for the children of age 12 and above. It requires 2 to 5 number of players. Perfect for a quick board game, it is one of the most popular board games for kids. Simple to understand and play, it still involves brainstorming for strategy making. The main aim is to establish and expand your empire. It is an exciting game which, contrary to its name, might also exceed eight minutes of playing time.

5. Exit Game

Exit Game is a new board game for kids of ages 12 and above. Exit: The game, the forbidden castle, requires 1 to 4 players. It is a family-friendly experience of ‘escaping room’ at home. The unique and innovative game allows converting your room in ‘escape room’ using secret decoder disc and cards. The players need to solve riddles, escape by breaking codes and try to get out within a time limit. It comes with different variants such as Abandoned cabin, Forbidden castle and Polar station. The only drawback is the one-time playing possibility as each time you play, you have to tear up the pieces. Otherwise, it is an entertaining and challenging game with live ‘escape room’.

7. Bokus

Blokus is a popular board game for kids created for promoting planning and special recognition similar to Tetris. As you approach the end, it gets trickier. It is an amusing and enjoyable game to play with one’s friends’ group. Therefore, if you are someone who loves tricks, you will surely love this game.

8. Hasbro Guess Who?

Hasbro Guess Who is an inexpensive and cheerful two-player game for children aged six and above. As the name indicates, this is a guessing game. The children have to guess the other person’s character. They have to do this by asking each other some “yes” or “no” questions. One who guesses the other player’s character fast will be the winner. Hasbro Guess Who is a game which can make an excellent gift item as well.

9. Lumpy Cubes Family Board Game

Lumpy Cubes Family Board Game is an exceptionally affordable and creative game for children aged six and above. Parents highly recommend this game. Many parents counted this a ‘perfect game’ for a family night. It is an award-winning game, as well. This game is designed to improve the memory and motor skills of the child.

10. Think Fun Rush Hour

Think Fun Rush Hour is an exciting game with multi-level challenges for kids, both boys and girls aged six years and above. The level of challenges increases in difficulty while going through the game. There are precisely 40 levels, designed for beginners to expert. Think Fun Rush Hour is an award-winning game. Most of the parents recommend this game for their kids as this game helps to develop thinking skills and improve planning ability. Kids who love solving puzzles and brain teasers will love this board game.
Some final words
These are amongst the popular board games for kids. Explore and enjoy the games to grow and learn together. As they say, three is better than two and two is better than one. Similarly, it is better to develop ourselves mutually along with our peers. When we play together, our communication skills, verbal skills, mental ability and strategy and planning capabilities get polished to build our personalities. So, you see, keeping it indoors might also get you loads of benefits for your young ones!


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