Top 12 Sperm Killers In Men

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Sperm Killers in Men

If you are trying to conceive, there are many factors that can go wrong, one of them being sperms that are ineffective.  it is important to be aware of sperm killers that affect the health and mobility of sperm. If you have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for a while, then it might be a good idea to consult a fertility specialist.

Unfortunately, infertility affects about 10% of all couples. Out of this 10%, male factors such as low sperm count or unhealthy sperm are the key contributors in about 30% of the cases. This is the reason you need to know about these 10 sperm killers and understand how it affects your sperm. pregnancy pillow

Top 12 Sperm Killers in Men

For men who want children, sperm count and sperm quality are important. Considering this, it’s understandable that people are interested in what activities and behaviors can be harmful to sperm. Find out the top 12 sperm killers in men:

1. Smoking


A higher probability of being infertile is just one of the consequences of smoking – there are other and worse side effects. But since we are speaking specifically about sperm health, smoking is known to reduce sperm count and motility. It is also known to cause erectile dysfunction. If you want further conviction to quit smoking, refer to Smoking and Low Sperm Count here and Why You Must Ask Your Husband to Quit Smoking here

2. Drugs

Men who use recreational and other illegal drugs have their sperm levels and health compromised. But of course, sperm health is not the only reason you should stay away from drugs – it has many other unfavorable side effects as well

3. High Temperatures

The temperature has a major impact on sperm count. If a man’s testicles are exposed to higher temperatures or overheating, then it can negatively impact his sperm’s viability. If the temperature reaches 98°, then it can completely stop sperm production. Overheating can result from using heated seats in cars during winters, using hot tubs or saunas, or even putting a laptop directly on the lap for a long time. Does laptop heat affect male fertility? Find out here!

4. Alcohol


Men who drink too much alcohol regularly are also at risk of having unhealthy sperm. For starters, an alcoholic will find it difficult to get and maintain an erection. Secondly, too much alcohol in the system will increase the production of estrogen, which in turn will suppress sperm production. Thirdly, alcohol will also impact the quality and mobility of the sperm. Do you need more reasons to skip that second drink?

5. Mobiles

We have all heard why a man should not leave his mobile in his trouser pockets. Your mobile emits radio waves and it can again impact the sperm quality. So men, please put your cell phones on your shirt pocket, bad or back pockets in trousers!

6. Obesity

Obesity, in both men and women, is known to cause infertility. In men specifically, obesity damaged the sperm quality as it lowers the amount of testosterone (male hormone) in the body and increases the amount of estrogen (female hormone) I the body. This results in sexual dysfunction and infertility

7. Unhealthy Diet

junk food

The healthier your diet is healthier your sperms would be. Even if you are not obese, if you are not eating nutritious food, that covers your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals, then it can negatively impact your sperm’s health, motility and viability

8. Radiation

An occasional X-ray cannot impact a man’s sperm health. However, continuous exposure to radiation (e.g. during cancer treatments) can shrink your testicles, lower sperm count, and even stop sperm production

9. Illness

A man who has been exposed to a recent viral attack will have reduced sperm count and health for a temporary period of time. Just as the effects that hot tubs and Jacuzzi can have on a man’s sperm count, high fever can also make it difficult if you are trying for a baby

10. Briefs


This is connected with our earlier point on overheating. Tight briefs can result in your testicles overheating. So, it is a better idea to prefer boxers over briefs. This holds good for any tight clothing like shorts and trousers too. Do not wear constricted clothing

11. Wet heat

Getting into the hot tub or a Jacuzzi even for 30 minutes can decrease a man’s sperm production temporarily. Though reversible, it is best to skip these wet attractions whilst you are trying to make your wife pregnant!

12. Varicose veins

Statistics have it that about 15% of men have enlarged varicose veins in the scrotum. These veins are usually in the left testicles. Varicocele repair is suggested by doctors to help men who have low sperm counts, using a catheter or through a surgery

A woman produces about 300-400 eggs during her entire lifetime. Compare that to millions of sperms a man produces in a single day! However, sperms aren’t very resilient as many external factors – as we saw above – can impact its viability. Further, considering a sperm takes about 75 days to grow to maturity, being exposed to these sperms killers frequently can result in male infertility. So, be cautious.

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