Does Laptop Heat Affect Fertility?

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Does Laptop Heat Affect Fertility

Technology has proliferated every sphere of our lives. From television to cell phones and our very own mobile workstations – the laptops. Even with the introduction of slim and lightweight iPads and Phablets, laptops remain the favorite! It is voraciously used by men, women, and children – from school going to business executives and stay-at-home and working mums. You might have often felt envious about the laptop resting cozily in the lap of your husband whilst you yearned for his attention! Now, since laptops have become indispensable, here’s a bit of news for future parents! Laptops have been found to hamper reproductive abilities in humans. Read everything about the effect of laptop heat on fertility.

Up till now, you enjoyed the ease to work on laptops with an adjustable screen and portability on the bed or sofa. But who knew that such comfort may even have serious drawbacks? FERTILITY is one such consequence! Apart from lifestyle and stress, laptop use is a leading cause of infertility in men. Statistics indicate a rise in family planning problems, particularly pertaining to male infertility.

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Does Laptop Heat Affect Male Fertility?

Yes, the two factors of laptops that affect the male fertility are Heat and Electromagnetic fields


Does Laptop Heat Affect Male Fertility

Considering the anatomy of males, the scrotum, one of the main reproductive organs is situated behind the penis. This is a pouch-like organ hanging from the body containing testicles, which produce and contain sperms. The normal temperature of the scrotum is approx. 4°C cooler than the rest of the body. This is because the sperms need a cooler temperature to thrive.

When exposed to heat can have the following effects:

  • Poor sperm motility. Remember that motility or the ability to swim is a must for sperms to travel quickly through the vagina and reach the eggs.
  • Sperm production decreases
  • The concentration of sperm drops
  • Temperature increase in the scrotum

The laptops tend to heat up after a certain period of use, and this temperature could rise up to 40°C. Working on laptops also requires balancing them on the laps. If the male uses the laptop on their lap, it is likely that he will experience scrotal hyperthermia, which involves abnormally high temperatures in his testicles, which impacts the quality of his sperm and consequently his fertility.

This means tightly shut thighs and direct exposure to heat in the groin region. Studies indicate these lead to an increase in the scrotal temperature by 2.7°C. It must be noted that a mere increase of 1°C in scrotal temperature may affect fertility. See, the testes containing sperm hang out for the reason! To remain cooler!

Electro Magnetic Fileld

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are areas of invisible energy created by combining electricity and magnetic forces. A laptop and the wifi used on it are sources of electromagnetic fields. Research indicates that men’s reproductive health is negatively affected when they use laptop computers on their laps.

Not only can the heat generated by a laptop computer warm a man’s scrotum, but the electromagnetic fields generated by its internal electronic circuits and the Wi-Fi Radiofrequency radiation (in a WI-Fi-connected laptop) may also degrade sperm turbulence.

Further Effects Of Laptop Heat

Some researchers have suggested chucking the laptops from the laps since the high heat from the laptops may bring changes in the shape of sperms, rendering conception difficult.

There is new research probing the effect of Wifi on sperms, the results indicate that after four hours of exposure to laptop WiFi, the motility of the sperms was affected. Alarmingly, the results were also indicative of changes in the genetic coding of the sperms.

Put simply, the enzymes behind producing sperms are way too sensitive to heat. Quotes the, ‘UK fertility expert Dr. Allan Pacey, senior lecturer in Andrology at the University of Sheffield, said: “The study is very well conducted, but we should be cautious about what it may infer about the fertility of men who regularly use laptops with WiFi on their laps.”

What Can Be Done?

Take measures to keep your man cooler! That is the only thing to be done to shield him from the possibility of infertility

  • Encourage him to wear loose-fitting, breathable clothes, bidding adieu to macho underpants and tight jeans
  • Try working on a table and chair, will help the posture as well
  • If your man suffers from fever, make sure he gets the right treatment promptly as this kind of elevated temperature impacts fertility
  • Encourage him to lose weight. Obese men are more likely to produce heat in their private regions. The scrotum contains an unwanted layer of fat cells, which easily increases the temperature, hurting the sperm quality
  • Get him a cool laptop table with a fan. It is cheap, portable, and keeps both the laptop and the user cool!
  • Always insist to use a pillow between the laptop and the legs when working from the bed.

Does Laptop Heat Affect Female Fertility?

Does Laptop Heat Affect Female Fertility_

Women, on the other hand, have an upper hand when it comes to heat and fertility. Unlike men, the reproductive organ (ovaries) are situated inside a woman’s body and is not susceptible to external heat. Women willingly get hold of hot water bags to get rid of abdominal cramping or menstrual pain.

The research is rather scarce, but one study conducted decades ago at the University of Manchester related low-frequency radiation to irregularities in the menstrual cycle. These included an increase in stress and cramps. Irregular menses may contribute to infertility. It’s best to go easy on laptops!

Work and career can often be a cause for delay in family planning, but you must ensure that it does not rob you of your ability to plan a family.


1. Can Laptops Cause Low Sperm?

Regular and long-term placement of a laptop on the lap can cause a rise in temperature, which is spermatotoxic and can kill sperm. This will evidently affect the sperm count.

2. Which Is More Harmful, A Mobile Phone Or A Laptop?

Laptops emit low frequency and low-intensity radiation, which is the opposite of the radiation from your mobile. Accordingly, mobile radiation is more intense and harmful to humans, while laptop radiation is less intense and less harmful.

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