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Top 5 Safety Apps For Women Using Apple I-phones

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Safety apps on Iphones
With our busy schedule and hectic lives we seldom think about our safety. Travelling alone to distant places and during late hours is part of a working woman’s job profile. During such times a simple App on your phone designed for your safety comes in handy.
We bring you 5 most effective and user friendly Apps for women on Apple Iphones that will ensure your safety and peace of mind.

    1. Watch over me App: This is an extremely useful App since it is enabled with many helpful features. One such feature is that it can follow and trace you, even when you are on the go. When travelling alone in the night or to some distant place just switch on the App and it will track your journey. The company that makes this App claims that this App will be your guardian angel and your safety will never be compromised. It also has a safety trigger for when you are in immediate danger. Just shake your phone and it alerts your contacts, sets off an alarm and also start video recording. Along with this, the App also alerts you when you enter a high crime zone. This is a must have App on your phone


    1. Safetipin: Complete Safety App: Safetipin is one of the most interactive safety Apps for women. Along with the basic functions of any safety App like sending alert messages to contacts and GPS tracking, the App helps you to check the crime rate of a particular area as well. Before going to a new place or a remote area check the safety score of the place on your phone with the help of the App. The score is determined by the crime rate in that particular area. If you still feel skeptical or want to know more about a particular place; the App helps you to set up a virtual wall and see recent comment about the place. It also helps you to locate the nearest police station, hospital or pharmacy. If you happen to know or witness any crime somewhere you could leave a comment on the App and help other women as well


    1. Vith U App: This App is a channel V initiative to provide safety for women 24/7. You need to feed your emergency contacts beforehand on the App. If and when you are in a danger just click the power button of your phone twice. It will send out details of your location along with “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location” message to your emergency contacts. The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to scramble or hurriedly go through your phone to look for the app and activate it. All you need to do is click on the power button which is comparatively easier than to scroll through your phone last minute. Also the app sends out messages every 2 minutes along with your current location, which makes it easier for people to trace you


    1. Life 360 Locator App: This App helps you sort and arrange your contacts into groups/ circles. You could make a circle of family members, friends or colleagues and trace the whereabouts of people of respective circles. Along with sending alert messages with your location details to circles you choose to share your information with, the App has various other functions as well. It keeps you updated on the crime rate in a particular area and also keeps track of sex offenders of that area. It saves your most visited location and alerts you when members of your circle travel to that area


  1. Circle of 6: This App is very similar to Life 360 App. Circle of 6 also allows you to make groups/ circles of friends and family. The benefit of having groups is that sometimes you do not want to share your information with everyone, that time groups come in handy. You could select which group you want to share your location with and the App will send alert messages accordingly. The feature that sets Circle of 6 App apart from others is that it has two national hotline numbers saved by default. When you are in desperate need these numbers can come in handy. This App also helps you to access safety and health information through web link

While these Apps will help you a great deal, you must always be prepared for unforeseen danger. Certain things like going alone to places that are known for high crime rate and travelling through deserted areas must be avoided as much as possible. Carrying a pepper spray or a Swiss knife in your handbag is also a good practice.
It’s about time that we take the responsibility of our safety in our own hands.
Got an Android phone?? Click here to know the safety apps on Android phones!

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