How To Stay Positive When Everyone Is Getting Pregnant, But You?

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Procreation is a natural and one of the most important processes for human beings. Reproduction is a complex procedure, which, unfortunately, can become more complicated for few individuals. This could be due a multitude of reasons including medical issues and stress. Yes stress, itself is capable of robbing one of fertility! And the conservative society adds to this inconvenience by taunting couples who fail to conceive within few months of marriage. It is quite natural to feel disappointed when your friends complain about improper sleep due to baby and you are trying hard to conceive.
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Pregnancy is a very sensitive issue and negative thoughts can affect your chances of conceiving negatively. Positive attitude will bring positive news! Below are a few tips to keep your spirit high and let you sail smoothly till your pregnancy test comes positive:

Educate yourself:

There is science behind the entire process of conception, which includes menstruation, ovulation, fertility etc. Yes making babies is not as easy as rolling in bed. Having sex with knowledge about your ovulation cycle is likely to increase chances of nailing it. Read more, know more and plan more! Click here to chart your ovulation and improve your chances. You can even detect your fertility period with cervical mucus, Click here


Do not have sex just for making baby, keep your spark ignited! Do not concentrate just on the reproduction aspect, enjoy the moments with your partner. As inability to conceive may put undue pressure on your sex life, sometimes resulting in sexual dysfunctions. Click here to read about best sexual positions for pregnancy

Do not stress about it:

Easier said than done! No matter how hard you try, this is going to linger in your mind, so let it be, just try pushing it at the back of your mind. Stress produces hormones which are capable of interfering in the fertility. Try to calm down and stay happy.

Maintain routine:

Instead of fretting about days left for your period when you can take a pregnancy test, its best to go on as normal. Go to work, meet friends, chill, relax and pass time without any worries. If you keep yourself occupied, then the countdown won’t bother you. Read about 15 steps to a healthy pregnancy here


Meditation is the best route to calm down your nerves. It doesn’t means sitting on yoga mat with eyes shut and thinking about pregnancy! You need to divert your mind in order to shut out thoughts related to conception. Listen to music, keep calm, concentrate on breathing and this should help a bit
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Talk it out:

Most women prefer to talk out their feelings and fear to someone. This will definitely clear your chest of burden. Who knows you kin might offer some out of the box advice that worked for her and sped up the process of making babies! There are people who conceived naturally after decades of marriage, share, listen, but make sure you are doing it with the right person!

Avoid negativity:

Negativity here implies negative people. Ditch the tea invitation of an aunt who makes you feel uncomfortable about pregnancy or puts you down. Similarly, it is fine to skip baby showers, birthdays or naming ceremonies of other’s kids. This unnecessarily creates stress and resentment, therefore, to maintain positivity, simply steer clear of negative people

Boost your mood:

When trying to conceive, it’s advisable to always stay stress-free and happy. So if you find your thought dwindling, take efforts to keep your mood elevated. Make a manicure appointment, go out to watch movie with friends or plan a dinner date with your partner. It’s fine to indulge in a warm chocolate pie once, no?

Keep yourself fit:

A healthy body will increase your chances of conceiving. Exercise moderately, go out in the sunshine or swim, a healthy body will ensure healthy mind and keep negative thoughts at bay

Ditch the blame game:

Do not blame yourself or your partner for delay in conception. This creates tension and created feeling of resentment, and this is not good for any relation. Seek support in your partner, display trust and love a lot!
Infertility is perhaps settling in as a lifestyle problem of current generation. It is very common not to conceive the first time you had sex. It may take couple of tries to conceive. It is suggested to consult an expert if you are unable to conceive even after 12 months, if you less than 35 years and after 6 months, for those over 35.
Pregnancy in thirties? Click here and here.
It is best to let the nature take its course and things will come your way on their own. Do not stress and over-think. Enjoy your baby-free time, wear sexy clothes, go out on holidays and spend time on yourself!
Click here to read more tips about dealing with not conceiving month on month.

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