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500 Baby Boy Names That Start With AFor any new parent, the most exciting thing is choosing a name for their little one. It has been a proven fact that our names influence our personalities in certain ways. Thus, parents love to choose a meaningful name that would be perfect according to the birth chart and would be equally appealing. In this article, we have listed the most popular 500 baby boy names starting with A in different languages like Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindu, Christian, Tamil, Telugu, Sikh, and Bengali.

A is the first letter of the English alphabet, and you must be flooded with baby choices, so choosing one becomes more difficult. It’s important to understand that the foremost thing to look at in a name is its meaning. Thus, we recommend you go through each section to make better choices. Be it modern, traditional, or unique, we have it all on the tables lined up below.

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With A

A is the first letter and is similar to 1 in numerology. Baby names that start with A have a powerful impact on their lives. If you are looking for Hindu baby boy names with a, then go through the table below to find out 40 popular Hindu names with their meanings.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aabavanan Reliable or Responsible
2 Aabharan Jewel
3 Aabhas The Sense or Feelings
4 Aabhavannan Light
5 Aabher A Cow-herd
6 Aabir Fragrance
7 Acharappan Restless or Proactive
8 Aachman Intake of a Sip of Water Before a Yagya or Puja
9 Adalarasan Attraction
10 Adalarasu King of Dance
11 Aadhar Foundation
12 Aadeep Light
13 Aadhar Base; Brilliant Like the Sun
14 Aadharsh Manners
15 Abhiraj Fearless King
16 Abhirath Great Charioteer
17 Abhiruc The Sun
18 Abhirup Pleasant Look; Pleasing
19 Abhisar Companion
20 Abhisha Sky
21 Agendra King of Mountains
22 Agharna The Moon
23 Aghat Destroyer of Sin
24 Aghosh Quiet; Soundless
25 Agnimitra Friend of Fire
26 Agrata Leadership
27 Ainesh The Sun’s Glory
28 Airavat The Celestial White Elephant of Indra
29 Aja Fire; Unborn; Purity; Path of Light
30 Ajaat Unborn
31 Ashvath Strong
32 Atanu Cupid
33 Atraiu Great Warrior
34 Avadhesh King Dasaratha
35 Avalok who beholds
36 Avanish God of the earth
37 Avasyu Lord Indra
38 Avi The sun and air
39 Avikam Diamond
40 Avirat Continuous

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With A

‘A’ and Number 1 both stand for confidence. Both have immense leadership qualities and are equally brave and strong. Below are the top modern Indian baby boy names, starting with A.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Abhicandra Having a Moon Like Face
2 Abhijita Expression; Word; Name
3 Abhijeet Victorious; Lord Krishna
4 Abhimani Full of Pride; Another Name for Agni as the Eldest Son of Brahma
5 Abhinandan Congratulations; Greetings; Felicitous; Welcoming
6 Adham Black
7 Aditya Sun
8 Advaita Focussed
9 Agasthya A sage
10 Agnivesh As bright as fire
11 Ajaipal Caretaker of Lord
12 Ajkhyat Well-known
13 Akand Peaceful
14 Akhshan Eyes
15 Akrash Good-looking
16 Avkash Limitless Space
17 Avneesh God of the Earth; Another Name for God Lord Ganesh
18 Awaz Sound
19 Ayaan First Ray of the Sun; Nature; Temperament; Gift of God
20 Ayarko God Kannan; King of Shepherds
21 Ayas Gold
22 Ayavanth Lord Shiva
23 Ayog Institution
24 Ayush Long Lived; Long Life; Handsome; Intelligent
25 Ayushman Blessed with Long Life
26 Ayyadurai Add Meaning
27 Ayyapan Ever Youthful
28 Ayyappa Son of Lord Shiva; Lord Ayyappa
29 Ayyappan Ever Youthful
30 Azzaam Determined; Resolved

Baby Boy Names Starting With A In Sanskrit

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages, and Sanskrit names are very meaningful. If you plan to name your baby in Sanskrit, then go through the table to find the best baby boy names with A in Sanskrit.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadijay The first victory
2 Aadinatha The Primordial Master
3 Adi Parva First Episode
4 Adruta Respected Person
5 Aadyot Praise
6 Aagar Music Interest
7 Aagarna Music Aptitude
8 Aagneya Son of Agni; Son of the Fire
9 Aagneya Son of fire
10 Aakav Form; Shape
11 Aakhya Fame
12 Aakil Intelligent; Smart
13 Aamin Divine Grace; Grace of God; God have it so
14 Aanan Appearance; Face; Countenance
15 Aariketh Ganesh
16 Aaryesh The king of Arya
17 Aashrith Ruler
18 Aashvith Ocean
19 Aatharv First Veda
20 Aavish Holy Incarnation
21 Aayuman Longevity of mind
22 Abhayan Without Fear
23 Abhidyu Heavenly
24 Abhijata Well Born
25 Abhinu Brave man
26 Abhyuday Rise
27 Afsa transparent clear
28 Ahim Cloud, water, traveller
29 Ajaatshatru Who has No Enemies
30 Ajamil A Mythological King
31 Ajanta Eternal Fame
32 Ajar Forever
33 Ajith Not born
34 Ajitabh One who has Conquered the Sky
35 Ajitesh Lord Vishnu
36 Ajlee Divne Offering
37 Ajra Agile
38 Akansh Whole
39 Akshath Unbreakable
40 Amalendu Pure like moon
41 Anutosh light
42 Anwesh To search
43 Anyah The inexhaustible
44 Archan Worship
45 Archith worship
46 Arka The sun, light
47 Asav Sun
48 Athyajat Sacrifice
49 Ayan Lord Shiva
50 Ayog Institution

Gujarati Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Gujarati Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Gujarati is one of the most spoken languages in the western part of the country and is derived from Sanskrit. If you plan to continue your cultural beliefs and are looking for a Gujarati name then below you will find 50 Gujarati baby boy names starting with A.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadarsh Traditional; Ideal; Good Behavior Child
2 Aadhan Be First
3 Aadhira Moon
4 Aadhy Master
5 Aadhiann Practice
6 Aadhyan Meditation
7 Aadi Starting; First; Sun God; Lord Shiva
8 Aadidev The First God; Lord Shiva
9 Aadinath God; Supreme Ruler of the Universe; The First God
10 Aadir Origin; Beginning
11 Aadit Peak
12 Aaditiya Son of Aditi
13 Aagam Coming; Arrival
14 Aagney Son of the Fire God; Born from Fire
15 Aahan Iron; Sword; Dawn (Early Morning); First Way of Light; Iron Man
16 Aahlaad Delight; Teach
17 Aahva Beloved
18 Aahwan Announce
19 Ayush Long Life
20 Aaloknath Name of Lord Shiva
21 Aapal Regard
22 Aaradhy Adorable
23 Aaranyak Belongs to Forest
24 Aryansh Lord Rama
25 Aarsh Crown; Saint
26 Abhigyan Most Intelligent; Recollection; Symbol
27 Abhijaat Well Born
28 Abhijun Expert; Skilled
29 Achyut Imperishable; A Name of Vishnu; Lord Krishna
30 Achyuthan Indestructible
31 Ativan Sun; Peak
32 Adeel Judge; Honest; Just
33 Adesh Command
34 Adheer Restless
35 Adheesh King; Ruler
36 Adhik More than One; Greater
37 Adhip King
38 Adhiraj King
39 Adil Sincere; Just; Fair
40 Adinath The First Lord; Lord Siva; Lord Vishnu; Lord Rishabhdev
41 Adipurush Primordial Being
42 Adit Lord Shiva; Sun; From the Beginning
43 Advait Unique; Lord Ganpati; One of Its Kind
44 Advay Unique Oneness; Unique
45 Advaya One; United
46 Advik Unique
47 Agam Extending Far; Profound; Unimaginable; Intelligent
48 Agniprava Bright as the Fire
49 Agraj Leader; Senior
50 Agrim First; Leader

Kannada Baby Boy Names Starting With A

In Kannada, the naming ceremony of a baby is called Namkaraman Samprada and is celebrated with friends and family. Kannada baby boy names starting with A are believed to be people with great minds and souls.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aakar Shape
2 Aakarsh Beauty; Attraction
3 Aakarshan Attraction
4 Aakash The Sky
5 Aakshat Unharmed
6 Aalam The Whole World; World; World Universe
7 Aalap Musical
8 Aalavandhan Majestic; The Writing
9 Aalok Name of Lord Shiva; Light; Lightning
10 Aamir Full; Prosperous; Amply Settled
11 Aamod Pleasant; Pleasure
12 Aanand Joy; Intelligent; Happiness
13 Aanandswarup Full of Joy
14 Aandaleeb The Bulbul Bird
15 Aanjaneya Son of Anjani
16 Aapt Trustworthy
17 Aaradhak Worshipper
18 Aarhant Protector from Enemies
19 Aarif Acquainted; Knowledgeable; Devotee; Knowing; Awar
20 Aarnav Ocean; Sea
21 Aarpit To Donate
22 Aarth Meaningful
23 Aarush Sunshine; First Ray of Sun; Honest; Brilliant
24 Aaryan Respectable; Of Utmost Strength; Kind Hearted
25 Aashamana Precious Water
26 Aashank Faith
27 Aashish Blessings
28 Aashman Son of the Sun
29 Aashutosh Name of Lord Shiva; One who Fulfils Wishes Instantly
30 Aasim Protector; Guardian
31 Aasit Black Stone
32 Aastik Who has Faith in God
33 Aatish Fireworks; Explosive; Name of Lord Ganesh
34 Aatmaj Son
35 Aatreya Name of a Sage
36 Aayan Speed; Bright; A Small but the First Part of an Element
37 Aayu Span of Life; Age
38 Aayushmaan With Long Life
39 Abaan Old Arabic Name
40 Abbas Description of a Lion; Looking Austere; Lion; Stern; 
41 Abed Worshipper; Adorer
42 Abedin Worshippers
43 Abeer Colour; Fragrance; Strength
44 Abezag Pure; Holy
45 Abhay Brave; Fearless; Name of Lord Shiva
46 Abhayananda Delighting in Fearlessness
47 Abhayaprada Bestower of Safety
48 Akshun A significant particle
49 Avinash Indestructible; Legend; Immortal; Happy
50 Avirat Continuous

Baby Boy Names Starting With A In Telugu

Baby Boy Names Starting With A In Telugu

Letter A is often the first choice for many parents. If you are looking for baby boy names starting with A in Telugu, then go through the table mentioned below. We have listed 40 Telugu names with their meanings to help you choose from.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aabhat The Sun
2 Aabheer Happiness
3 Aadhavan Entire universe
4 Aadhav Visible and brilliant
5 Aadim Ideal, Model Citizen, The sun
6 Aadrik Ruler
7 Aadvik Rising Sun Between Mountains
8 Aanav Grandson of Lord Krishna
9 Aayushman Holy incarnation
10 Abhav Innovative
11 Abhi Unique
12 Abhibhava Overpowering; Powerful; Victorious
13 Abhijay fearless
14 Abhilash Courageous
15 Abhimanyu Desire
16 Abhin Different
17 Abhinatha Lord of Desires; Another Name for Kama
18 Abhinav Long Life
19 Abhinay Son of Arjuna
20 Abhineet Faultless
21 Abhinivesh Want
22 Abhiram Expression
23 Abhishek pleasing
24 Abhisoka Passionate; Loving
25 Abhyudh Bathing God
26 Acarya Good Learner
27 Adarsh A Teacher
28 Adhit Teacher
29 Adhrit Ideal
30 Adhvait From the beginning
31 Adrish One who doesn’t need any support but supports everyone
32 Adrush None like him
33 Adwi Mountain
34 Adyant Fearless
35 Adyot Infinite
36 Ajoy Brave
37 Akrit Joyful
38 Aksh Helpful
39 Akul A huge chariot run by thousand horses
40 Amil Lord Shiva
41 Amod A huge chariot run by thousand horses
42 Anandit Sky
43 Anir pleasure
44 Anirudh One who spreads Joy
45 Ansu lovely
46 Appi cowherd
47 Arav Humane
48 Arnav Peaceful
49 Ashrit Ocean
50 Avish Lord Vishnu

Tamil Names Starting With A For Boy Baby

We have mentioned the most popular Tamil names starting with A for baby boys. These names are arranged in alphabetical order with their meanings for easier reference.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aacharya Excitement wonder
2 Aadanyan Derived from the name of King Cheran
3 Adarshan The one who gets to see the appearance of God
4 Aadesh Instruction
5 Aadhavan The Sun
6 Aadhi Beginning, The Supreme Being, Hindu Lord Shivan
7 Aadhira Moon
8 Aadhiraiyan The First Existence
9 Aadhisan The First Existence
10 Aadhithan The Sun, Lord Shiva
11 Aadhithiya The Sun
12 Aagash The Sky, Derived From Aagayam
13 Aahiliyan Strong Personality
14 Aakesh The Sky, Derived From Aagayam
15 Aalli Ocean
16 Aandi Lord Murugan
17 Aanoj Lord Murugan
18 Aaran Enlightened
19 Aaranyan Jungle
20 Aari Sin
21 Aariyan The God Of Arian
22 Aary Aarya
23 Aarya Aatharsan
24 Aatharsan Aathavan
25 Aathavan The Sun
26 Aatheesan Lord Shiva
27 Aatheesh Refer To Lord Shiva
28 Aathiraiyan The Sixth Lunar Mansion, Refer To ‘thiruvathirai’ Naksathira
29 Aathithan Sunsun, Light , Luminous
30 Aathiththyan Lord Shiva
31 Aavalan Cow Lover
32 Aavanyan The One Who Born In August
33 Abishek Derived From “Abisekam” Means Ritual Ceremony For Hindu God, Worshiping God Pouring Milk, Water, Honey, Ghee And Curd.
34 Acchutan Lord Vishnu Name In Kannada
35 Achuthan The Sun
36 Adhavan The Sun
37 Adiyaman Great King Who Sacrificed For Poets
38 Aegan Lord Shiva
39 Agilan He Who Commands Everything
40 Ahanyan One Who Admires His Inner Beauty
41 Aharathan High-Minded Person
42 Aingaran Lord Ganesha
43 Aiyan The creator God – Thirumarl
44 Ajay karthikeyan Refer to God Skanthan ( Karthikeyan- Murugan)
45 Akalvan Refer to lamp, brightness
46 Akash Refer to the sky
47 Agathiyan one of the revered vedic sage, Maha rishi Agastya
48 Akhil The Earth
49 Aksayan Wealthiest person, prosperity, and success
50 Akshman prosperity and success

Christian Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Christian Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Christian baby boy names starting with a are very dynamic and meaningful. The letter A is a powerful initial and would help the baby boost his self-confidence in the future. In the table listed below, you will find 40 such names with their meanings.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aabel Resembles breath
2 Aaiden A young man
3 Aaric Rule of mercy
4 Aaron Someone who holds great strength
5 Abaddon Someone who knows God
6 Abhatha An enthusiastic individual
7 Abijah God’s gift
8 Abiyram Lord of high esteem
9 Abner A cheerful leader
10 Abra Raincloud
11 Absalom King’s son
12 Ace Resembles unity
13 Ackerley A nature
14 Adan Someone of bold spirit
15 Addai Man of God
16 Adeep Bright baby boy names in Kannada
17 Aden Handsome
18 Adli A wise man
19 Adonis Someone gorgeous
20 Adrian Man with riches
21 Adrianno A rich man
22 Agustin A dignified individual
23 Ahva Favorite
24 Aiden Born of fire
25 Akilan Intelligent
26 Alann Handsome
27 Alec Someone high minded
28 Alek Brilliant
29 Alex Savior of humanity
30 Alexander Great leader
31 Alfie Counsellor
32 Alfonso Bright
33 Alford A wise man
34 Alian A tall person
35 Alii Excellent character
36 Allen The defender of humanity
37 Alonzo Enthusiastic
38 Aloysius A famed man
39 Alvin A friend
40 Amiir Prince
41 Arthur One who is strong
42 Asher Happy
43 Ashton Ash tree
44 Audie Resembles strength
45 Augustian Someone with great qualities
46 Austin Someone of immense dignity
47 Aviv Resembles spring
48 Avtar Incarnation of God; Holy Incarnation
49 Avyan Perfect; Not Having Any Imperfection; Name of Lord Vishnu
50 Avyukt Crystal Clear; Lord Krishna

Sikh Baby Boy Names Beginning With A

Sikh baby boy names starting with A act as an important indicator of one’s abilities for future leadership and managerial capabilities. Being the first letter is of immense importance in both numerology and astrology.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aaradh Celestial God; Nectar
2 Aaravjot Formless being
3 Aarman God’s nectar
4 Aarvinder Of an eye as in a blink of an eye
5 Aayakar Means ‘a beautiful place’ in one of the local Aboriginal dialects
6 Abani Deep rapturous Love; Adoration
7 Achint Brave as God
8 Adrisht Forever victorious; Ever victorious
9 Agambir Blessed by God for immortality
10 Agamdeep Ancient sage
11 Agamjit God’s light; Victory of God
12 Agamjot God as protector
13 Agampal God
14 Agampreet Living a nectar-like way of life
15 Aganee Eternally brave
16 Ajitpal One who conquers peace; God’s immortal warrior
17 Akaaldeep Elixir of Love of God
18 Akaashdeep Hope or desire; Army Man; Wish
19 Akal Immortal; Undying; Timeless; Chief of a tribe
20 Akalbir One imbued in the Lord’s nectar
21 Akaljog Imperishable protector
22 Akalpreet Love for God
23 Akalpurkh Immortal merits
24 Akalras Earth
25 Akaal Roop Of the God of Heavens
26 Akalvir One who conquers peace; God’s immortal warrior
27 Akharee Freethinker; A person with high ambition
28 Akhee Obedient
29 Aklakh Immortal; Undying; Timeless; Chief of a tribe
30 Amanjeet One who lives a peaceful life
31 Amanjeevan One who is invincible; Unconquerable
32 Amanjit Peace attainder; Attainer of tranquility
33 Amanpal Peace attainder; Attainer of tranquility
34 Amarbir Eternal support
35 Amardeep Eternal lamp; Lamp of the God
36 Amargun Immortal Love of God
37 Amarinder Beyond limits
38 Amarjeet Forever absorbed in God; Ever absorbed in God
39 Amarleen Fire
40 Amarpal Imperceptible; Invisible God
41 Amarpreet Illuminated heavenly realm; Star in the sky
42 Amartek Eternal light
43 Amritjot From God’s word
44 Amitpal In union with eternal Love
45 Amoras Preserver of light
46 Amraoo Love of God
47 Amreek Celestial God
48 Amrikh An embodiment of the beginning-less
49 Amrit Maan Limitless protector
50 Amritleen Of eternal form; Of eternal beauty

Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With A

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Want a unique baby boy name that starts with A to help your baby stand out from the rest? Then go through the table mentioned below to find 30 such unique names arranged in alphabetical order for easier reference.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Abhisumat Radiant; Another Name of Sun
2 Abhivadan Greeting
3 Abhivanth Royal Salute
4 Abhivira Surrounded by Heroes; A Commander
5 Abhrakasin With Clouds for Shelter; An Ascetic
6 Abhyagni Towards the Fire; A Son of Aitasa
7 Abhyudaya Rising; Sunrise; Elevation; Increase; Prosperity
8 Abhyudita Elevated; Prospered; Raised
9 Abid Worshipper of Allah; Spark of Fire; Worshipper of God
10 Abij Seedless
11 Abimanyu Arjuna’s Son
12 Abjayoni Born of the Lotus; Another Name for Brahma
13 Abjit Conquering Water
14 Agastya Like the rising Sun
15 Agneya Lord Surya
16 Ahendra The great ruler
17 Ajminder Presence of the foremost one
18 Ajmir Praise to timeless; Eternal
19 Akal-Ustat People of the heavenly God
20 Akshansh Lord of the universe
21 Akshay Helping others
22 Alankrit Eye
23 Alokpal Presence of the God of Heaven
24 Aman universe
25 Amar Immortal
26 Amender Peace protector
27 Archit Peace
28 Arjun Decorated
29 Avikshit Not Progressive
30 Avilash Faithful

Baby Boy Names Starting With A In Bengali

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Bengali is considered to be a very sweet language, and its meanings are often very earthy in nature. Below, you will find the 50 best baby boy names, starting with A in Bengali, with their meanings.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aarav Peaceful
2 Abhijit One who is victorious
3 Abhik Beloved
4 Abhisyanta Splendid; A Son of Kuru and Vahini
5 Abhivachan Good Word
6 Abhra Cloud
7 Abir Coloured powder used during Holi festival
8 Achinta Beyond comprehension
9 Aditya Sun
10 Adrik Popular
11 Agantuk Visitor
12 Agni Fire
13 Ahan Dawn
14 Aharshi Bright
15 Ainak Unconquerable (Ajeet)
16 Ajay Son of Agni
17 Akarsh Unconquerable
18 Akhan Complete
19 Akhilesh Attractive
20 Akshan Complete
21 Akshaya Unscathed, Perfect
22 Aladhar Cry of victory
23 Alok Rightness
24 Ameya Boundless
25 Amit Limitless
26 Anantya Eternal
27 Ananyobroto Soldier
28 Anik God of wind
29 Anindra One who cannot be blamed
30 Anindya A light which never extinguishes
31 Anirban Eternal flame
32 Aniruddha Undying
33 Anish Name of Lord Shiva
34 Ankit Marked
35 Anmohan One grants food; another name for Shiva
36 Ansh Part
37 Anup Incomparable
38 Anupam Unique, Matchless
39 Apurba Unprecedented; Singular; Supreme Soul
40 Arhya Conquer Of Enemies
41 Arijit Ocean
42 Arindam Destroyer Of Enemies
43 Arnab Ocean
44 Arup Blessing
45 Aryan Noble
46 Ashish One Without Sorrow
47 Ashok A Name Of Shiva
48 Ashutosh Someone Who Fulfils Wishes Instantly
49 Asis A Boon
50 Atul Popular

Baby names starting with A often reveal their capabilities and shortcomings as they grow up. This helps them become mature individuals with immense leadership qualities. We hope our article on the top 500 baby names that start with A was helpful enough for you to find the perfect name for your little prince.

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