Top Activities For a 4 Month Old Baby – Benefits and Tips For Parents

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Written by Sindhuja Prabhu

Sindhuja Prabhu

Activities For a 4 Month Old Baby

It’s been four whole months since the little bundle of joy came into your life. It has been nothing short of exhaustion and excitement for you and most of the family around you. Your baby tends to grab the attention of almost everyone and retains it for a long time. Such is a baby’s cuteness. Have you been following a few top activities for a 4 month old baby?

It is exciting to watch as they develop new skills, learn to do something new with their limbs; understand and respond to words or expressions. Doing something fun with your baby at this stage can entertain and teach them at the same time. Your baby is like a sponge now, absorbing everything you expose them to.

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What Activities Can You Expect From a 4 Month Old Baby?

Many babies will be diligently trying to roll over to their backs from their tummies. Some babies might have done this once or more already. As the physical strength increases, a baby’s limits increase too. Cognitive development enables them to understand bright and dull colors, identify familiar faces and show a preference for toys. Your baby will also like music and respond to certain songs or beats.

Your 4 month old can express a lot now. They can coo in a different tone to get your attention, cry in different ways to express dissatisfaction, and show facial expressions when something surprises them. Try switching off the fan and switching it back on after it stops rotating, you will see the surprise and glee on your baby’s face. The tiny brain is constantly trying to learn and register everything your baby is exposed to.

Top 6 Fun and Engaging Activities For a 4 Month Old Baby

As your baby grows, you can do a lot more with them. Doing activities with your baby will not only help them improve or learn new skills but will strengthen your bond too. When you spend some quality time with your baby, they thrive, you understand them better and can help them in this journey.

Identifying the most fun activities for this age can be a bit of a challenge. Don’t worry, we have a list ready just for you!

1. Consider Talking to Your Baby

Consider Talking to Your Baby

Babies love to listen to your voice, it can be the mother, father or any primary caregiver. Since they keep hearing this voice around them, they pay attention to it. No matter what they are doing or playing with when you speak, their brain refocuses all attention on you.

What You Will Need?

  • Yourself
  • Your baby
  • A quiet place

Top Benefits of Talking To Your 4 Month Old Baby

Here are a few benefits of talking to your baby

Skill Development Benefits
Language Development When you keep speaking to your baby, they get to hear a few words repeatedly. They pick on these words, your tone as well as dialect. It helps them learn the language faster.
Improves Focus When you make eye contact and speak to your baby, their focus is fully on you. They pay attention to how your mouth moves, what type of sounds come from it, and how the rest of your body moves when you speak. Their focus is fully on you. Activities can improve this focus, which can be very beneficial as your child grows.

Tips For Parents

  • Talk to your baby, meaning speak to them directly by addressing them by their name or nickname. It will get their attention.
  • Enunciate well. Be clear about the words you speak and make elaborate moth movements when you say basic simple words you want them to learn first.
  • Use facial expressions like smiling, funny faces, etc. Babies will find this interesting and focus more.

2. Staring At Mirror

starring at Mirror

Babies don’t understand the concept of reflection. When you hand them a mirror, they see another baby just like them, doing all that they do. They love to stare and communicate with this reflective image of themselves, thinking it is another baby they are speaking to.

What You Will Need?

  • A small, light handheld / Floor-length mirror
  • Adult supervision

Top Benefits of Staring at Mirror For 4 Month Old Baby

Here are a few benefits of staring in the mirror with babies

Skill Development Benefits
Helps Understand Reflection As the mirror image mimics everything the baby does, unlike other faces around them, they slowly start comprehending the concept of reflection.
Keeps the Baby Occupied Babies love to see themselves in the mirror. It can engage them and give you some free time too.
Helps Improve Expressions Babies will try making different faces to see how the image in the mirror does it too. It will work their facial muscles and increase their ability to show facial expressions.

Tips For Parents

  • Avoid breakable mirrors.
  • Stay close to them to prevent any injuries.
  • Offer toys with a mirror or reflective surface if they don’t like holding a mirror.
  • Put them in front of a floor-length mirror and let them just explore.

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3. Bubble Game

bubble game

What’s not to like about bubbles? Babies love floating and bursting bubbles.

What You Will Need?

  • A bubble gun or blower
  • Soapy water
  • Open space

Top Benefits of Bubble Game For 4 Month Old Baby

Here are a few benefits of bubble games for a 4 month old baby:

Skill Development Benefits
Sensorial Development Your baby will try to touch the bubbles or the bubbles can land on them, thus increasing sensorial awareness. They realise when the bubble touches their skin.
Gross Motor Development Babies will try to reach for the bubble by moving their arms in the direction the bubble goes. It increases the mobility of the arms.
Hand-Eye Coordination Trying to reach for, and touch the bubbles will improve hand-eye coordination.

Tips For Parents

  • Don’t blow bubbles onto the baby’s face, the soap can sting their eyes.
  • Keep the bubble gun/blower away from the baby’s reach.
  • Wash their hands immediately after they finish playing with the bubbles.

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4. Ball Rolling

ball rolling -Activities For A 4 Month Old Baby

Babies love moving objects. A colorful ball rolling away or towards them is an exciting game for them.

What You Will Need?

Colorful balls

Top Benefits of Ball Rolling For 4 Month Old Baby

Here are a few benefits of the ball rolling for your baby

Skill Development Benefits
Helps Understand Movement Babies learn balls roll and can be moved with their hands or legs. They understand their action causes the ball to move away.
Helps Understand Colors They learn to differentiate between bright and other colors. Some babies may even show a preference for some shades if they are bright and attractive.
Improves Baby’s Grip When your baby tries to hold a ball, especially a plastic or a slippery one, they need to improve their grip and focus. It helps them explore various holding options.

Tips For Parents

  • Choose colorful balls.
  • Keep a few as spare.
  • Let the baby play with the balls in a closed environment.

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5. Simple Exercises

simple exercise

It is finally time to move those tiny limbs and give your baby some mild exercises. These exercises can be made more fun, with animated voices or different expressions.

What You Will Need?

  • A well-rested baby
  • Sufficient space
  • Some uninterrupted time

Top Benefits of Simple Exercises For 4 Month Old Baby

Here are a few benefits of simple exercises for babies

Skill Development Benefits
Improves Limb Function Babies generally love to move their limbs in a jerky manner. Moving them with intention will help increase their movement and development in other aspects as well.
Increases Awareness Your baby becomes aware of various movements their hands and legs can do. They become more aware of the parts of their body and understand they can make them do anything they want.

Tips For Parents

  • Do not over-exert your baby. If they resist, give them a day and try again.
  • A comfortable mat on the bed or floor.
  • Keep toys handy.

6. Rowing Game

rowing game- Activities For A 4 Month Old Baby

Yes, you can row, row, row your boat as the little one enjoys the repetitive motion.

What You Will Need?

  • You and the baby
  • Pillows for baby’s back support

Top Benefits of Rowing Game For 4 Month Old Baby

Here are a few benefits of rowing game for babies

Skill Development Benefits
Improves Arm Mobility The repetitive rotation of the arms will increase mobility and help the baby understand how they can move their arms.
Strengthens Back Muscles Sitting upright and moving just the upper body will work on the back muscles and make them stronger.

Tips For Parents

  • Hold your baby’s hands gently and guide their motion.
  • Push them back and bring them forward in slow deliberate movements to avoid the head from shaking too much.
  • Sing a row row row your boat song along for better association.
  • Stop if the baby shows the signs of resistance.

Your baby’s body is slowly developing and learning to do one thing at a time. Teaching and assisting your baby in activities related to each stage of development can help improve the development too. Your baby will learn and bond better with you. They need all the attention they can get right now.

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Sindhuja, a mother of two, is an obsessive mom with a keen interest in psychology, especially child psychology. Her quest for knowledge and way with words led her to become a passionate content writer. She transformed her love for writing into a full-fledged career which incidentally also turned up being the perfect stress buster for the last 5 years.Read more.

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