Top Modern 500 Baby Girl Names Starting With P

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500 Baby Girl Names starting with P

First of all, we congratulate you on your newborn baby girl. The parenting journey has just begun and will continue for the next 20 years. However, choosing a perfect name for your baby girl is a one-time task that will be her identity for the rest of her life. Numerology often plays a significant role in shaping a child’s life. Thus, in this article,  we have mentioned 500 baby girl names starting with P. 

Names starting with P are governed by Mercury, Saturn, and Sun. They have a very calm and pleasing personality. They are very ethical and lead a disciplined life. They believe in hard work and thus achieve great success in life. Let us check out the modern, unique, and latest baby girl names in Sanskrit, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

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Baby Girl Names Starting With P In Sanskrit

Names are considered to be one’s identity for life. Sanskrit names are not only meaningful but are also one of the oldest naming words. In the below mentioned table we have mentioned 100 baby girl names starting with P in Sanskrit. 

SL No Name Meaning
1 Paami One that is fulfilled, sustained or gained
2 Padma-garbha The womb of Lotus
3 Padmadharini One who holds the Lotus flower
4 Padmagriha Who resides in a Lotus
5 Padmaja Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
6 Padmakali Bud of Lotus flower
7 Padmalaya A lake full of lotuses
8 Padmamalini Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
9 Padmanaban Navel of the lotus flower
10 Padmanjali An Offering of Lotuses
11 Padmarekha One who has lotus like lines on palm; a sign of good luck
12 Padmasundari As beautiful as the Lotus flower
13 Padmavati Refers to Goddess Lakshmi
14 Padmasambhava That which is Sprung from a Lotus; Name of a God
15 Padmottara Unsurpassed Lotus; Higher Lotus
16 Pakeshwari One who resides in a higher position
17 Pakshalika The right Path
18 Pakshini A type of female Bird; Day of the Full Moon
19 Palakshi Something white
20 Pallava Refers to newborn leaf, Sprout Blossom
21 Pallavika New Leaf; Little Blossom
22 Pallavita Refers to Eye Lid; Blossoming
23 Pamavi Name of a bird
24 Panchakanya One who is born of Five
25 Pankajadharini One who holds a Lotus
26 Pankajakshi Means Lotus Eyed
27 Pankajanetri Lotus like eyes
28 Paramatmika She whose nature is the Supreme
29 Parameshvari Refersto Goddess Parvati
30 Parameswary The Supreme goddess
31 Paramita A Prowess ; Friend of Others
32 Parashakti The supreme power
33 Parimala That which is fragment, Has a beautiful smell
34 Parineeta A perfectionist, Expert in something
35 Parmanand Is happiness; Bliss
36 Parmeshwari Epithet of Goddess Durga
37 Parnalata A leafy creeper
38 Parnashree Refers to a leafy beauty
39 Parnika Refers to a small leaf, Also the name of Goddess Parvati
40 Parthiva Refers to the daughter of the Earth
41 Parvani referred to the full moon; A special day
42 Parvathi Name of Goddess; Who lives in Mountains, Shivas wife
43 Pashahantri The destroyer of Bonds
44 Pashupriya One who is fond of all beings
45 Patim Name of a City
46 Patmanjari Name of a raga
47 Patni Means Wife
48 Patri Means vessel; Protector; ALso the name of Goddess Durga
49 Pavana That which is holy, sacred
50 Pavanya A type of Purifier
51 Pavina The voice of Air
52 Pavithra That which is purified; Is Sacred
53 Payas Water; Precious
54 Payoja Means lotus
55 Payushnika Refers to the Ganga River
56 Phalguni One who is born in Falgun , a hindu month
57 Phoolan Means flower
58 Phulkumari Refers to young flower
59 Pingala Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
60 Piroja Turquoise Colour
61 Pitambari One who is wearing yellow golden dress
62 Piusha Ambrosia; Nectar
63 Pivanari One who is strong; Voluptuous; Robust
64 Pivari Refers to the wife of Sukha
65 Pivushadvuti Nectar-raved; Also refers to the Moon
66 Piyusha Refers to the food of the gods; Nectar
67 Pokshita One who is blesses with natural beauty; Gracious
68 Pooja Prayer, idol worship
69 Poojila One who is Respectable
70 Poojitha Devoted to the one who is worshipped; God
71 Poojya Someone respectable; Being Worshipped
72 Punarnavi To take reborn
73 Poorbi The eastern side
74 Poornima The full moon
75 Poornita Completed
76 Poorvaganga Name of river Narmada
77 Poorika Means complete
78 Prabhati Means morning
79 Prabhavati Refers to a raagini; Also the wife of Sun
80 Prabodhini Refers to knowledge; Awakening
81 Prabhuti Name of Lord Shiva, Strength
82 Prabuddha Awakened; Roused; Expanded
83 Pracheeta The origin; Starting point
84 Pradipa Luminous
85 Pradnya Means wisdom
86 Prafulllita In bloom; Happy
87 Praganya Refers to love
88 Prajwala Refers to Light; Eternal Flame; Bright
89 Prajwalitha Means shining
90 Pramada Refers to woman
91 Pramila Refers to Goddess Parvati;Honey; One of Arjunas wife
92 Pramilita With Closed Eyes
93 Pramoda Pleasure; Joy
94 Prasadika Wealthy; Prosperity
95 Prashanthi Peace Calm and Composed
96 Prasheetha Fame; Praise; Poetry
97 Prasidhashri Famous; Also refers to Goddess Lakshmi
98 Prassana Pleasing; Propitiating
99 Pushpi Blossoming flower
100 Puspam Means flower

Girl Baby Names Starting With P In Tamil

Girl Baby Names Starting With P In Tamil

Parents often prefer keeping their baby names that go with their cultural values. In this article we have mentioned 50 baby girl names starting with P in Tamil. They have been arranged in alphabetical order for easier referencing.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Paavai Gentle; Caring, Youthful woman; One who has a soft tone
2 Paavarasi Refers to the queen of music
3 Padhumai One with gentle personality
4 Painthamizh Evergreen
5 Pallawi Refers to a musical node
6 Panchali The wife of the five Pandavas in Mahabharatham
7 Panimalar Refers to winter flowers
8 Panimugil Means snowy; cloudy, foggy
9 Pankajam Another name for the lotus flower
10 Parithini Refers to the Sun; To circle around
11 Pathumai A gentle person
12 Painkili A type of singing parrot; Also refers to young woman
13 Peralagi Very beautiful woman
14 Piraimathi The shape of crescent moon
15 Ponesakki One who loves gold; Is pricey and worthy
16 Ponmalar Refers to a golden flower; Is attractive; Beautiful; Worthy; Gentle
17 Ponmani Refers to some memorable and golden words
18 Ponnalagu Is expensive like gold; Valuable; Pretty; Worthy; Attractive
19 Ponnamma Referred to the mother of gold
20 Ponnarasi The queen of gold; Admirable; Honorable
21 Ponni Its the name of a river in India
22 Ponnila Refers to the golden moon; Has a pleasant and attractive personality
23 Ponnualagi It is the golden earth; Worthy; Uncomparable
24 Ponpugalini Means the ultimate golden fame
25 Ponselvi One who is attractive, worthy and has a nice personality
26 Poonthalir Refers to flowers
27 Ponvizhi Practical and hard working
28 Poombavai Young and Beautiful girl
29 Ponmozhi One who speaks very calmly like those of falling leaves
30 Poonkulali Refers to a sweet singing bird with beautiful hair
31 Poongodi A very soft, calm and gentle lady
32 Poongothai A woman with soft personality
33 Ponkathir One who is stable and compassionate
34 Poonthugil Garment embroidered with floral designs
35 Poorana The full moon
36 Poovai A woman with soft personality like flower
37 Potchelvi Successful
38 Pranalini The goddess of breath of life
39 Pratha To show power
40 Prerna Means Inspiration
41 Prithi Means Love
42 Priyana Beloved; Darling
43 Priyanthi Loved one
44 Priyasha A loving one; Darling
45 Priyashini The beloved one
46 Pugalini Praising someone
47 Puhazhini To be praiseworthy
48 Pulimagal The daughter of tiger; One who is strong and brave
49 Punnagai To always have a happy expression
50 Poovizhi Calm; Gentle and Attractive personality

Modern Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With P

In today’s society there are many parents who want to name their child according to their numerological alphabet and still plan to choose a modern name. Here we have composed a total of 75 modern baby girl names starting with P. 

SL No Name Meaning
1 Padah The outcome of something
2 Padam Refers to Lotus
3 Padmal Means lotus
4 Padmashree Refers to the Divine Lotus
5 Padmini Lotus Pond
6 Pakeeja Divine
7 Palaka The hope present in a moment
8 Palana The protector; One who gives nourishment
9 Palash Name of a flower; Ocean
10 Pallavee Refers to the bud; new leaves
11 Pameela Is honey
12 Pampa Name of a river
13 Panchami Refers to the Light of Moon, Festival
14 Pandora A woman with white skin tone
15 Panini One who is skillful
16 Panita Admired
17 Pankaja Lotus
18 Pankti Refers to a sentence
19 Panna Means Emerald, a gemstone
20 Panthi Refers to traveller
21 Panu In admiration
22 Panya One who is admired, Has a glorious and excellent personality
23 Paola Refers to something tahst is small and little
24 Para Refers to the Supreme
25 Parajika Name of a raagini
26 Parama Refers to the best
27 Parikshita The ruler
28 Parimita Moderate; Sparing; Limited
29 Parnika Epithet of Goddess Parvati
30 Parisha Like a Fairy Angel Gift of God
31 Parivita Means surrounded or Encompassed
32 Pariyat A type of flower
33 Parjanya Refers to rain
34 Parmendar Refers to an attractive lady
35 Parthivi Epithet of Sita
36 Parul Means graceful; Like the flow of water
37 Parva Means Festival; Festive
38 Patali The Trumpet Flower
39 Patmanjir A type of raga
40 Pavani Purifying; Pure; Goddess Ganga
41 Pavanti Something Pure;Sacred; Pious;Fire
42 Paviya The process of purification
43 Pavni True; Holy; Pure
44 Payal Anklets; Ornaments
45 Phulwanti Means flowering
46 Piku Refers to someone who is sweet, Innocent, Pretty, Lovely
47 Pila Name of an apsara
48 Pinaka Refers to Bow; Trident
49 Pinal Refers to the god of children
50 Pinga Epithet of Goddess Durga
51 Pival Name of a tree
52 Piyali Name of a tree
53 Priyanka One who is Beautiful, Lovable
54 Piyuksha With an adorable personality
55 Poojanya Worship; Prayer
56 Poorna Complete
57 Poornika One who is Complete
58 Poorva Earlier one
59 Poorvika Ancient From the East
60 Posha Nurture, Thriving, Prosperity
61 Prabhava Prominent; Distinguished
62 Prabodhika To be awakened
63 Prachi East side
64 Prafulla Cheerful, Smiling, Pleased
65 Pragalbha Another name for goddess Durga
66 Pragati Means progress
67 Pragya Wisdom; Intelligent
68 Pragnika To be enlightened
69 Prajya Wisdom, Intelligence, Sensible
70 Prakalpa To project
71 Prakasa Refers to light
72 Prakriti Refers to nature
73 Prama Means the knowledge of truth
74 Pramita Best Friend, Wisdom, Limited
75 Pratula The Lotus flower

Baby Girl Names Starting With P In Marathi

Baby Girl Names Starting With P In Marathi

If you are looking for baby girl names starting with P in Marathi, then your search is over. We have listed below 50 such names with their respective meanings.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Padma Another name of Goddess Lakshmi
2 Pakhi Name of a gorgeous flower
3 Pakshita One who has an enduring personality
4 Palikita Means at the blink of an eye
5 Pallavi Its the name given to new leaf
6 Panita One who is admired by others
7 Pankhuri Refers to the petals of flowers
8 Peya Beloved; One who is everyone’s favorite
9 Pihika One who is very sweet
10 Poorvi Type of a classical Melody
11 Pundalika Other name of Lotus
12 Punita Love; Pious; Pure; Sacred; Holy; Sacred
13 Punnam Refers to the full Moon; Also Spelt as Punam
14 Punthali Means a Doll
15 Punya One who has done good Karma; Is Virtuous; Auspicious
16 Punyata Refers to the blessings gained for good work
17 Punyavathi One who is full of Virtues, Has a righteous personality
18 Punyesha Refers to good work done, Pious
19 Purala Epithet of Goddess Durga
20 Purandhri It is the Mother of Vedas; Goddess
21 Purani Means Fulfilling, Completing
22 Purna Refers to something that is complete; Abundant
23 Purnashi One who is blesses with Fortune
24 Purnata Refers to fullness; Complete
25 Purnika That which is abundant; Complete
26 Purnima That which is complete; Full Moon
27 Purnita To complete; Fulfilled
28 Purti Process of purification; To Satisfy something; Complete
29 Purva The east side, Elder, Also the name of a Nakshatra
30 Purvaja Often referred to the elder Sister
31 Purvasha Means Breeze; East
32 Purvi Means First; That which comes from the East; Beautiful
33 Poorvika That which has occurred prior to something; Formerly oriented
34 Purvisha Refers to the earlier One
35 Pusha Nourishing
36 Pushpa Blossom; Beautiful; Flowers
37 Pushpaja One who is born from a Flower
38 Pushpalata A type of flower Creeper
39 Pushpanjali Devoted; To offer flower to God
40 Pushpavalli Commonly a flower Vine
41 Pushpi Referred to flowers nature, Soft, Tender
42 Pushpika Decorated with Flowers; Flower
43 Pushpita To be decorated with Flowers
44 Pushti One who possesses all wealth
45 Pushya Flower, Blossom, Uppermost
46 Putana To blow hard
47 Putholi Refers to new light
48 Putul Means doll
49 Pyari One with a lovely, amiable personality
50 Pyas To feel thirsty

Baby Girl Names Starting With P In Telugu

You can find below 50 baby girl names starting with P in Telugu. Some names are short whereas some are traditional and long. These names hold strong meaning and must be chosen carefully.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Pachami Refers to a goddess
2 Padmavathi Bearer of Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi
3 Padmalatha Refers to the Lotus flower
4 Pallavika Means new leaf; Also refers to little blossom
5 Pihoo One who is excellent; Sounds sweet sound
6 Pinika One with sweet personality
7 Ponnishree Name of a goddess
8 Praanili Refers to Lightning
9 Prabhupriya Name of a Raga
10 Pragyaa Refers to Lord Vishnu; A Prowess, Supreme Intellect
11 Prasuti The daughter of Manu
12 Prathana Means wealth
13 Prathi Means waiting
14 Prathika Beautiful
15 Pratibha One’s talent; Intellect
16 Pratichi The western side
17 Pratirodh Resistance
18 Pratitha Well known
19 Prithvi Epithet of Goddess Sita
20 Pratyaya One’s perception; Outlook
21 Praudha One who is sold
22 Pravachana Words from the almighty,God
23 Pravanditha One who is energetic
24 Pravarsha Refers to rain
25 Pravasthi Means birth
26 Pravisha Means light
27 Pravalika Means question
28 Prayathi That which goes
29 Prayagini Refers to confluence of three Sacred Rivers
30 Prayerna To worship
31 Prayukta Experimentation
32 Prayushi Refers to something pure
33 Prayuta To be mingled with something
34 Preesha Talent that is given by God; Beloved; Loving
35 Preksha Viewer Beholding Viewing
36 Pubi The east flowing wind
37 Puchi A sweet personality
38 Pujyashree Another name of Goddess Lakshmi
39 Pulakintha Shivering with Joy
40 Puma Means Content; Complete
41 Punarnava Being reborn
42 Puneeta Sacred; Devout; Love: Pure
43 Punnamma Refers to the Moon
44 Punyavi The process of purification that is obtained by being virtuous
45 Puri Name of a holy city
46 Purushaprakriti One who takes the form of a man
47 Pushkala Refers to Abundant; Full
48 Pushpagandha Refers to Jui flower
49 Pushpaki Referred to the mythical vehicle of Lord Vishnu
50 Pyanasu A Sweet flower

Baby Girl Names In Kannada Starting With P

cute baby

Here you will find 50 baby girl names in Kannada starting with P. Along with the names we have also mentioned their meanings. Some meanings are religious whereas some are close to nature. Parents can choose from the table listed below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Paajas Goddess Laxmi, Firmness, Vigor, Strength Glitter, Sheen, Brightness, Heaven And Earth
2 Panchali Consort Of Pandavas, One From The Kingdom Of Panchala, Draupadi’s Name Daughter Of The Earth, Another Name For Sita And Lakshmi
3 Paarul Beautiful, Practical, Kind Name Of A Flower
4 Parvati Goddess Durga, A Patronymic Of Daksha, Living In The Mountain, Of The Mountains
5 Paatala Goddess Durga, Red In Color
6 Paatalavati Wearing Red-color Attire
7 Paavana Holy, Sacred, Freshness, Purity
8 Paavani Purifier, Whose Touch Make You Pure, Sacred
9 Padmavati Another name of Goddess Lakshmi, One who residing on the Lotus
10 Padmakalyani Name of a Raga
11 Padmanabhapriya Refers to the beloved of Padmanabha
12 Paheal First
13 Pakshalika Refers to the right path
14 Palguna A god’s name
15 Palika Refers to the protectoress
16 Panavi Means happy
17 Pankhadi A petal
18 Pankita Refers to a sentence
19 Parali Refers to dry grass
20 Paramatma The Omnipresence
21 Parashree Name of ganga river
22 Pranhita Name of a river
23 Pranidhi Means joy
24 Pranja Means very cute
25 Pranoti Means welcome
26 Pranuja Gentle
27 Praphulla Refers to flowering; Happy
28 Prapthi Refers to achievement
29 Prasheila Refers to ancient time
30 Prashi Means fame
31 Prashika One who is full of love
32 Prasoona A flower
33 Prathipa Being quick
34 Prathulya Incomparable
35 Pradyumna Victory
36 Prati One who loves music
37 Priyana Means ideal
38 Priyani One’s loved one
39 Priyanshi Lovable
40 Priyaranjani Means lovely
41 Priyasmita Best friend
42 Priyatha One with affection
43 Prosmita A very calm and quiet girl
44 Prushti Refers to the pink colour
45 Puji Being gentle
46 Pulkita To embrace
47 Punai A raagini
48 Pushpasree Refers to a bunch of flowers
49 Pushyaja One who is born from the flower
50 Puvika One with good conduct

Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With P

Every girl plans to have a unique name that is easy to spell and remember too. We have listed below 75 such unique Indian baby girl names starting with P for you to check out. 

SL No Name Meaning
1 Paavanti Fire; Pious; Sacred; Pure
2 Padmini Born from the Lotus
3 Padmajai One who is born from the Lotus
4 Padmakshi Eyes like lotus flower
5 Padmamukhi One who has a lotus like face
6 Padmavasan One who resided in lotus; Goddess Lakshmi
7 Padminika The collection of Lotus
8 Pae Brave
9 Pahal The start of something
10 Pahar Time of the day; Hour
11 Pajasvati One who has a firm personality; Strong; Brilliant
12 Pakiza Pure
13 Palavee Growing Shoot
14 Pandita A learned person
15 Paneri Means beautiful
16 Panika Refers to a beautiful Lady
17 Pankajini Refers tp the group of lotuses
18 Panketa One who is liberal like a young girl
19 Pankhadi Means petal
20 Parijata A Flower born in the Heaven
21 Pariksha Refers to Challenges; Exams; Test
22 Parin Another name of Lord Ganesha
23 Parinita To Complete
24 Parmasi Other name for Lotus
25 Parmee Refers to Palash Tree; A water plant
26 Parmi Being Supreme
27 Parmita Means wisdom
28 Parna Feather; Wings; Leaf
29 Parvata Of the Mountains
30 Pashvi Being a Goddess
31 Pasu Refers to animals; Bestial nature
32 Patala Other name of Goddess Durga
33 Patrika Means Letter
34 Pauri A type of Filler, Increaser, Urban
35 Paurushi Refers to woman, Sacred to Man
36 Pausha One who is born during the hindu lunar month
37 Pavaki Epithet of Goddess Saraswati
38 Paveethra Purified
39 Pavi Name of Goddess Saraswati
40 Payaswini Means full of milk
41 Payoda Means cloud; Also refers to the the giver of water, milk
42 Pinakini That which is bow shaped
43 Pitayuthi One wearing yellow coloured dress
44 Pitika Refers to Jasmine; Saffron; Yellow Colour
45 Pokshitha Refers to one’s natural charm
46 Polami Consort of Indra
47 Pollavi Mango Leaf
48 Poojak Worshipper
49 Poojita Honoured; Respectable; Worshipped
50 Poonam Refers to full moon
51 Poorvaja Refers to elder sister
52 Poshya Gospel; Love; Good
53 Pothumani Common; Time bell
54 Poonam Refers to the full moon day
55 Poushall of the month Poush
56 Praavi The ultimate truth; Lord Hanuman
57 Prabal Mighty;Strong
58 Prabhavali Graceful; Shining; Name of a Raga
59 Prabhiti A passage or a word for commencement towards something
60 Pracika Name of a female falcon
61 Pradeepta Means glowing
62 Pradha Extremely Distinguished
63 Pradyumna Radiant; Illuminate
64 Pradyuta To Begin to Shine
65 Prafulla Blossoming ; In Bloom; Full-blown
66 Prakashi Shining Forth; Luminous in nature
67 Prakhya One’s appearance
68 Pramiti Means wisdom
69 Prana To be alive; The Life Energy
70 Praseeda Name of Goddess Lakshmi
71 Prashakha A Branch of a Tree
72 Prashansa To praise
73 Prashidha Famous Accomplishment
74 Prashnavali Means question
75 Prastuti To Present

Latest Baby Girl Names Starting With P

baby smiling

Parents who are looking for trendy and latest baby girl names starting with P can find reference from the table mentioned below. Along with the name, their meanings have also been explained in depth, so parents can choose accordingly.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Padma Epithet of Goddess Lakshmi; Lotus
2 Padmapriya One who loves lotus
3 Padmaraga Lotus Hued
4 Padmini Lotus flower
5 Pakhi Refers to a bird
6 Pala Refers to the protectors of Dharma
7 Palak Means eyelid
8 Palini One who Follows Order
9 Palita Protected; Guarded
10 Pallak The blinking of eyelid; Eyelash
11 Pallavini One with new leaves
12 Pama One with dusky skin tone
13 Panjat A celestial flower that is born in heaven
14 Paramesh Refers to Lord Shiva, the Supreme god
15 Paramika The Supreme; Highest
16 Paramjyot Flame that comes from the supreme
17 Paras It is a touchstone
18 Paravi A type of bird
19 Parbarti To surrender
20 Parikshita Refers to a ruler
21 Pari Refers to a fairy
22 Paridhi The limit
23 Paridhi Radius; Limits
24 Parineeti One who looks beautiful like a fairy
25 Parnal Means leaf
26 Parnita Means auspicious; Apsara
27 Paro One who is the master of knowledge
28 Parsha Means Pure; Holy
29 Parthavi Another name for Goddess Sita
30 Parvathy Goddess; The daughter of mountain
31 Parveen Refers to a star
32 Pasha Knot; Bond; Loop
33 Patam Name of a City
34 Pathana Means reading
35 Pathya Means suitable
36 Pati Refers to the Lord; Master
37 Patralekha Means ray of lights
38 Patro Refers to a Lear
39 Pavita Process of purification
40 Payoshni Refers to the milky holy river
41 Pehr Phase; Time of the day
42 Pelava Delicate; Tender; Soft; Fine Soft Tender
43 Pesani Mill; Grindstone
44 Phalak Refers to a shield
45 Phalguni Name of the spring season
46 Phalini Means fruitful
47 Phiroza Refers to turquoise colour
48 Pia One’s beloved
49 Pihu A sound;Chirping of birds; The voice of peacock
50 Piki Another name of Cuckoo

Where name acts as the identity, meanings are considered to be the reflection of the person’s identity. Parents must take their own time in choosing the perfect name as it is a one time affair. One can easily choose from the 500 baby girl names starting with P. The names they choose must leave a positive impact on the baby girl’s life. 

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