Top 8 Third Trimester Essentials During Pregnancy

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Written by Gunjan Bedi

Gunjan Bedi

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Congratulations mommy-to-be! Your much-awaited moment is here. The third trimester is full of happy thoughts, emotional floods, and advice from grannies and loved ones. Soon a little angel grabs your finger with tiny hands. But as your third trimester is going on, you’ve to be careful about your comfort and eatery habits. And, you may also need to stock up on a few third-trimester essentials to kick it off in a much cooler way. 

So, dear mamas! To make this end-of-pregnancy phase a little smoother, you must have these essential things ready before delivery. This must-have list saves you from the uneasiness and discomfort you experience during the third trimester and after delivery. Let’s closely examine all the third-trimester must-have essentials for a comfortable pregnancy.

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Top 8 Essentials For The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

The third-trimester must-haves are a list of things that is useful during the trimester, end of the month, and when you are in the hospital, or after giving birth. Here are a few things you need to have.

1. Hospital Bag

Pregnant woman checklists third trimester essentials

If you haven’t purchased a hospital bag yet, get this one right now. You need a lot of stuff while going to the hospital for delivery, such as a comfortable gown, baby’s outfit, maternity pad, nappies, and clothes for the baby. Therefore, try to get a hospital bag with multiple compartments. An extra large bag with compartments can help to hold all the stuff in the perfect place. Moreover, you don’t need to make different bags to carry things.

2. Maternity Clothes That You Are Comfortable With

pregnant woman in comfortable maternity clothes

Nothing is more annoying than wearing clothes that do not even fit properly. We understand your frustration, mommies, you have gained extra pounds during the third trimester. Your regular wear doesn’t fit you nicely and is very uncomfortable. Therefore, try to invest in some good maternity clothes in which you are comfortable.

You can try these out with an oversized coat, season-appropriate coat, jacket, boyfriend jeans, neutral long-sleeve extra-large top, yoga pants, oversized sweaters, or boyfriend jeans. Moreover, you can try some maxi dresses and loose pajamas that are extremely comfortable to wear during the third trimester as well as after the delivery of the baby.

3. Pregnancy Support Band

woman wearing a belly band-a third trimester essential

Mommies, remember you are carrying a fully grown fetus that creates a lot of pressure on the back and pelvic region. Also, during the trimester, you might experience sciatica pain. Make sure to carry a pregnancy support band during the third trimester. The band helps relieve the pressure you experience on the lower abdomen, lower back, and pelvic region.

Moreover, correcting your body’s posture and supporting your back is beneficial at this stage to not make you trip and lose balance. But remember not to wear a pregnancy support band more than 3 hours a day. It can lead to dependency and you might feel like getting support repeatedly.

4. Compression Socks

compression socks are one of the third trimester essentials

Swelling on the feet and ankle region is one of the common problems a woman experiences during the third trimester. The swelling happens due to extra fluid retention in the body during pregnancy. The fluid quickly runs down to the lower region, which results in swelling.

To avoid swelling, you can prop up your feet when sitting comfortably. Moreover, you can try out some exercises that help to promote blood circulation. Make sure to stay hydrated and not stand for long. You can also try some compression socks that help to improve blood circulation and prevent swelling.

5. Pregnancy Pillow

pregnant woman reading a book

All right, mommies-to-be, your days of insomnia are on and you may feel uneasy at night because of your big belly. We understand it is tight to sleep during the third trimester. Try a pregnancy pillow as it can help to sleep better. These pillows are also great for supporting your back during day time while you are sitting on the bed or sofa.

Above this, we suggest you start meditation during the third trimester. This helps to improve sleep and calm you during the last pregnancy stage.

6. Comfortable Underwear And Bras

pregnant woman sitting comfortably

Comfortable underwear and a bra are a must during the third trimester. Your breast is getting bigger, and your chubby thigh may irritate. Moreover, you may feel a little soreness in the breast. Therefore, to ease such problems, try some maternity undergarments. These garments are specially made to support the growing breast. The maternity garments are super comfy to wear.

Try some wide waistband underwear as they are comfortable and don’t slip off your tummy. Criss-cross style maternity underwear is also a great option during the third trimester. You can also keep that underwear in your hospital bag to wear after delivery.

Likewise, a maternity or nursing bra is also a good option during the third trimester. Avoid wearing bras with underwires, as it can create a lot of pressure on the breast during pregnancy.

7. Heartburn Relief

pregnant woman eating healthy food

Pregnancy heartburn is a big problem, and getting some relief from heartburn during the third trimester is hard. The biggest culprit of heartburn is the relaxin hormone. The increased secretion of this hormone into the body can cause the frequent opening of the stomach lining and esophagus.

It also implies that while typical heartburn medications might assist, they cannot address the underlying problem. Still, we recommend using them with your doctor’s consent, since they benefit a bit. Smaller, and relatively infrequent meals and isolating drinking liquids from eating are beneficial.

8. Prenatal Massage

pregnant woman getting prenatal massage

Mamas, you know it well, there is nothing more relaxing than prenatal massage during the end phase of pregnancy. And we guess all pregnant women deserve a good prenatal massage that helps to reduce pain and body aches. We highly encourage you to ask someone for a relaxing massage.

All Set to Rock!! Take a Sneak Peak!

Mommies!! We hope you have noted down all the third-trimester essentials. Words are less, and information is more, so we keep an essential list manageable for you. Don’t forget to pack some extra baby dresses for your cuddle baby. Above this, you can have some maternity pads, breast pads, and nursing tops in your hospital bag. These items may be useful after the delivery of a baby.


1. Can I Wear Tight Pants in The Third Trimester?

You can wear tight pants during the third trimester if comfortable. Wearing tight-fitting clothes may cause trouble and a lot of pressure on the back. Wear loose-fitting clothes as it helps to ease down pressure on the back and lower tummy.

2. How Many Outfits do I Need For Labor And Delivery?

Two to three outfits would be perfect for labor and delivery.

3. When Should I Start Packing a Hospital Bag For Labor?

You can pack your hospital bag between 32-35 weeks of pregnancy or probably the third trimester.

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