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Everything Looks Normal, Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?

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Cannot get pregnant
“Everything Looks Normal, Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?” is a question bothers many women.  If you cannot get pregnant even though you have been following a healthy lifestyle and are regular on periods, it could get extremely frustrating. It’s not just a one day wish when a woman wants to get pregnant and the next day her strip reads positive. Your chances of conceiving are obstructed by many external and internal factors, having regular periods doesn’t necessarily give you a clean go.

Some factors that actually obstruct your road to having a baby:

Some factors that actually obstruct your road to having a baby:


The first thing you should consider is the time that you have been trying to conceive. 6 months of well-timed, regular sex leaves 80% of the couples expecting, and 90% get pregnant within an year of trying. To boost your chances, you should consider timing your sex with ovulation, and be regular with it for a time frame of 1 year minimum. Remember, sex should not be treated as a chore, but you should enjoy every aspect of baby making.Read about baby making sexual positions If you still do not succeed, then you can consider going to the doctor.


If you are above 35 years of age and have been trying to continuously to conceive from six months then you must visit the doctor. When you are below 35 and have been trying for it continuously since a year, then also you should see the doctor. Men above the age of forty could also face some problems in making their women pregnant. There are cases where a doctor’s intervention is needed but not in all cases.
Sex is not a chore

Weight Issues

An undernourished body does not ovulate properly. On the other hand, obesity can significantly affect the chances of getting pregnant. They key is to stay very clear of a BMI of 25 and above. Also, try to maintain the ideal weight. Couples should develop a healthy exercise routine and have a healthy immune system. Get plenty of sleep, exercise well, keep your weight in check and you are half-way there.

Accepting the changes

When you both as a couple become ready to welcome a baby in your life, your life demands many changes physically, emotionally and financially. Making a baby requires lots of patience, calmness, understanding and cooperation. Many couples get impatient very soon after trying to get pregnant and run to see the doctor. They start blaming each other and stop enjoying their time together. Sex becomes a routine affair with no emotional satisfaction attached to it. Many of these issues can be self addressed, a doctors’ visit may not be even required.

Maintain a positive attitude

While trying for pregnancy, it is very necessary for a couple to stay positive. Bothering and recurring thoughts like “Everything Looks Normal, Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?” is not a positive attitude.  A positive attitude reinforces positivity in the environment which is very helpful for the desired result. This is the duration when you both should spend quality time physically and emotionally both. Go out for dinner, for a long holiday or read to each other, or do whatever you both enjoy. All these things will keep you both happy and calm. Also, once you will become parents at least for a year you may not be able to give so much of quality time to your relation. Build these memories, you both will cherish them later. There are many couples who try for baby and do not succeed immediately.
Why can't I Get pregnant

Trust and love for each other

Trust is very important when it takes time to get pregnant. Does not start doubting at each other’s capacity. Have sex to enjoy, stop worrying about fertile days or calculations or whether you have done it right. Do not compare your time of conceiving with the others like your friends, sisters and relatives. Every human is different, with varied habits, bodies and psychologies. Not everyone has the same health concerns, or medical conditions. Stay away from those who make you feel, “you are taking a long time you are taking to get pregnant”.You will find such negative people everywhere. You both need to be patient and caring towards each other.

Stress and tension

Sometimes a husband and wife both are so tensed and stressed that they do not even think of the adverse effects of their mental state on conception. Yoga and Mediation are the two most important and common techniques which can help anyone mentally in any situation in life. There are yoga asanas that boost fertility. Try practicing yoga, meditate, involve yourself in hobbies, spend quality time together, and lead a happy, healthy lifestyle. Rather than worrying “Everything Looks Normal, Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?”, do see a doctor.  Remember, there is a solution of all issues.

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