200 Unique Gemini or Mithun Rashi Born Baby Names For Boys and Girls

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Tarasha Chandra

200 Mithun Rashi Or Gemini Baby NamesA person’s name is an identity that stays for life. It even reflects in the personality. Having a good name helps with good fortune, success, and good luck. A naming ceremony is done with many rituals as well as calculations done by checking the position of the moon in the constellation. The birth sign is in which the moon stays at the time of birth. The letter of the constellation where the moon is the letter by which the child’s name must begin. For example, Gemini or Mithun Rashi Baby Names can carry symbolic meaning and reflect the traits and characteristics commonly associated with this sign.

If you believe that names can influence your child’s personality and spiritual implications, it is always good to understand the meaning lying behind the rituals of a naming ceremony, that’s been descending from generations. It is also believed that naming your child according to astrology, numerology, or a combination can bring success and luck. Here are a few beautiful name suggestions if your child is born under Mithun Rashi or Gemini.

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The Starting Letters Of Mithun Rashi Or Gemini Baby Names

As per the zodiac, Hindu, and Vedic astrology, Gemini or Mithun Rashi is the third sign and originates from the Gemini constellation. Under this sign, the sun makes a transition from May 21 to June 21. The kids born in this sign are believed to be smart, sharp, and great thinkers. They love to have fun, are full of energy, are curious, and are versatile as well. It is denoted by the sign of twins and the names for children under this sign start with G, GH, C, Ch, and K . A compiled list of such names for boys as well as girls in this article.

List of Top Gemini or Mithun Rashi Born Baby Names For Your Baby Boy

Baby boy Gemini

Names play a significant role in shaping a person’s identity. Mithun Rashi/Gemini baby names for boys can contribute to the baby’s self-perception and the way they present themselves to others. The name can influence how others perceive them and may even shape certain expectations or assumptions based on the name’s association with the Gemini zodiac sign.

Find out some mithun rashi names for baby boy:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Chakesh Intelligent
2 Chatrajit  One who protects humankind 
3 Chinkal Lord Shiva 
4 Chiru  Little
5 Chivesh God’s Gift
6 Ghanendra  Lord of the clouds 
7 Ghanish  Well-built person 
8 Gharshit  A knowledgeable person 
9 Kaarvik  God Kannan
10 Kaarya  Intelligence 
11 Kaavyam  Wisdom,  Intelligence
12 Kabeer  Magnificent 
13 Kairav  One born from water 
14 Kajish  A name for Lord Ganesha
15 Kalp  Moon 
16 Kalpak  Heavenly Tree 
17 Kalpit  Reflection
18 Kaman Desired 
19 Kamod  One who grants wishes
20 Kana  Powerful 
21 Kanav  Wise and Intelligent 
22 Kanil  Invincible and Powerful 
23 Kanishkar  God’s child 
24 Kansh  Whole
25 Kanshika  Indian King 
26 Kanuja Well Warmth
27 Kanvak  Son of a talented person
28 Kanveer  Brave 
29 Kapil  Sun 
30 Kapish  Another name for Lord Hanuman 
31 Karish  Attractive 
32 Karman  Song 
33 Karnak  To be Attentive 
34 Karnesh  Lord of Mercy 
35 Karnik  Judge 
36 Karthi  Love and Affection 
37 Karun  Generous and merciful 
38 Karunya  Merciful 
39 Karush  Dry or Hard 
40 Karv  Desire 
41 Kaush  Talent 
42 Kautik Full of Joy 
43 Kavan  Handsome 
44 Kavinhav  Poet 
45 Kavir  Bright and radiant 
46 Kavish  King of Poets 
47 Kavyansh  Born with Poetry
48 Kayosh  Rain bearing clouds
49 Keshu  Lord Krishna 
50 Keshwam  Vishnu 
51 Kian  God’s grace
52 Kiash  Name for Lord Shiva
53 Kineesh Succeed
54 Kinshuk  Flower 
55 Kirat  Another name for Lord Shiva 
56 Kirav  Sun 
57 Kirik  Sparkling 
58 Kirit  A crown 
59 Kirshik Good quality or talent
60 Kirtesh Famous God 
61 Kirtit A celebrated person 
62 Kishav Beautiful Haired 
63 Kishlay  Beloved 
64 Kivar  Sun 
65 Kiyansh  Blessed with all good qualities 
66 Knish Thin Divine Sage
67 Koshal  Happiness
68 Kotijit  Conquering millions 
69 Koundinya  Sage 
70 Koviddh Intelligent and wise person 
71 Kriday  Lord Krishna
72 Krinal  Brave 
73 Krishak A sage farmer
74 Krishang  Lord Shiva 
75 Krishnam Enjoyable 
76 Krishnansh  Lord Krishna 
77 Krishnay  Dark
78 Kritagya  Grateful 
79 Kritansh  Perfection 
80 Krithik  Wealth, pride
81 Kriv  Lord Shiva 
82 Krivam  Sun, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva combined
83 Kriyang  One who is in Action 
84 Krupal  Ruler of the world 
85 Kshitij  Skyline 
86 Kshona  Immovable 
87 Kshrugal  A name for Lord Shiva 
88 Kubair  Lord of divine treasure
89 Kuhan  One who serves Lord Rama 
90 Kuja Goddess Durga
91 Kulish  Born in a good and noble family 
92 Kunj  Sweet and melodious voice
93 Kunsh  Something that shines
94 Kushad  Talented 
95 Kushal  Clever 
96 Kushanu  Fire 
97 Kusumesh  Lord of Flowers 
98 Kuzhagan  Lord Murugan 
99 Kvanh A sweet and melodious sound 

Baby girl Gemini

Names associated with Mithun Rasi can reflect the multifaceted nature of this sign. They can convey a sense of duality, playfulness, intellectualism, and communication skills, highlighting the individual’s Gemini traits. The importance of Gemini baby girl names can depend on cultural and personal preferences. Some individuals may prioritize names that have a specific cultural or linguistic significance related to Gemini. Others may prefer names that are more unique, creative, or have a deeper personal meaning. The following choice of  Mithun Rashi baby girl name allows individuals or parents to express their values, beliefs, or cultural heritage.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Cauvery Name of a river
2 Chainika Specially chosen one
3 Chanakshi Clever
4 Changuna A good woman
5 Chhaheti Lovable for all
6 Chhavi Reflection
7 Chhaya Shadow
8 Ghanavi Singer
9 Ghanika Beautiful Flower
10 Kaamta Attractive
11 Kaashvi Goddess of Luck
12 Kaasni A name for Goddess Lakshmi
13 Kadambini An array of clouds
14 Kahini Youthful Spirited Young
>15 Kairavi Moonlight
16 Kaisha Flower
17 Kaishi Shining
18 Kaksha White rose
19 alika Another name for Goddess Durga
20 Kalpita Imagined
21 Kamali Full of desires
22 Kamya Good looking and beautiful
23 Kanasu Dream
24 Kaneen Young
25 Kanika Molecule
26 Kanitha iris of the eye
27 Kankshi One who desires
28 Kanuja Well Warmth
29 Kanvi Another name for Goddess Radha
30 Karina Pure
31 Karisha Miracle
32 Karishma Miracle
33 Karuka Heavenly piece of art
34 Karunah Kind
35 Kasak Khushboo
36 Kashika The Shiny one
37 Kashish A name for Lord Shiva , loveable and charming
38 Kashni Goddess Lakshmi
39 Kashu Mist
40 Kashwika Goddess of Luck
41 Kashwini Star
42 Kataksha Glance
43 Kathanshi Sentence
44 Katrina Pure
45 Kauser A river in Paradise
46 Kaushali Skilful
47 Kaushiki The name of Goddess Durga
>48 Kavinaya Beautiful
49 Kavisha Small Poem
50 Kehkashan Galaxy
51 Keiyona Morning star
52 Kenisha A beautiful life
53 Kesha Gracious Almighty
54 Kevika Like a Flower
55 Keya A monsoon flower
56 Khiaa Boat
57 Kimyra Golden Moon
58 Kinchana Golden Moon
59 Kinisha Beautiful Girl
60 Kinthusha Submissive
61 Kiranthi ray of Light
62 Kirat Another name for Lord Shiva
63 Kiruba Grace of God
64 Kishalaya A leaf
65 Kishika Sweet as Grapes
66 Kivyaa Queen of Birds
67 Kiya Melodious
68 Kohana Little Flower
69 Koyna Another name for cuckoo bird
70 Kreena Beautiful
71 Krinal Brave
72 Krisha Divine
73 Krishita Prosperity
74 Krishleen Prosperity
75 Krishmaalika Forgiver
76 Krishvee Charming
77 Krishya tensity of Purpose
78 Krita Perfection
79 Krithiga Star
80 Kritu Grace of God
81 Krshnavi The thing sweetest to Lord Krishna
82 Krupal Ruler of the world
83 Krupali One who forgives
84 Krushi Hard work
85 Krushika Diligent worker to reach goal
86 >Krushna Krishna
87 Kruti Creation
88 Kshamaya Place of Illusion
89 Kshirsa Goddess Lakshmi
90 Kshiti Earth
91 Kshrija Earth
92 Kshyanika Momentary
93 Kumud Lotus
94 Kunika Flower
95 Kunisha Flower
96 Kunjika Of the Forest
97 Kusha One who is talented`
98 Kushali Clever
99 Kwina Queen
100 Kyna Intelligence

Characteristics of Gemini or Mithun Rashi

Gemini or Mithun Rashi is a sign that represents Air. It is represented by the hands of a celestial man. The babies of this sign are intelligent, socially connected and active as well. People who are born in the period of 21st May till June 20th have the birth sign Gemini.

Characteristics of Gemini babies that help the parents in naming them:

  • Gemini babies love to share their knowledge and do not hide.
  • They are friendly by nature and are great friends.
  • They are versatile in nature .
  • They are pleasant, creative, adaptable, and thoughtful as well.
  • As is symbolised by twins, their personalities are a mix of diplomatic as well as considerate.
  • They have good communication skills so they can speak and interact very well.
  • They have a great sense of humour and can enlighten any situation.
  • They are fun-loving and enjoy themselves with others.

Other Characteristics

People under the Gemini sign have some features that are common to almost all who are in this zodiac. Be it any gender, the characteristics are mostly similar. Some of them are:

  • They are thin, and tall and have neither too fair nor too dark complexion.
  • The face is small and points to the chin.
  • They have dark eyes and thin hair.
  • They are good-looking and charming as well.
  • Incredibly soft-spoken and have good oratory skills.
  • The nose is pointed, and the organs are long.
  • They are prone to anxiety and are faced with insomnia.
  • They do not eat and sleep well so legs and arms are seen to be affected.
  • As they work hard, they are prone to mental exhaustion.
  • It is common for them to face asthma and bronchitis.
  • They can choose a career in teaching, writing, acting, casting, Journalism, Radio Jockey, Engineering etc.

Gemini Luck Fortunes 

  • Lucky Day: Wednesday
  • Lucky Colours: Blue and pale pink
  • Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50
  • Lucky Talisman: Silver
  • Lucky Stone(s): Diamond, Blue and White Sapphire
  • Compatible Signs: Libra, Aquarius, Leo, and Aries.

Thus, Astrology helps to choose baby names under a particular sun sign. Using Numerology as well as astrological knowledge. One can figure out the first letter of the name with the help of the date of birth and even the alphabet by which the name should start. This helps with a progressive and bright future for the baby.


1. What Are the Origins Of Brahmin Surnames?

Brahmin surnames are an inspiration for professions, beliefs, culture, and their birthplace. They are well known for their long lineage of priests like the purohits, pandits, and pujaris. As per the Indian literature, only a few sections of Brahmins had a commitment to priestly duties.

2. How Have Brahmin Surnames Evolved?

Brahmin surnames or gotra denote the paternal descent of individuals that belong to the Brahmin section of the Hindu varna system. Brahmin surnames have also evolved considering societal acceptance. Most of them are still the same, but if the surname is too long and difficult to pronounce, people prefer to cut them short adapting to the region they dwell in.

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