Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With Cha

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Baby Boy Names Starting With Cha

The birth of a baby boy is a moment of pride for the parents and the whole family as well. For generations, Indian families believe that a son plays a key role in carrying forward the family’s name and genes to further generations. For this reason, a baby boy is always precious, though, the current generation gives equal importance to the birth of a girl child too. As per Hindu traditions, there are many important ways to name a baby. While some may follow the tradition of naming after their family deity, others consult family priests. The priest will then suggest the starting word or alphabet based on day and time of birth or birth star.

In this article, we list names with cha for boy or names starting with cha etc. Most of the languages originate from Sanskrit so many parents believe in keeping the Sanskrit names as well. Hindu names with cha are a refined version of Sanskrit while baby boy names starting with cha in Sanskrit are its crude forms. Hindi is mainly spoken by most of the people in North India though most of its words and their meanings are similar to those in Sanskrit. For south India baby boy names starting with cha in Telegu will be listed as well.

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68 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Cha

We start our list with some of the most popular boy names starting with cha. These names are a mix of both traditional and modern names for baby boys, so you can pick one depending on your tastes and preferences.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Chaah It means love and desired
2 Chaanakya It refers to the son of Chanak
3 Chaand It refers to moon
4 Chaaran It signifies a feet
5 Chaaruchithra It refers to one of the Kauravas
6 Chaayan It refers to collection
7 Chahan It means super
8 Chahat It means love
9 Chahel It denotes good cheer
10 Chahit It means love of Heart
11 Chaidya It refers to a wise ruler
12 Chain It means peace
13 Chaitya It refers to the place of worship
14 Chak It signifies a brilliant person
15 Chakesh It refers to the intelligent one
16 Chakor It refers to a bird
17 Chakra It refers to a weapon of Lord Vishnu
18 Chakradev It is another name of Vishnu
19 Chakradhar It is the one who bears the chakra
20 Chakrapani It is anotffor Lord Vishnu
21 Chakravartee It refers to a sovereign king
22 Chakravarthi It means an emperor
23 Chakresh Name of Lord Vishnu
24 Chakrik The one with a discus
25 Chakrin Another name for Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva
26 Chakshas It means sight and brilliance
27 Chakshu It refers to an eye
28 Chanak It means the sweet sound of bangles
29 Chanakya It means a great scholar
30 Chand It means a sincere wish
31 Chandak It refers to the brilliant one and also the Moon
32 Chandan It refers to sandalwood
33 Chander It refers to the moon
34 Chandhu It The Moon
35 Chandpasha Lovely; Happiness
36 Chandra The Moon
37 Chandra Bhan The Moon
38 Chandrapal Master of the moon
39 Chandraprakash Moon light
40 Chandraraj Moonbeam
41 Chandrasen The Moon
42 Chandrashekar One who holds Moon in his hair knot (Shiva), Lord Shiva
43 Chandratha Nectar of the Moon
44 Chandravadan Moon like face
45 Chandrayan The Moon
46 Chandresh Lord of the Moon
47 Chandrodaya Moonrise
48 Chandrpeed Name of Lord Shiva
49 Chandru Moon
50 Chankya Refers to Kautilya and also means bright
51 Channappa Beloved
52 Chanyana The Moon
53 Chapal Quick
54 Charak An ancient physician; The father of Chanakya
55 Charan Feet; One who chants praises
56 Charan Raj King of the feet
57 Charandev The Moon
58 Charanjeet One who has won over the Lord
59 Charanraj King of the feet
60 Charantej Light of lord’s Feet
61 Charanvir One who is fast on feet and brave
62 Charatesh Caring
63 Charchika The third eye power of Lord Shiva
64 Charish Grace
65 Charit Dear; History
66 Charuhas With beautiful smile
67 Charukesh With beautiful hairs
68 Charun One with beautiful eyes

Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Starting With Cha

Sanskrit is the mother of Indian languages and most languages in India find their origin in Sanskrit. Many parents believe that naming their children in sanskrit will connect them back to the roots of the Indian heritage in culture. If you are searching for baby boy names starting with cha in sanskrit, the table below is for you.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Chaah Love and fondness
2 Chaanakya Son of Chanak
3 Chaand Sincere wish and shine
4 Chaaran Feet and the one who chants praises
5 Chaayan Collection
6 Chaidya Wise
7 Chaithanya It refers to knowledge and also means intellect
8 Chak It means brilliant and happy
9 Chakor A bird enamored of the Moon
10 Chakradhar It means lord Vishnu and also the one who bears the Chakra
11 Chakrapani Name of Lord Vishnu
12 Chakravarthi Emperor
13 Chakresh Name of Lord Vishnu
14 Chakrik One with a discus
15 Chakrin One with a discus
16 Chakshas Sight and brilliance
17 Champak A flower
18 Chanakya Renowned Mauryan writer and politician
19 Chandak It means brilliant and also the moon
20 Chandan Sandalwood
21 Chandra The Moon
22 Chandraayan The Moon
23 Chandrabha Luster of moonlight
24 Chandrabhan The Moon
25 Chandradev Moon God; A king
26 Chandrahas Bow of Lord Shiva
27 Chandrakant Beloved by the Moon
28 Chandraketu Moon banner
29 Chandramauli The one who wears Moon on the head
30 Chandramohan Attractive like the moon
31 Chandramouli The one who wears Moon on the head
32 Chandran The  Moon
33 Chandranath The Moon
34 Chandranshu Ray of Moon
35 Chandresh Lord of the moon
36 Chant Famous
37 Chapal Quick
38 Charak An ancient physician
39 Charan One who chants praises
40 Charith It means history
41 Charuchandra Beautiful Moon
42 Charudatt Born with beauty
43 Charuvrat Of good character
44 Charvaka Atheist philosopher of ancient India
45 Chatur Clever
46 Chaturaanan With four faces
47 Chaturbhuj One who has four arms, Lord Ganesh
48 Chaturvedi The one who knows 4 Vedas

Top Telugu Baby Boy Names Starting With Cha

Telugu baby Boy

If you belong to the telugu speaking states of Andhra or Telangana, and are searching for baby boy names starting with cha in telugu, the list below has many name options for you.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Cha A Desire
2 Chae Smile
3 Chain Peace
4 ChalaEver Moving
5 Chand It refers to the shining Moon
6 Chane It means dependability
7 Chahal Loving
8 Chahat Desire; Wish; Love; Affection
9 Chahel Good cheer
10 Chakor A Bird Enamoured of the Moon
11 Chakri Lord Vishnu
12 Chalam Flickering
13 Chaman Flowering Garden; Lord of the …
14 Chanak Father of Chaanakya
15 Chandu Everyone like
16 Channa Renowned; Cane
17 Chanti A Small Kid
18 Chapal Swift and clever
20 Charak An ancient physician
21 Charan A Humble Person; God’s Feet
22 Chatha Finality
23 Chatur Clever
24 Chaarun Peaceful
25 Chadran A Shining Moon and night of Twilight
26 Chaital Consciousness
27 Chaitan Consciousness
28 Chaithu Power of Intellect
29 Chaitra Absorbed in Pleasure
30 Chakran Same as Lord Vishnu
31 Chakrit Smart and brilliant
32 Chakshu Eye of the Star
33 Champak Fragrant flower.
34 Chanchu Renowned and clever
35 Chandak Moonlight
36 Chandan Sandalwood
37 Chandar Diamond and also a king
38 Chander Moon
39 Chandhu Moon
40 Chandra A Shining Moon
41 Chandru Moon
42 Charish Grace
43 Charith Character and nature
44 Charuth One Having a Very Clean Character
45 Charvak Lotus; Ancient Philosopher
46 Charvik Handsome and cute
47 Charvin Derived from Charu
48 Chathan Consciousness
49 Chatvik Calmness and Pious
50 Chaitany Divine Radiance and knowledge
51 Chaithra Peace
52 Chaitvik Calm and adorable
53 Chakresh Lord Vishnu
54 Chanakya The Wise One; …
55 Chanchal Restless
56 Chandana Sandalwood
57 Chandrak Pleasing
58 Chandran The radiant and shining moon
59 Chanikya Clever
60 Chanukya Bright
61 Chanyana Moon
62 Charitha Character
63 Charuhas A Person with Beautiful Smile
64 Charvesh Derived from Charu
65 Charvith Intelligent
66 Chatresh Lord Shiva / Krishna
67 Chandhran The Moon
68 Chandidas Name of a Saint
69 Chandresh Lord of the Moon
70 Chanikhya Clever
71 Channaiah Lord
72 Charanjit One who has Won over the God
73 Chandraiah Moonlight
74 Chandranan Having Beautiful Face as Moon
75 Chandransh Part of Moon
76 Chandraraj King of Moon; Moon Beam
77 Chandratej Bright as Moon
78 Chandratha Nectar of the Moon
79 Chandrayan The Moon
80 Chandrbhan Lustrous as the Moon
81 Chandrpeed Shiva
82 Charanjeet Winning the Service of Guru’
83 Charanteja Light of Lords Feet
84 Charitarth Personality; Character
85 Charudatta Handsome and Charming
86 Charudutta Born of Beauty
87 Charusheel Of Good Character
88 Chathurwik Clever
89 Chatrapati Saviour of All
90 Chaturanan One with Four Faces
91 Chanchareek King
92 Chandesvara Attendant of Lord Siva
93 Chandrabhan Lustrous as the Moon
94 Chandrachur Lord Shiva
95 Chandradeva The Moon Personified as Deity
96 Chandragupt Bala Kotaswar
97 Chandrahaas Smiling like a Moon
98 Chandrajaya Victorious
99 Chandrakant Beloved of the Moon
100 Chandraketu Moon Banner
101 Chandramani Brilliant and bright
102 Chandranath King of the Moon
103 Chandrayaan Journey to Moon
104 Chandrodaya Moon rise
105 Charuvindha Striving for Beauty
106 Chakravartee A Sovereign King
107 Chandavarman An Old King
108 Chandraditya Name of a King
109 Chandrakanth A moon with magnetic power
110 Chandrakiran Moon Beam
111 ChandraKumar The Moon
112 ChandraMauli Lord Shiva

Thus, keeping the names with a particular letter is also not a tough decision but one has to carefully understand the meaning as that can impact the personality of the child in future. If the parent wants the baby to have positive qualities and a warm personality, choosing the name with the right meaning is very important, since the name is an identity of the being.

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