Vaginal Dilator When Trying to Conceive – How to Use and How to Choose

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Vaginal Dilator When Trying to Conceive

To conceive successfully you need to have a stress-free and pleasurable sexual life. And for a pleasurable sexual life, the width and depth of the vagina are very important. Only women with a small vaginal opening or a narrow vaginal cavity can understand how much it is painful for them to have sex. And it becomes more painful when you take the additional stress to conceive successfully. There are lots of factors that can lead to a small vagina. But the good news is that there are multiple treatments to cure them too. One such treatment is using a vaginal dilator. Using a vaginal dilator when trying to conceive can be extremely beneficial.

A vaginal dilator is a tube-shaped medical device that can help your vaginal muscles to be stretchable and flexible. So, when to use vaginal dilators for conception? How do dilators work? What are the types of vaginal dilators? What type of dilator will best suit you? And what are the side effects of using vaginal dilators? Here is everything you need to know about vaginal dilators.

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What is a Vaginal Dilator?

Vaginal dilators are a special type of medical device with a tube-like structure particularly designed to stretch the vaginal muscles. Women with a narrow vaginal cavity, or who have their menopause often find it painful to have sexual intercourse. The use of vaginal dilators gradually increases the elasticity of your vagina to give you the comfortable sex life that you deserve.

According to a report published in Science Direct, for an effective result, one has to use the vaginal dilator at least 2 to 3 times for 20 minutes per day.

Types of Vaginal Dilators When Trying to Conceive

There are different types of vaginal dilators available in the market. What type of vaginal dilator will best suit you will entirely depend on your health condition or how narrow your vagina is.

Vaginal dilators will vary according to their material, shapes, size, and thickness. Though you can buy vaginal dilators from both online and offline pharmaceutical stores without a prescription, it will be wise to consult a gynecologist before using them. Only your doctor can tell whether you need a dilator and which size and thickness of the dilator will be appropriate for your vagina.

What is a Vaginal Dilator Used For?

reason to use Vaginal Dilator

Women mainly use vaginal dilators if they experience pain during or after sexual penetration. Doctors mainly suggest using vaginal dilators if the pelvic floor muscles of the woman do not expand during sexual arousal and thus cause pain during sex.

There can be different reasons that can cause painful intercourse. Using vaginal dilators can prove to be beneficial by increasing the elasticity and lubrication of the vagina in conditions such as;

1. Vaginal Atrophy After Menopause

In this condition, vaginal tissues become excessively thin and dry because of the decreased estrogen levels after menopause.

2. Dyspareunia

In dyspareunia, women suffer from continuous pain in their genitals during and after sexual intercourse.

3. Vaginismus

In this health condition, the involuntary spasms of the vaginal muscles make it very painful to insert anything inside the vagina.

4. MRKH Syndrome

In MRKH or Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser syndrome, the woman is born without a completely developed vagina or uterus.

5. Radiation Therapy on the Vagina

As per a report published in Cochrane Library, women who have gone through surgery or chemotherapy to cure gynecological cancer can experience narrowing and scarring of vaginal tissues. Dilators can help these damaged tissues to regain their softness and flexibility.

6. Vaginal Stenosis

In vaginal stenosis, hormonal changes or scarring in vaginal tissues causes the mouth of the vaginal to narrow or even close.

7. Congenital Conditions That Impact The Hymen

The treatment for congenital problems by birth can sometimes cause your vagina to have a small opening.

In all these health conditions using vaginal dilators can be helpful to have painless intercourse, especially when you are trying to conceive.

Best Vaginal Dilator When Trying to Conceive

What type of vaginal dilator will be best for your conception will depend on whether you want comfort or effectiveness. If you are in a hurry to conceive then you must try plastic dilators over silicon ones as they are sturdy and can effectively expand your vaginal canal before sex. But if you prefer comfort and are willing to give time to your body then silicon dilators are best. Here are some factors that you must consider for choosing the best dilator for you.

1. Material

In terms of material, you will get two types of vaginal dilators; plastic and silicone.

a. Plastic Dilators

Plastic dilators are sturdy and hard which can be a bit uncomfortable to use. But they can give you comparatively quick results.

b. Silicone Dilators

Silicone dilators on the other hand are soft, flexible, and comfortable. You can even use them warmed or chilled for comfort. But they are comparatively expensive and can take more time to give you results.

c. Magnetic Dilators

Magnetic vaginal dilator is one type where a magnet is placed inside a plastic dilator for aiding the blood flow in the vaginal tissues.

2. Shape

Generally, the shape of the vaginal dilators is straight and cylindrical. The shape of a vaginal dilator will resemble the shape of a penis. Some dilators are even curved and tapered for easy insertion.

3. Size

The size and thickness of a vaginal dilator is the most important thing. Vaginal dilators can range from 2 to 7 inches. And in terms of thickness, they start from 0.5 inches to the extent of 1.5 inches.

Your doctor will suggest to you the length and thickness of the dilator according to the capacity of your vagina. You will have to start with the small ones and gradually shift to larger ones as your vagina allows. Many brands provide you with multiple dilators in one single pack so that you can use the one that best suits you.

4. Grip

The grip is important for easy insertion, movement, and the removal of the dilator inside. For this, dilators come with handles, finger loops, or wands. Buy these types of dilators to get rid of the stress of removal of the dilator after use.

Proper Way to Use a Vaginal Dilator When Trying to Conceive

how to use Vaginal Dilator When Trying to Conceive

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The proper use of vaginal dilators is extremely important to get the result you are expecting. Improper choice and use can cause discomfort, pain, and injury in the vaginal wall. Here are some tips for the proper use of vaginal dilators.

  1. Wash the dilator in warm and mild soapy water.
  2. Apply some water-based lubricant on your vaginal opening as well as on the dilator. Do not use oil or Vaseline for this.
  3. Lay on your back with your knees bent and wide open
  4. Insert the dilator aiming downwards in your vagina
  5. Gently twist or move it in and out with the help of the finger grip.
  6. Leave the dilator inside for 10 to 20 minutes or as your doctor advises once or twice a day.
  7. Remove the dilator by lying or sitting in a comfortable position and wash it with soapy water.
  8. Do not force a large-size dilator when it is causing pain. Gradually increase the size.

How Long Can I Leave a Vaginal Dilator in?

You can leave a dilator for 10 to 20 minutes inside your vagina at a time. Do not over-stress your vagina as this may act reversely. You can use dilators daily or with a gap of one day as your doctor suggests.

How long you will have to apply dilators can vary according to your condition. Your condition can improve and you can get pregnant easily within a few weeks or it can take several months for you to have painless sex for conception after using dilators.

Outcomes For Women Receiving Vaginal Dilator Therapy

According to a report published in Oxford Academic, most women suffering from painful sex get some sort of relief after regular and consistent use of vaginal dilators. Vaginal dilators are safe and can be effective for conception if you use them properly. With time they gently stretch and expand the vaginal muscles and improve their elasticity. As a result, you can focus more on pleasure than on pain during sex.

Risks of Using a Vaginal Dilator

women with doctor

Using a vaginal dilator carries a few but minor risks.

1. Injury and Bleeding

The most common risk associated with using vaginal dilators is the risk of injury and bleeding. However, the bleeding caused by vaginal dilators will be no more than a light pink spotting or slight bleeding due to the tearing of the vaginal open. The bleeding should stop within a few minutes. If you are having quite a lot of bleeding and if it does not stop then you must seek medical care.

2. Discomfort

Another common side effect of a vaginal dilator is the discomfort associated with it. Talk to your doctor if you are facing difficulty in inserting the dilator or feeling pain after using it.

So using a vaginal dilator when trying to conceive is one of the effective ways to improve the elasticity and flexibility of your vagina and improve your chances of conception. But it is important to consult with your doctor before using any vaginal dilator as their improper use can cause you serious pain. Also, do not ignore the importance of lubricants while using dilators. Only use water-based lubricants from a reputed brand for a safe a smooth penetration. With the persistent and guided use of dilators, you can surely notice positive changes in your sex life.


1. How Do You Sleep With a Vaginal Dilator?

Sleeping with a dilator is not necessary in most cases. Only women undergone Botox procedures for vaginismus are advised to sleep with a small-size dialer. In order to sleep with a dilator, you will have to wear tight shorts or underwear so that it does not expel back from your vagina during sleep. Also, you need to urinate first in the morning after removing the dilator to avoid UTI.

2. How Can I Loosen My Vagina Naturally?

If you are skeptical about using dilators for vaginal flexibility or simply scared of using them then there are other ways. You can loosen your vagina naturally through some specific stretching and exercises. Kegel exercise is one such exercise that can help you to loosen your vagina.

3. Can I Use My Fingers as Dilators?

Fingers can be used as a dilator but they will not be that helpful. This is because fingers cannot provide you with the persistent and controlled stretching that a dilator provides.

4. Can Dilators be Used For Pleasure?

Yes, besides its therapeutic uses, a vaginal dilator can also provide you pleasure. You can use the dilator during the foreplay. This will make you excited and ready for sexual intercourse. While vibrators are preferable to give you the ultimate pleasure, a dilator can also take part in pleasure if you know how to use your fingers simultaneously.

5. Where to Buy Vaginal Dilators?

Dilators are easily available on popular online sites. You can compare different brands and deliver them to your doorsteps. Dilators are also available in offline medical stores. You can ask your doctor to suggest a brand or a shop from where you can purchase your vaginal dilator.

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