Sex Position to Conceive a Baby

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Having a baby is a dream come true for many. A baby makes a family bigger and can add more joy and beauty to life. However, getting pregnant is not such a joy ride for some. Sometimes, couples are just trying to find out how to get pregnant faster and forget the whole “chemistry” factor.  While there is no single best sex position to get pregnant, trying to switch your game can cause no harm. Trying out a different sex position to conceive a baby might bring back the “fun” factor too.couple in bed

If you are looking for the best position for sex to conceive a baby, look no further, we have listed a few for you.

Which is the Best Sex Position to Conceive?

1. Missionary:

The most common position and sometimes even considered boring is indeed a very good sex position to conceive a baby.

In the missionary style, the woman is on her back, and the cervix opening is aligned with the upper end of her vagina. The sperm, once ejaculated, pools around the upper end of the vagina. Thus having the cervical opening close to this pool of sperms increases the number of sperms that enter the cervix.

Any position that enables more sperms to enter the woman’s cervix is considered best sex position to conceive a baby fast. So next time you decide to get on your back, do not think it is boring. For all that you know, this might be the best sex position for you and your partner and might just make you parents in no time.

To make this position work better for you, try placing a small pillow below your lower back. This will tilt your pelvis further and make the vagina and cervical opening more aligned.

2. Doggy Style:

This is indeed considered one of the fun positions, which is very rewarding to both partners. However is this, the best sex position to conceive a baby? It might just be!

This is a different sex position that allows the male partner to go deep into the woman. A deep penetration will deposit the sperms deeper into the woman after ejaculation. This will increase the chances of more sperms entering the cervix.

The sperms are released right at the mouth of the cervix, making this a great sex position to get pregnant. After ejaculation, the woman can lay down on her back with a pillow underneath her hips to ensure the sperms stay inside longer.

3. Reverse Cowgirl:

If you and your partner like the woman on top position, this is a good spin to it, making it a different sex position to conceive a baby.

In this position, the woman is on top, but her back is facing her partner. Since the woman is in control the entire time, she can ensure her partner reaches deeper. She can also ensure the sperms are ejaculated well inside, closer to the cervical opening. This increases the chances for the sperms to enter the cervix.

The couple has to ensure the penis is deep inside when ejaculating. This will ensure the sperms are ejaculated near the cervix opening and not lost at the vaginal opening or, worse, spill outside. Gravity does play a role, and the woman can feel all the semen rushing back down after ejaculation. To make this a good sex position to conceive a baby, the woman will have to roll over to her back and retain the sperm inside her for a while.

If you have a retroverted uterus (the uterus is tipped, and the opening of the cervix is at a different angle), this can indeed be the sex position to conceive a baby that you have been looking for.

4. Wheelbarrow:

If you are really flexible, strong, and have the stamina, you and your partner can definitely try this great sex position to conceive a baby. This is a small variation to the doggy style but will require a lot more effort and energy to see it through.

In this position, both of you are on all fours. The man will have to lift the woman’s legs and enter her from behind like in a doggy style. He will have to hold up her legs the entire time and ejaculate well inside her.

This position is considered a good sex position to conceive a baby because the man can enter deep and have full control of when and where he ejaculates. The woman’s pelvis is tilted, making her cervical opening more aligned than in the doggy style.

This is definitely one fun position to try but do so only if both of you are physically fit enough to do it. This position will put a lot of strain on the woman’s wrist, and her hands will have to take all her weight and the force of her partner. If you are not too sure, it never hurts to stack a few pillows in front of you, so that if at all your hands buckle, you don’t hurt your face.

5. Legs Over Shoulders:

If you are flexible, this is definitely another sex position to conceive a baby that you could try.

This is a small tweak to the age-old missionary style. Here the woman has both her legs atop the man’s shoulders. Her knees will be resting on his shoulders for better stability. This is a good sex position to get pregnant as it takes the missionary style deeper.

This position allows deeper penetration, thereby increasing the proximity of the ejaculated sperms to the cervical opening. Also, since the woman already has her legs high up, the sperms rush straight in, and she can retain them inside longer. The pelvis’s alignment is also more favorable as the cervix opening is more in line with the vagina. Here an extra pillow under the woman’s hips is not needed.

6. Glowing Triangle:

This is a slight modification to the position discussed above. If you don’t feel flexible enough to get your legs up around your partner’s shoulders, this could be more comfortable for you.

In this position, the woman is on her back, and the man is on all fours. The woman then wraps her legs around the man’s hips. This brings her bottom on top of his thighs and helps her elevate her pelvis for optimal entry. The tilted pelvis helps the cervix mouth be aligned with the vagina, making it a good sex position to conceive a baby.

The pelvis tilt also helps the man go deeper. This can increase the chances of the sperms entering the cervix as it will be ejaculated well within the vagina and right at the opening of the cervix. The tilted position can help the woman retain the sperms better and for longer.

However, after ejaculation, if the woman starts feeling the pain in her lower back, the man can gently ease out and help the woman bend her knees and hold her bent legs closer to her body.couple in bed

7. Side-By-Side Scissors:

This is also another good sex position to conceive a baby, especially if one or both partners have knee issues. In this position, the partners are on the bed facing each other. The man enters the woman while facing her and can go in deep.

Here, since both are facing each other, the chemistry and romance quotient is more when compared to other different sex positions. When you look into your partner’s eyes you are trying to start a family with, this no longer feels like an assignment you need to complete on time.

8. Magic Mountain:

Love the doggy style but want a variation? Don’t feel adventurous enough to try the wheelbarrow position? Try the magic mountain, maybe? This is believed to be a good sex position to conceive a baby as it has all the benefits of the doggy style and the wheelbarrow position.

In this position, both are on all fours. Instead of putting all the weight on her hands and wrists, the woman can use some pillows or cushions under her chest. This will not only take the weight off her wrists but will also give her a good balance. This position is also believed to help the sperms move in faster, thus increasing the chances of them entering the cervix.

9. The Mermaid:

The very name of this position gets one’s curiosity up. This is a different take on the classic missionary style.

Here the woman is on her back but on the edge of the bed. A pillow is placed beneath her bottom to tilt her hips more and allow a better entry for her partner. Like in the legs over shoulder position, she has to raise her legs up and keep them straight and together. The man has to enter her while he is standing. If the bed is too low, you can always try a counter or a tabletop. The man can also hold on to her legs for better support while ejaculating, as doing so will increase the depth of his thrusts and the reach of his sperms.

This can be a good sex position to conceive a baby as it can increase the chances of orgasm for the woman, thus relaxing her muscles and being more open to receiving some sperms. The change-up in a sex position can make it more fun than a mechanical process to conceive a baby.

10. The Standing Wheelbarrow:

Feeling very adventurous? Want to try a different sex position that can not only help you conceive but can test your agility too? This could be just that very sex position to conceive a baby that you are looking for!

In this very challenging position, the woman gets down on all fours. Instead of getting down on all his fours like in the wheelbarrow style, the man will be standing up. He will then have to reach down, or the woman can give him her legs for him to hold. He then enters her from the back and thrusts deep as he holds her legs up.

The woman can use a pillow underneath her and rest her elbows on them to avoid too much pressure on her arms. She can rest her bottom on his thighs. This will also facilitate a better connection between the partners and ensure he stays inside throughout.

Just imagining this position is quite confusing and definitely challenging. Both of you can start this position on all fours. The man can stay on one knee and enter the woman from behind while holding one of her legs up to his torso. After entry, he can slowly take hold of the other ankle and stand up without losing contact. After reposition to ensure he is deep inside her and she is comfortable taking all the weight and pressure, he can start thrusting.

Caution: Anytime this position seems to make you lose your balance, do come back to the wheelbarrow pose. No matter how good or challenging it is, no sex position to conceive a baby can be successful or rewarding if the partners are going to be hurt.

11. The Butterfly:

Again, another take on the classic missionary style! This is very similar to the mermaid position.

In this sex position to conceive a baby, the woman is at the edge of the bed or countertop with her legs up. The man stands in between her legs and gets her to put them over his shoulders, just like in the “over the shoulder” position.

In addition to a pillow below her bottom, the man will also have to hold her buttocks to improve the angle and stability while thrusting. As the pelvis is tilted, it helps him go deeper with every thrust. This, in turn, will improve the chances of the sperms reaching the cervix.

12. Union of the Wolf:

This is another sex position to conceive a child that requires the man to enter the woman from behind. In this position, the woman was standing and bent over a counter or a table. She can just lean forward and balance on her thighs, but this can cause a lot of strain on her wrists. This position allows the man to enter and ejaculate deep into the woman. Since the man is also standing, he can hold her hips for stability.

Other Factors:

Though sex is the most important factor in getting pregnant, there are other factors to be taken into account. Some of them are:ovulation

  • A woman has a few fertile days in her monthly cycle. Consult a doctor and learn how to track these days and increase the chances of getting pregnant. There are many apps to help you track these days on a monthly basis too.
  •  Ensure both partners are not stressed too much. Very high levels of stress are known to reduce the fertility of the sperms. Stress even plays havoc with a woman’s menstrual cycle. These are not things to ignore when you are trying to conceive.
  • Retaining the sperms for a longer period of time can increase your chances of conception as it gives the sperms a better chance to enter the cervix. The woman can lie on her back and bring her knees to her chest and hold this position for a while.
  • A good diet is important to maintain good health for both partners. An unhealthy lifestyle can cause issues after conception too.
  • Not everyone gets pregnant at the first attempt. Get medical help and professional guidance to help you plan for pregnancy rather than losing your heart.

Which Sex Position is Best to Conceive a Baby Boy?

If you are particular about conceiving a boy, let us warn you ahead, there is no guarantee. Even science has not cracked this formula and even monitored treatments cannot guarantee you will conceive only a boy or a girl. Though there are a few treatments that do interfere with the sex of the baby, it is very risky and not legal in countries like India.

However, if you are still looking for a sex position to conceive a boy, we can help you with that too!

According to Dr. Shettles, a physician, who specialized in obstetrics and gynecology, any position that facilitates a deep penetration is a good sex position to conceive a baby boy. We have listed a few deep penetration positions above. You can choose your pick or your order rather and give them a try.

Some of the Other Tips the Shettles Method Offers are:

  • Having sex closer to ovulation will increase the chances of conceiving a boy.
  • Couples should avoid having sex earlier than 24 hours before the woman ovulates so that the sperms are ejaculated inside her when she is ovulating.
  • Ejaculating 4 or 5 days before the ovulation period will increase the sperm count in the semen ejaculated on the day of ovulation.
  • Couples can have sex just before and up to 12 hours after ovulation to make the best use of this ovulation period. One can track her ovulation with medical kits specifically designed for the same. You can also opt for the traditional method of counting the days according to your menstrual cycle.
  • Using a lubricant if the woman is not wet enough can improve the quality of the sex and also allow a smooth and deep penetration.

Getting pregnant happens easily only for some. This does not in any manner reflect on you, your partner, or your sex life. Do not get disheartened if you are not successful even after trying different sex positions to conceive a baby. If one has medical issues that are preventing them from getting pregnant, there are many other options to become a parent. Just ensure all your other relationships do not suffer when you are constantly trying to get pregnant. A happy couple has better chances of conceiving than a couple under stress all the time.

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