Top 500 Latest Baby Girl Names Starting With M

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Baby Girl Names starting with M

The birth of a baby brings joy, happiness, and a lot of responsibilities. This is the time when the world of parents undergoes a total change. It is difficult to choose a name for the baby girl, especially if it must use a particular alphabet. This article provides suggestions for baby girl names starting with M that are both common and profound.

Baby girl names beginning with M from the Sanskrit language, other languages, and current trends are all compiled alphabetically. Baby girl names that start with M are full of determination and are active learners. According to numerology, the letter M is associated with the number 4, which denotes stability and spirituality.

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Baby Girl Names Starting With M in Sanskrit

It is relieving to hear the mantras and chants reciting “OM”. It gives a sense of relaxation and calmness to the mind as well as the body. This language is Sanskrit, the mother of many other dialects. Girl names that begin with M in Sanskrit are given in tabular form. These are sorted alphabetically for a better understanding.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Maagha  Name of a Nakshatra 
2 Maahika  The earth 
3 Maalavi  Princess
4 Maalika  Queen 
5 Maalini  Fragrant 
6 Maanasa  Conceived in mind 
7 Maanavika  Young Girl 
8 Maandavi  Administrator 
9 Maandhari  Honourable 
10 Maanini  Self-respected 
11 Maanushi  Goddess Laxmi 
12 Maarisha  Respectable 
13 Maatangi  Worthy 
14 Maaya  Goddess Laxmi 
15 Madhavi  Springtime 
16 Madhuja  The Earth 
17 Madhukari  The Bee
18 Madhulika Sweetness
19 Madhumalli  Royal Jasmine
20 Madhunisha  Pleasant Night 
21 Madhura  A bird 
22 Madhuri  Sweet girl 
23 Madhurya  She who has a sweet voice 
24 Madhushri  Beauty of Spring 
25 Madhuvanthi  Name of a Raga 
26 Mahabadra  Ganga River 
27 Mahakantha  Earth 
28 Mahalika  Woman 
29 Mahati  Great 
30 Mahavidya  Supreme Knowledge 
31 Maheshani  Great 
32 Maheshi  Goddess Parvati 
33 Mahima  Dignity and Power 
34 Mahita  Greatness
35 Mahiya  Joy 
36 Mahuli  Melodious 
37 Mainavi  Intellectual 
38 Maithili  Goddess Sita 
39 Makshika  Honey 
40 Malada  Auspicious 
41 Malahari  Name of a Raga 
42 Malaka  Affectionate 
43 Malarvizhi  Cute Eyes 
44 Malathi  Name of a flower 
45 Malavashree  Name of a Raga 
46 Malaya  Fragrant 
47 Malli  Flower 
48 Malu  The short name for Malavika 
49 Manadakini  A river 
50 Manasi  Another name for Saraswati 
51 Manaswini  Goddess Durga 
52 Manaswini  Goddess Durga 
53 Manavi  Girl with humanity 
54 Mandamaari  Name of a Raga 
55 Mandarika  The Coral Tree 
56 Mandita  Adorned 
57 Manditha  Adorned 
58 Mangalavathi  Name of a Raga 
59 Mangali  Fragrant 
60 Manhita  Togetherness
61 Mania  Honourable 
62 Manika  Ruby
63 Manini Self-respected
64 Maniratna Diamond
65 Manisha Goddesss of Mind
66 Manishita Wisdom
67 Manjusha  Box
68 Mannat  Wish
69 Manorita  Desire
70 Maralika  Small swan
71 Marisa  Wise protector 
72 Maruva  Name of a Raga 
73 Marya  Star of the sea
74 Masma Fair
75 Maukshi Moksha
76 Mayukhi Pea-hen
77 Mayurika  Baby Peahen 
78 Medha Goddess Saraswati
79 Medhya  Mighty
80 Meenal A precious gem
81 Mehal  Cloud 
82 Mehuli  A small rain cloud 
83 Merusri  The most beautiful
84 Mirakeshi Name of a fairy 
85 Mirthika Mother of Lands
86 Mishi Sugarcane
87 Mishka Love of God
88 Mitushi  One of limited desires
89 Modaki Dellightful
90 Modini Cheerful
91 Mohana Charming
92 Mriduka  Soft and gentle 
93 Mridvika  Gentleness
94 Mrimnayi  Earthly 
95 Mrinalini  Lotus 
96 Muditha  Delight 
97 Mudrika  Ring 
98 Mugdha Spellbound
99 Muneera  Brilliant 
100 Muskan  Smile 

Girl Baby Names Starting With M In Tamil

Girl baby names starting with m in tamil

Tamil is a language that is close to its customs and traditions. The names in this language are simple ones yet they have a deep and impactful meaning. Few such names are represented in a tabular form.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Maahi  Great Earth
2 Maalai  Garland of Flowers
3 Maanvi  Kind hearted
4 Madana  Delighting 
5 Madeeha  Praiseworthy
6 Madhi  Brilliant 
7 Madula  Sweet
8 Madura  Sweet
9 Magala  Good Times
10 Magil  A kind of flowering tree
11 Magnai  Peacock
12 Mahaa Large Eyes
13 Mahani God of Peace 
14 Mahiti Great woman
15 Mahee The world
16 Mahek  Fragrance
17 Mahema  Greatness
18 Maher  Blessing 
19 Mahesa  Lord Shiva
20 Mahi  Earth
21 Mahik  Earth
22 Mahin  Greatest
23 Mahini Great
24 Mahish Lord of the Earth
25 Mahiti Information
26 Mahor  Ancient Coins
27 Mai Goddess of Spring 
28 Malli Flower
29 Malmi  Youthful
30 Mancy  Voice of Heart
31 Manga  Wanderer
32 Mangai  Cultured Lady
33 Manha  Gift of God 
34 Manita  Honoured
35 Maniya  A glass Bead 
36 Manoja  Earth
37 Manshi  Woman
38 Mantha  Sun
39 Manvi  Peace of Mind 
40 Manya  To Agree
41 Mari  Rebellious Woman
42 Marina  From the shore
43 Marvi  Beauty Redefined 
44 Marya  Beauty
45 Mathi  Intelligence
46 Mathu Lovely 
47 Maya  Illusion
48 Mayaja Fearless
49 Mayil  Full of Grace
50 Mazhai Rain
51 Mazhil  Happiness
52 Medha  Intelligent 
53 Medura  Intelligent Girl 
54 Meena  Precious Stone
55 Meet Love
56 Meetu  Sweet
57 Megala  Symbol
58 Megam  Cloud
59 Megan  Pearl 
60 Meha  Intelligent 
61 Mehar  Good wishes
62 Meher  Benevolence 
63 Meiyal  One who says the truth
64 Mekha  Rain
65 Mena  Love
66 Menaga  An Apsara
67 Menaha  Celestial Damsel
68 Menita Wise
69 Mesha  Long Life
70 Mia Beauty
71 Mihika  Mist
72 Mihira  Intelligence
73 Mina  Love
74 Minoli  Brilliant like lightning
75 Miral  Reigning Queen
76 Mirtha  Lady 
77 Misori  Love 
78 Moha  Infatuation
79 Mohi Pleasing
80 Mohila  Attractive
81 Moka  Attractive
82 Mona  Solitary 
83 Moni  Intelligent 
84 Moniza  Friendly 
85 Monvi  Peaceful
86 Motika  Like a pearl
87 Mouna  Silent
88 Movika  Silent 
89 Mradu  Soft and dainty
90 Mrida  God of Mercy
91 Muhil  Cloud
92 Mukai  Most Beautiful
93 Mukila  Clouds
94 Mukti  Freedom from life and death
95 Munia  Small Girl 
96 Muthu  Pearl 
97 Muyal  Rabbit 
98 Myna  A bird
99 Myra  Swift and Light 
100 Mysha  A happy mood

Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With M

With changing times, parents no longer only seek for old and common names. But the search is never ending with names that are less heard of or are unique. These names stand different and are loved by all as they are not common like others. Names of this category are given as under:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Maahika The earth 
2 Maalavi  Princess
3 Maanasa  Mind 
4 Maanika  Ruby 
5 Madhuja  Made of honey 
6 Madhul  Sweet 
7 Madri  Second wife of Pandu 
8 Mahadevi  Goddess parvati 
9 Mahagauri  Goddess parvati 
10 Mahakanta  Earth 
11 Mahasweta  Goddess Saraswati 
12 Mahek  Fragrance 
13 Mahi  The earth 
14 Mahima  Greatness
15 Mahira  Highly Skilled 
16 Mahita  Worshipped 
17 Maitra  A beloved friend 
18 Maitreyi  A learned woman of the past
19 Makshi  Honeybee
20 Malavi  Princess
21 Malea  Ruler 
22 Malliga  Jasmine 
23 Manadha  Giving honour 
24 Manasika  Of mind 
25 Manayi  Wife of Manu
26 Manha  Gift of Alia 
27 Manini A lady
28 Manisi Desired by heart
29 Manitha  Honoured
30 Manjika  Sweet 
31 Manthika  Thoughtful
32 Manyah  Respected 
33 Matangi  The patron of inner thought 
34 Mathagi  Goddess Durga 
35 Medini  Daughter of the earth
36 Meghal  Cloud 
37 Meher  Benevolence 
38 Mena Strength
39 Menitha  wise 
40 Minal  Precious Stone 
41 Miraya  Devotee of Lord Krishna 
42 Misha Happy for entire life 
43 Mitali  Friendly and sweet woman 
44 Moneisha  Having great intelligence 
45 Mrigakshi  Beautiful eyes 
46 Mrignayani  Doe Eyed 
47 Mrinalini  Lotus 
48 Mugdha  Spellbound 
49 Mukta  Loiberated 
50 Mukti  Freedom from life and death

Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With M

Muslim baby girl names starting with m

Selecting a name for the baby is a herculean task . This takes time and is dependent on culture, beliefs, heritage, family lineage, numerology etc. Most of these names are taken from Turkish, Persian, Arabic etc. Some Muslim names also come from Arabic phrases. Most of these phrase is for prophet Muhammad and naming is an important part of this religion.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Madiha  Worthy of Praise
2 Maha  Wild Cow 
3 Mahajabin Moon
4 Maham  Full Moon 
5 Maheen  Greatest 
6 Mahek  Fragrance 
7 Mahira  Skilled 
8 Mahnoor  Light 
9 Mahreen  Beautiful 
10 Mahrish  Wonderful Smell 
11 Mahrukh  Moon Face 
12 Mahveen  Light of the sun 
13 Maimuna  Trustworthy
14 Maira  Admirable 
15 Malaika  Angel 
16 Maliha  Pleasant 
17 Manaal  Achievement 
18 Manahal  Heaven’s door 
19 Manahil  Spring 
20 Manar  Light 
21 Manha  Gift of Allah 
22 Maram  Aspiration
23 Marina  Damsel 
24 Mariya  Loved 
25 Marvi  Beautifully Redefined 
26 Marwa  A mountain in Mekkah
27 Maryam  Pious
28 Mastura  Hidden 
29 Maysa  Graceful 
30 Mehar un nisa  beautiful woman 
31 Mehnaz  Like the moon 
32 Mehwish  Pretty 
33 Melek  Angel 
34 Mifhat  Praise 
35 Mimi  I am 
36 Minha  God’s Blessing 
37 Miral  Doe
38 Mirha  Agile 
39 Mishal  Light 
40 Momina Believe 
41 Moomal Love 
42 Mubina  Evident 
43 Munazza Infallible 
44 Muniba  The right side 
45 Muntaha  The Utmost 
46 Murshida  Leader 
47 Musfirah  Bright face 
48 Muskan  Smile 
49 Mysha  Happy for entire life 
50 Maraab Desire

Telugu Baby Girl Names Starting With M

Telugu baby girl names starting with m

Naming the baby in Telegu language is called Barasala and is the very first event. The Rig Veda indicates the procedure of keeping name with four parts. The name of nakshatra, family deity’s name, deity of the month and the common name that the child will be called. Names under this category are as follows.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Maanvi Kind hearted
2 Madavi Sweet 
3 Madu  Sweet 
4 Madula Sweet 
5 Maghi  Giving gifts 
6 Mahema Greatness
7 Mahi  Earth 
8 Mahica The Earth
9 Mahija Born with Praises
10 Mahua  An intoxicating flower
11 Mala  Pendant 
12 Malar  Beautiful
13 Malka  Queen
14 Mana  Supernatural Power 
15 Manal  A bird
16 Mangu  Sweet 
17 Mani  Gem Diamond 
18 Manu  Desirable 
19 Margi  Traveller 
20 Mari  Love 
21 Maya  Illusion
22 Mayil  Full of grace 
23 Mean Mine 
24 Medh  Highly Intellectual Soul
25 Medha Intelligent 
26 Meet  Friend 
27 Meghu  Rain
28 Meha  Intelligent 
29 Mena  Stong Love 
30 Minaz Desire
31 Mini  Tiny 
32 Minu  A gem 
33 Mira  Devotee of Lord Krishna 
34 Misa  Like a God 
35 Mita  A friend 
36 Mitu  Mother’s Love 
37 Mohaa Attractive
38 Mohi  Pleasing 
39 Mona  Solitary 
40 Monu  Soft and pretty 
41 Monvi Silent 
42 Morvi Bow String 
43 Mowna Silent 
44 Mradu Dainty and soft
45 Mrida God of Mercy 
46 Mridu Gentle
47 Mriga A beautiful deer
48 Muthu  Pearl
49 Myra  Swift and Light 
50 Mysha A Happy mood

Baby Girl Names Starting With M In Hindi

Names of hindi language are much pure and common ones. Some of them are difficult to say as well but have beautiful meanings. Few such names of this kind are:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Maahi  River
2 Madhuja  Sweet 
3 Madhuksara  Showering Honey 
4 Madhumanti  Lovely
5 Madhuparna  Tulsi Leaves 
6 Madhuri Lovely girl 
7 Madhurima  Sweetness
8 Madhurya  Lovely voice 
9 Madhusha  Beautiful 
10 Madhvi  Honest 
11 Madhvilta  Like a vine plant 
12 Madnika  Excited 
13 Magadhi  Flower
14 Mahalaya  Like God 
15 Mahalika  Lady 
16 Mahashweta  Goddess Saraswati 
17 Maheshni  Great 
18 Maheshwari  Lord Shiva 
19 Mahuli  Sweet
20 Mahuya The name of a flower
21 Maitri Friendship 
22 Malawi  Princess
23 Malika  Daughter
24 Malini  Fragrance
25 Manah Mind
26 Manaswi  Soft
27 Manaswita Intelligence
28 Manavi  One with good values 
29 Mandana Cheerful
30 Mandhari  Honourable 
31 Mandira Temple
32 Mandvi  Capable
33 Manghana  Ganga River 
34 Manhita  Togetherness
35 Mania The quiet one 
36 Manika  Precious jewel 
37 Manini Lady
38 Manjishtha Extremely
39 Manjot Light of the heart 
40 Manjusha A box 
41 Manoritha Mind
42 Mansi  Another name for Goddess Saraswati 
43 Manushi  Woman
44 Manvika  Young girl 
45 Marisha  Capable 
46 Matangi Goddess Durga
47 Mishka  Gift of Love 
48 Mishtu  Beautiful 
49 Mitisha  Surprised
50 Monali  Goddess Durga

Stylish Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With M

Stylish indian baby girl names starting with m

Girls with M names can even be stylish. Some names are stylish, cute, and catchy and draw the attention of all such parents. Few of these are given as under:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Madhura  A bird 
2 Madhuparna Tulsi Leaf 
3 Maha  Large eyes 
4 Mahaniya  One who is praise worthy
5 Mahati  Great 
6 Mahakasi  Great Sky 
7 Mahima  Glorious 
8 Mahua  An intoxicating flower
9 Maira  Beloved 
10 Mais  Proud 
11 Maisha  Walking with proud 
12 Makshi Honey Bee
13 Malar  Jasmine 
14 Malki Queen
15 Malli Jasmine Flower
16 Manali  Cute 
17 Manikya  Ruby 
18 Manini Self-respected 
19 Marala  Swan 
20 Marichi  Name of star
21 Mahavani  The great speech 
22 Marisha  Mother of Daksha 
23 Marushika  Born with the blessing of Lord Shiva 
24 Marvi  Beauty redefined 
25 Maryam  Blessed
26 Matisha  Goddess
27 Mayil  Full of grace 
28 Mayukhi  Peahen 
29 Medini  Earth
30 Meenal  Precious Gem 
31 Meera  krishnas devotee
32 Meghavini  Intelligence 
33 Mehal  Cloud 
34 Meher  Grace 
35 Mekhala  Slope of a mountain 
36 Menka  Heavenly Damsel 
37 Mesha  Long life 
38 Mihika  Mist 
39 Mageshwari  God’s name 
40 Mihira  Femenine form of sun
41 Mikula  Beauty 
42 Misha  Happy for entire life 
43 Mohini  Attractive 
44 Monisha  Intelligent 
45 Mouli  Name of Lord Shiva 
46 Mridini  Goddess Parvati 
47 Mrinal  Lotus 
48 Mruthula  Caring Nature 
49 Mukai  Heroine of A famous legend 
50 Mukti  Salvation

Common Girl Names That Start With M

Some parents are on the lookout for names that are common or the ones that were of their ancestors, celebrities etc. The common names that start from M are given below:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Maalai  Garland of Flowers
2 Maanvi  Kind hearted
3 Madana  Delighting 
4 Madula  Sweet
5 Madura  Sweet
6 Magala  Good Times
7 Magnai  Peacock
8 Mahani God of Peace 
9 Mahara  Talented 
10 Mahavidya  Supreme Knowledge 
11 Maheshani  Great 
12 Maheshi  Goddess Parvati 
13 Mahima  Dignity and Power 
14 Mahuli  Melodious 
15 Mainavi  Intellectual 
16 Maithili  Goddess Sita 
17 Makshika  Honey 
18 Malada  Auspicious 
19 Malahari  Name of a Raga 
20 Malaka  Affectionate 
21 Malarvizhi  Cute Eyes 
22 Malathi  Name of a flower 
23 Malavashree  Name of a Raga 
24 Malaya  Fragrant 
25 Malli  Flower 
26 Malu  The short name for Malavika 
27 Manadakini  A river 
28 Manaswini  Goddess Durga 
29 Manavi  Girl with humanity 
30 Mandamaari  Name of a Raga 
31 Mandarika  The Coral Tree 
32 Mandita  Adorned 
33 Mangalavathi  Name of a Raga 
34 Mangali  Fragrant 
35 Manhita  Togetherness
36 Mania  Honourable 
37 Manika  Ruby
38 Manini Lady
39 Maniratna Diamond
40 Manisha Goddesss of Mind
41 Mouna  Silent
42 Mradu  Soft and dainty
43 Mrida  God of Mercy
44 Muhil  Cloud
45 Mukai  Most Beautiful
46 Mukti  Freedom from life and death
47 Munia  Small Girl 
48 Muthu  Pearl 
49 Muyal  Rabbit 
50 Mysha  A happy mood

Thus, names are very important for the baby. It is also a part of their personality. It embodies the character of the baby so it is important to have a thorough knowledge and then select a name as it stays with the baby for life.


1. What Are The Characteristics Of The Girls With Name Starting From M?

The main feature is that they are quick learners, love their work and excel in it too. They have a strong determination so they do what they have decided.

2. What Does M Mean In A Letter?

M indicates optimism and the girls of names with M are loyal, social, give importance to values and tradition. They are social, loyal, hardworking, cheerful and have a good self-confidence.

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