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50 Valentine’s Day Inspired Baby Names For Girls And Boys

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Love is in the air in the month of February and Valentine’s day signifies tradition, romance and sweetness and is looked forward enthusiastically by all. This day brings in front of us images of cupids, hearts, bows and arrows. Valentine’s day is celebrated with cards, flowers, gifts and much more. If you are pregnant, sucker for all things valentine and expecting your little bundle of joy in this romantic month of February, then a love-filled name would be a perfect fit for your little darling. There is nothing more delightful than a Valentine baby. So, if your little darling is due in February, you can celebrate romance with one of these amorous names.
valentine baby names

50 Valentine’s Day Inspired Baby Names

Given below are 50 beautiful names that would be just perfect for your Valentine baby.

  1. Esther: A sweet name for your baby girl of Hebrew origin and has the meaning, “Goddess of Love”
  2. Carys: A Beautiful name of Welsh origin that means “to love”
  3. Juliet: The lovely name for your little girl inspired from the famous Shakespeare’s love story
  4. Nayeli: A sweet name with Mexican roots and has the beautiful meaning “I love you”
  5. Adora: A unique name for your little girl that means “adored or a gift”
  6. Amanda: A wonderful pick for your baby girl born during the month of love and means “much loved”
  7. Juji: An unusual African name that has the meaning “heap of love”
  8. Fenmore: A unique English name for your little darling that means “fair love”
  9. Neha: A beautiful Indian name for your daughter that means “affection”
  10. Lovella: An ideal English name for your princess that has the meaning “profound affection”
  11. Eros: An ideal pick for your son and means “love” in Greek
  12. Valentino: With Latin roots, this name has the meaning “loved” and perfect for your baby boy
  13. Philo: A lovely Greek name that means “love” and perfect for your son
  14. Dewey: A sweet name for your baby boy that has the meaning “beloved”
  15. Yedida: One more pick for your little angel of Hebrew origin and means “beloved”
  16. Rose: An all-time favorite and there is no doubt about its significance on Valentine’s Day. It is quite a popular baby girl name pick
  17. Amy: A simple and short name for your little doll that has the meaning “beloved”
  18. Cher: Yet another sweet name for your little girl baby that means “beloved”
  19. Suki: Another lovely name of Japanese origin for your baby girl which has the meaning “beloved”
  20. Shaida: A unique name for your girl that has the meaning “madly in love”
  21. Amorette: This beautiful name means” little love” and is just perfect for your girl baby
  22. Darrell: Quite a rare name for your little girl that has the meaning “beloved or dear one”
  23. Davis: An apt name for your baby boy which means “beloved”
  24. Thaddeus: A lovely name for your son that means “heart”
  25. Aziz: A name of Islamic origin and has the lovely meaning “beloved, powerful” and apt for your little boyvalentine day baby names
  26. Valentine: The saint’s name after which this lovely day is named after. Though a unisex name, but we feel it will be apt for your son
  27. Lennan: A wonderful name for your baby boy that is apt for a baby born in the month of February and has the meaning “lover, sweetheart”
  28. Kalila: This enchanting name would be perfect for your cherubic angel and means “beloved, darling girl”
  29. Valentina: The female version of Valentine and means “health, strength”
  30. Amara: A sweet name for your daughter which means “lovely forever”
  31. Esme: This unique name means “beloved, esteemed” and perfect for your baby girl
  32. Amora: A sweet name lilting to the ears and has the meaning “love” and fits your angel born in this romantic month of February
  33. Milena: A lovely name perfect for a Valentine day baby and means “love n grace”
  34. Amias: An unusual name for your little boy and means “loved”
  35. David: Yet one more name for your darling prince which means “beloved”
  36. Kalina: This name of Australian roots has the meaning “to love”
  37. Mina: This sweet and lilting German name means “love”
  38. Freya: An apt name that actually refers to the Goddess of Love
  39. Kerensa: An enchanting Cornish name that means “to love”
  40. Carwyn: A lovely name for your little boy which has the meaning “blessed love” in Welsh
  41. Agapius : An unusual name for a baby boy that means “love”
  42. Mila: One more beautiful name of Slavic origin for your princess that means” loved by people”
  43. Annabel: A very popular name that means “lovable” and just so right for your little girl
  44. Querida: An unusual name with Spanish roots which means “beloved” again
  45. Davidson: One more name for your prince meaning “beloved”
  46. Lorenzo: A wonderfully romantic name for your prince and also the name of an important character in Shakespeare’s play who was smitten by love
  47. Amator: This Latin name has the beautiful meaning “one who loves”
  48. Anwil: A traditional Welsh name that means “beloved”
  49. Aiko: A lovely name with Japanese roots and has the meaning “little loved one”
  50. Prem: A beautiful Indian name that means “love” and suitable for your little boy

We hope you will adore these cupid inspired names for your baby boy or girl. These are just a few of the most popular names that would be an ideal pick for a Valentine’s Day Baby. So go ahead and choose the best name for your little darling that befits this season of love.
Please don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below your favorite Valentine’s Day baby name? For more baby names read here.

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