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50 Beautiful Flower Names For Your Baby

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Expecting your baby anytime now, but quite tensed as you still have not decided on a perfect name for your precious darling? Why not name your baby something inspired by flowers? Flowers bring lot of charm, beauty and fragrance into our life. There is no feeling better than choosing a name for your baby after the most beautiful thing in the world. Find out some lovely names that mean water for your little boy or girl that you may fancy here. Find out 50 Beautiful Flower Names For Your Baby. Go ahead and name your little one something inspired by flowers that will surely bring in a lot of positive energy.
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50 Beautiful Flower Names For Your Baby

Given below is a long list of names inspired by flower suitable for both girls and boys and is sure to be an instant hit:

    1. Dahlia: A beautiful flower names after the famous botanist Anders Dahl would be a nice pick for your little girl
    2. Camellia: These lovely and beautiful smelling creamy roses are just perfect to name your daughter after
    3. Zinnia: A part of the Aster family of flowers, these flowers are an all-time favorite of butterflies and such a cute name for your little girl
    4. Rose: A beautiful name that does not need any kind of explanation
    5. Antonio: A nice name for your baby boy of Greek origin and inspired by the Greek word “anthos” that has the meaning “flowers”
    6. Rosemary: Yet another lovely name for your princess of Latin roots. It is actually a herb and means “dew of the sea”
    7. Ren: A unisex name of Japanese origin and has the menaing “lotus”
    8. Petunia: A name of a sweet flower and is of Latin American origin
    9. Jarred: Perfect for your little boy and has the meaning “rose”
    10. Blossom: An all time favorite and this is a sweet name for your baby girl
    11. Blue Bell: A dainty and lovely flower that has become extremely popular as a girl’s name these days
    12. Saffron: A unisex name that is perfect for girls and boys as well
    13. Carnation: A fresh and cheerful flower that is just perfect to name your little baby after
    14. Lily: A pure and fresh flower that is ideal to name your daughter after
    15. Acacia: A wonderful flower that symbolizes love, elegance and friendship
    16. Kunal: Of Indian origin, this means “lotus” and is popular as a boy’s name
    17. Begonia: With a strong resemblance to roses, they are lovely flowers to name your little princess after
    18. Narcissus: An alternative name for daffodils, this name is ideal for both girls and boys alike
    19. Violet: An apt name for a princess who will be as sweet as the Violets in the field
    20. Indigo: Another beautiful name for your baby girl
    21. Petal : A wonderful name if you are looking for something inspired by flowers
    22. Sage: This is in reality an herb with a lovely smell and is an ideal name for both boys and girls alike
    23. William: Yes, there is a flower named William and so why not name your boy after this lovely flower?
    24. Gardenia: Ranks among the most fragrant flowers and so try naming your princess after this flower
    25. Flora: It just means “flower”
    26. Yarrow: Another aromatic herb and an apt name for boys and girls alike
    27. Holly: Famous for the lovely red berries it produces; it would be a suitable name for your daughter
    28. Hazel : A wonderful name for your little girl after the “witch hazel”
    29. Lilac: An all time favorite with a lovely fragrance too
    30. Azalea : This means “flower” in both Hebrew and Greek language. Simply awesome and unique to name your girl
    31. Jessamine: French version of the flower Jasmine. Sound lovely to the ears
    32. Clover: A lovely flower which is known to symbolize prosperity and good luck
    33. Elm: Ideal for your prince after the tree that blooms with lovely white flowers
    34. Ivy: A short and simple name for your little baby girl
    35. Calla: It means “beautiful” in Greek and symbolizes the Calla Lily
    36. Hyacinth: This is a lovely flowering bulbous plant and is ideal for your little girl
    37. Marigold: Lovely orange and yellow flowers, this name is ideal if your baby is a red head or blonde
    38. Aster: Of Greek origin, they symbolize the multicolored flowers that resemble stars. Suitable for girls as well as boys
    39. Lotus: Breathtakingly beautiful flowers that is just wonderful to name your daughter with
    40. Amarnath: It symbolizes a “family of plants and flowers” and is a nice name for your boy
    41. Daisy: Pure white and full of life, no doubt a beautiful pick for your little girl
    42. Basil: Just apt for your little prince and is actually an aromatic herb
    43. Poppy: A typically sweet and fun loving naming for your little girl
    44. Sorrel: The tiny red flower that can be used as a name for both girls and boys alike
    45. Iris: Another flower name which means “rainbow”
    46. Heather: A typical pink and purple flower that would be a good choice to name your daughter with
    47. Cedar: Apart from the Cedar tree, there is also a lovely flower with this name
    48. Daffodil : A sweet and enchanting name for your daughter
    49. Primrose: An exclusive name for your little girl that sounds sweet too
    50. Tulip: Enchanting flowers in lovely colors that would be a lovely choice for your daughter

So, aren’t these names sweet and beautiful? Baby names inspired by flowers are very popular all over the world. If you are looking for a truly attractive name for your baby, take a pick from the above list. More on baby names in our section here

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