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Visiting a Newborn? 12 Etiquette rules to follow

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Meeting the newborn baby of a close friend, sister, or even colleague is one of the most heartwarming moments. And to be able to contain one’s excitement is definitely hard. But a little concern for the new parents is what one should keep in mind. I violated some of these rules myself before becoming a parent. But now, after passing from the phase, I feel to be in a better position to guide my friends on etiquettes rules to meet newborns.
Be patient and prepare yourself: The first and foremost thing is to take a prior permission for visiting the baby. And when you visit, do not hesitate in waiting for some time; do not expect everyone to deal with you on a priority basis. You also need to prepare yourself mentally before going to meet the new mom and the baby. Especially if you are visiting soon after the baby is born, you should be prepared to see breast pumps, crying baby, crying mom, a lactation consultant session etc.
Limit your time: When planning to visit a newborn, always remember that the new mother is already struggling with a lot of new challenges. That is why make sure that your presence is not hampering her food time, sleeping time, or feeding time etc. Do not take extremely long sitting with newborn unnecessarily as it may become inconvenient for the mom to carry on with her newly found schedule.

Don’t visit if you are sick: Newborn have lower immunity and they tend to catch diseases much faster than adults. Hence, make sure that your visit to the new born is not posing any health related issues for him. Even if you are suffering from a mild condition, the virus might take no time in entering the baby’s body.
medical-staff-washing-handsWash and sanitize your hands: Do not wait for the mom to remind you. Your first duty before touching a newborn is to find the closest sink and wash your hands thoroughly.
put-cellphone-silent-when-visiting-newbornPut your cell on silent: Remember that your priority is to visit the baby, hence everything else can wait. And believe me your ringtone and text notification are the last thing that a new mom wants to hear. Plus, keeping the phone away is a non-verbal gesture of saying that you care.
No perfume please!: Due to a huge hormonal upheaval, new moms might become really sensitive or allergic to certain smells. Apart from that, even the new born might find the strong perfume or scent smell unpleasant. Plus, the new mother definitely doesn’t want your perfume or cologne smell on their baby. So, skip perfume for one day.

Know when to stay away: Respect the mom’s privacy. One should understand the non verbal gestures of a new mom and provide her some space to carry on with her routine. Your presence must be comforting, not interfering.
Wait to be offered to hold the baby: You might not be aware about the baby’s condition on your very first visit. That is why, you must wait for the mom to offer you to hold the baby.
Do not kiss the infant: This is a no-no at all costs. I know that undying desire to cuddle and kiss the adorable newborns. But remember that a lot of bacteria can travel from your mouth to baby. Plus, in some cases, kissing might lead to several infections to the baby.
Say nice and pleasant things: Your encouragement and hearty congratulations can do wonders for the exhausted new mom. Be sure that every word of yours is weighed and you are being motivating on how nicely she did the job.
Don’t bring your kids: Well, your kids are excited and all, but you definitely do not want to become the reason for disturbance to the new mom. So, remember to come solo or with an adult only, for your visit.
Don’t give advice unless asked: Definitely you have a lot of wise things to say. But advices might come across as unwanted at several times, especially to a new mom who is already so overwhelmed. So, smile is the only thing that you got to give, leave advices for later occasions.

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