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Doula vs Midwife

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Have you recently become a mother? Then you must be in need of a postpartum doula who helps you in several ways to cope up with various physical as well as mental needs as a new mom. You have a different world altogether and need lot of support from an expert like a doula. Here are few information about how can you:

What is a Postpartum Doula?

A postpartum doula is a professional who is appointed in order to support the new mother and her baby just after she gives birth and even after several months after that. She would help her to provide trained expertise on infant feeding, physical recovery from delivery especially cesarean, emotional health, developing bonding between mother and baby, and basic care that is needed by the newborn but unable to be provided by the recovering mother.

Difference between Doula and Midwife

Doula and midwife differ from the nature of work they provide to their clients. The latter happens to be a health care provider whereas the former is a coach for the new mother to take care of her baby. Midwives are more required during pregnancy who can also deliver the child for n ormal birth whereas the doula service is needed by the pregnant woman to manage the pain before delivery or even after that where she needs immense support for taking care of her newborn.

Reasons why to consider a doula? 
There are however several reasons for why a doula should be considered when a woman has given birth to a child. She is an expert woman and understands her job very well which benefit the mother in every possible way. They are:

  • She can provide breastfeeding support for the new mother, who doesn’t know how to feed her newborn. There are techniques which would be taught to her so that her baby gets maximum milk from the mother without much efforts.
  • One of the biggest tasks after a baby is born is to take proper care like bathing, diapering, feeding and providing comfort to it. Doulas are trained to do all these and can help the mother to a great extent.
  • The new mother is unable to few household chores which the doula can do on her behalf. These include light housekeeping, meal preparations which are appropriate for the mother and her recovery, etc.
  • Newborns are prone to crying all the time and doula being professionals, know how to soothe them within short time and let it sleep.
  • Many women suffer from postpartum depression which alters their emotional health. Doulas can take care of that and can help the woman come out of the situations at the earliest.

Benefits of having a doula for nursing

There are several pros of having a doula before or just after birth. She can help the to be mom or the mother of a new born in all possible ways. For example, if the doula is hired during delivery, a woman can reduce her labor time to a considerable extent. She would support the mother emotionally and physically to give birth and endure the pain which is what she needs the most then. After birth a woman is in need of physical strength for which doulas can help a lot since they are experts in massaging and providing services often needed by newborn mothers. She can take care of the baby when the mother is off for bathing or eating or even for shopping for her little angel only! Doulas also can help the family of the mother to run errands so that they get the much needed support after a baby has arrived. They are also well known to offer night services so that mother can understand the sleeping pattern of the baby and adjust herself in accordance. The father of the child can also get assistance from the doula for how to handle the baby.
Doulas are available in all top cities in the world and can be hired for few weeks to months depending on the need of the family. They come at rational prices and families who can afford such helping hands should go for them so that they can enjoy their parenthood in the most appropriate way.

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