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Whats in Store for Daddy’s

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“Being a Daddy is not easy” Yes! That’s true. Though men do not suffer from any physical changes when they become a father, but there are significant changes which takes place in a father’s life too. Thinking of men has changed now which should be appreciated, unlike old days, when after giving a birth to the baby it used to be mother’s responsibility to take care of her child, nurture them with the help of other old ladies in the house. In modern times, a husband equally participates with the wife in taking care of newly born especially when they are in nuclear families.

As a father, by taking care of your child, you are not only helping your wife but also getting close to your baby. The more time a father will spent with the baby the stronger will be their bond as he will get to know the child’s likes and dislikes. If a father m aintains a distance from the baby from early years, a child starts feeling insecure in his presence later on. That is why some children are very close to mothers and are not open with their fathers, which results in relation problems later. Some kids have got some special talent in them which can be only explored and enhanced when he/she is spending sufficient time with the parents. With a newly born mom has to go with several sleepless nights in changing diapers, feeding the baby, making him fall asleep. A husband should help his wife at night in all these tasks. By doing so, mother can take little rest to get charged for next day for the baby.

Prior to baby father’s life might be different .After coming back from office almost all the men either watch television or work on their laptop or mobile or either take rest. Once you become father life completely changes, and for the better. As you were out of house for 8-9 hours, your child may demand full attention. After all they are kids they will not think whether you are feeling tired or you had a bad discussion with a boss or anything else.  He/she might expect you to play with them or narrate a story for them. Actually even if you are tired it makes you feel really happy and takes away all the worries when you play with your kids. As these little cute monsters grow up television becomes their property. Being a dad you may end up watching a cartoon or kids movies at night instead your favorite news channel.

As a dad it is your equal responsibility to make sure your new born is getting all the necessary vaccination regularly. Once a kid starts going to school there are many things needs to be taken care of. Make sure their homework is done properly as your wife might be busy with some other household activities. Take them to the park for their proper physical growth so that they can understand nature. Most important point which a father should remember is your kids copy you whatever you do!

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