When Are Pregnancy Tests Most Effective?

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When Are Pregnancy Tests Most Effective?

Pregnancy tests play a crucial role in the life of a woman. They tell about whether a woman is pregnant or not. Getting pregnant is one of the most critical decisions in life. Probably a woman would like to have a pregnancy test because she is missing her periods, having pregnancy symptoms, or forgot to use contraception. When Are Pregnancy Tests Most Effective? Let us see.

Women feeling breast tenderness, feeling dizzy in the morning or slight morning nausea, mild cramps, implantation spotting, implantation cramps, and feeling tired should take a pregnancy test if they had intercourse without contraception. A Pregnancy test result can be good news for those who wanted a child and can be an issue if they didn’t plan a child and wanted to abort the child. Thus, there will be a time in every woman’s life to take a pregnancy test. Otherwise, it can even give false results also.

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How Soon Will A Pregnancy Test Read Positive?

It depends upon the individual pregnancy tests. More Sensitive the test, more sooner it will detect the pregnancy. You should take a pregnancy test on the very first day of your missed period.

  1. If it shows a positive result, that means it has been two weeks since the actual fertilization.
  2. A more sensitive result like Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test can be used just five days after you missed your first period.
  3.  Taking the test four days after a missed period is totally pointless and will show a negative result even if you are pregnant.

Also, if you had any fertility treatment, then you should avoid taking an early pregnancy test because the treatment increases the content of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone level in your body.

What is the Best Time of the Day to Take a Pregnancy Test?

women taking pregnancy test

The time you take pregnancy tests does matter a lot. If you take the pregnancy test in the morning, it is more probable to get an accurate result.

  1. The test you take in the morning is less concentrated if you have got up less to pee. Drinking a lot of water before the test increases the concentration of the pee. Thus, it is more likely to have a negative result in such an environment, even if you are pregnant.
  2. You can also take a pregnancy test in the middle of the day or whenever you want. But this will increase the probability of the false result.

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How Likely is it to Get a False Negative on a Pregnancy Test?

There are a number of probabilities where you can get a false-negative test.

  • If you take the test too early on your first missed period will probably give negative false because it is hard for the test to sense the HCG. So, if you are considering the HCG test, take the test after two weeks.
  • If you are considering the HCG test, make sure you take it in the morning so that the pee is less concentrated. Also, make sure that before the test, you who less water for a drink because water increases the concentration in pee.
  • When you buy the expired pregnancy test box, it will no doubt show the negative results, which are obviously false results.
  • Consult the steps of taking a pregnancy test from a doctor. Sometimes the ladies don’t know how to take the test, which shows false-negative results.

Are Home Pregnancy Tests Accurate?

home pregnancy test kit

It is obvious to be in stress about the pregnancy test result. And then, if you have to take the test, it feels like anxiety for a woman who wants to get a positive result and is afraid of a negative result or is worried about a positive result and is planning for abortion.

Home pregnancy results are 99 percent accurate. However, if it shows a negative result and you think that you are pregnant, then you should retake a test after two weeks. Also, make sure you have not taken any medicine because medicated drugs can interfere with the results a lot.

It is not possible to get an accurate result in one go. You have to wait for two weeks at least (on your missed period) for the test to show the correct result.

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Can I Still be Pregnant if the Test is Negative and No Period?

Yes. A pregnancy test may show a negative result, but you might be still pregnant. There are a number of possibilities that the test can show wrong negative results. One of the greatest probabilities is that your HCG concentration was so low that the test could not sense it. Make sure you have not taken any medications and no water so that the pee is less concentrated.

When to Get a Blood Test to Confirms Pregnancy?

Blood Test to Confirms Pregnancy

In some circumstances, the doctor may order a blood test to confirm pregnancy. More often, these tests are done in women who find it difficult to get conceive.

There are two types of blood tests to confirm pregnancy-Qualitative Pregnancy Test and a Quantitative Pregnancy Test.

In Qualitative test is done to confirm if you have a minimum amount of pregnancy hormones in your blood. On the other hand, a quantitative pregnancy test or beta hCG test evaluates the quantity of pregnancy hormone in your blood. This test performed two to three times a week to make sure the amount of hCG is increasing as expected as the pregnancy progresses. This is usually performed in women with a history of multiple miscarriages.

Thus, a pregnancy test result depends upon a lot of conditions. So, you should always take the pregnancy test carefully. Make sure that you read a proper direction and consult a doctor so that you can have accurate results in one go. While taking a pregnancy test result Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone level is high enough so that the test can easily detect it. The accuracy of the test highly depends on the sensitivity of the result also. You have to keep patience while taking the pregnancy test, messing in a hurry will give you the wrong result and can even spoil your further plans accordingly.

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