When Will I Know That I Am Carrying Twins?

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Written by Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

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Congratulations on your pregnancy. Your body has just entered into the pregnancy phase. How are the symptoms keeping you? Pregnancy brings in a lot of tiredness by nature. If you are carrying twins or multiples, we can imagine the level of energy drain.

Trust your instincts until an ultrasound. Because ultrasound is the only way you will truly discover about your twins or multiples. But, there are a few tell-tale signs and symptoms you may notice if you are pregnant with twins or multiples. Let us dive in to know more about this. 

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How Will I Know That I May Be Carrying Twins?

ultrasound revealing a twin pregnancy

You can confirm your twin pregnancy during the ultrasound taken in your first trimester. While some may already expect a twin pregnancy, it usually comes as a surprise. Here are some of the symptoms of twin pregnancy.

1. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. It begins during the early pregnancy and lasts until the end of the first trimester. If you are carrying multiples, you can expect the morning sickness to continue for longer—some women who have twins experience morning sicknesses until delivery.

2. Fatigue

Fatigue usually appears even before your missed period. However, it does not give conclusive evidence that you are carrying twins. You can expect to be very tired during the early days if you are having twins.

3. Higher hCG

Your body produces hCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) during pregnancy. If you are pregnant with twins, you will notice the levels of hCG to be very high in your blood.

4. Additional Heartbeat

You can listen to the baby’s heartbeat by the eighth to tenth week of pregnancy. If your doctor listens to an extra heartbeat, they may suggest you take an ultrasound to confirm the twin pregnancy.

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5. Increased Weight Gain

If you are pregnant with twins, your appetite might increase drastically during the early pregnancy. This, in turn, may result in excess weight gain in the early weeks of pregnancy.

6. Ultrasound

Though the other symptoms may indicate the chances of twins, an ultrasound is the only option to confirm your twin pregnancy.

When Will Symptoms Start Appearing With a Twin Pregnancy?

woman experiencing pregnancy symptoms

The symptoms of having a twin pregnancy will begin as soon as you get pregnant. The symptoms of early pregnancies would be more severe. However, an ultrasound from week 6 to week nine will only confirm your twin pregnancy. The severity of the symptoms need not necessarily mean you are having a twin pregnancy.

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How is Twin Pregnancy Different From Normal Pregnancy?

Twin pregnancy is also normal, except that your body needs to undergo strenuous changes during the pregnancy. Are you having a twin baby? Then you need to know some surprising differences between single and twin pregnancies.

Here are a few differences you may notice if you are carrying twins or multiples. 

1. A Larger Pregnancy Belly

Your abdomen enlarges as the uterus expands to accommodate the little ones. In a twin pregnancy, your uterus expands twice the size of a single pregnancy. So, you will have a larger pregnancy belly.

2. Intensive Morning Sickness and Fatigue

The body produces more pregnancy hormones to support the little ones. If you are expecting twins, you can expect severe morning sickness and fatigue. Your energy would be draining all day long. Though these symptoms are prevalent during pregnancy, the intensity is usually higher during a twin pregnancy.

3. No Heavy Workouts

You would be surprised to learn from your doctor that you are not allowed to exercise strenuously during a twin pregnancy compared to a single one. If you are planning to take up exercises, consult your doctor.

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4. Frequent Doctor Appointments

You must go for a routine check-up once or twice a month during a regular or single pregnancy. Otherwise, in emergencies, you would do fine with the medicines. If you are diagnosed with twins, you might need more prenatal visits.

5. More Resting Time

As the pregnancy progresses, you will notice an extreme drop in your energy. You might spend a lot of time in your bed rather than being active.

6. More Supplements

When you carry twins, you need more vitamin supplements to support both lives adequately. Your body naturally requires more nutrients.

7. Early Delivery

With Twins in the parcel, you must keep your hospital bags ready once you cross halfway through your third trimester.

When to See the Doctor?

If you are expecting twins, symptoms do not play a major role in confirming the pregnancy except for an ultrasound. However, having abnormal symptoms like intense pain, heavy bleeding, and extreme lower back pain is not an indication of twin pregnancy. You must contact your doctor at the earliest in such cases. 


1. How Soon Can You Tell if a Pregnancy is Twins?

Though early pregnancy symptoms may indicate twins, your ultrasound during the first trimester, usually around six to nine weeks, shall only confirm the twins.

2. How Does Twin Pregnancy Feel Like?

Twin pregnancy could be more intensive and tiring than a normal pregnancy. When it comes to carrying two lives in the place of one, your body’s requirements also increase.

3. What Are the Chances of Having Twins?

There are so many factors that may contribute to the chances of having twins. In 2018, according to reports from the CDC, the rate of twins was 33 twins per 1000 births.

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