Why Do Children Sweat at Night

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Night sweating is a relatively common phenomenon and occurs at some part in most children’s childhood. As  mothers, we know the importance of sleeping and it is said a child grows most when asleep. So anything that may disturb their precious sleep is not acceptable to us moms! Today we will talk about night sweats and the possible causes and treatments.
Why Do Children Sweat at Night

  • What Are Night Sweats In Children?
  • Why Does a Baby Sweat While Sleeping?
  • Causes of Night Sweats in Children
  • How to Help Your Child Avoid Night Sweating

What Are Night Sweats In Children?

Night Sweat is sweating or perspiration by children during night times. Not to worry as night sweats are a common occurrence in children while they are in a state of deep sleep. Children are more likely to sweat at nights as their temperature is not as regulated as an adult’s, and they also have more sweat glands than us.

Why Does a Baby Sweat While Sleeping?

Don’t worry unduly if the baby sweats at night. Check his/her temperature as there may be many reasons for this.The child may be over dressed or just that the room is hot. This is the body’s way of maintaining temperature.

Causes of Night Sweats in Children

As a parent, it is of utmost importance that the child has a good sleep during night time, for their health and for our rest as well. While we wish this is the case each day, there are many interruptions. Sometimes it may be that they’re exhausted from overplaying and refuse to sleep, or sometimes they’re just full of energy. Read on for some causes of night sweats in children


The body usually rises its temperature if it is fighting off an infection. This may lead to sweating, which is the body’s way of flushing out toxins!


When the child has even mild fever, the body sweats to maintain correct body temperature. This leads to sweating, where the body tries to cool itself down. This is normal and will stop once the fever subsides.

Cold and Cough

Why Do Children Sweat at Night
Restlessness while sleeping when having a cold is a tough job for adults. Imagine the how difficult it will be for infants or children! Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. Just make sure the child gets more fluids to cope with the fluid loss through sweating.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a disorder in which breathing stops repeatedly during sleep. This can be diagnosed clinically. If the child is suffering from Sleep Apnea, the child may sweat more as he/she tries harder to catch a breath! Do consult a doctor if this is the case.

Warm Room Temperature and Nightclothes

Kids have this habit where they kick off bed sheets or coverlets during nighttimes. Some moms believe that this may be due to the fact they are hot-blooded and hence do not need any cover. It may also be due to the room being slightly warmer due to closed windows or lack of fresh air in the room.  One layer of clothing during sleep time is enough for kids unless the temperature outside is cold. A cotton night dress that is light and breathable is preferred to help kids sleep without disturbance. Adding more layers of clothing may increase the possibility of sweating. Also avoid heavy blankets and duvets.

Breathing Problem

Children suffering from colds or any respiratory issues may tend to sweat slightly more than others as they struggle take a proper breath. Do consult a doctor in case this is the issue.

Eating Close to Bedtime

A heavy meal close to bedtime is everyone’s nightmare! Don’t feed kids a heavy meal in the evening no matter what the situation. Always have dinner at least one and a half hour before bedtime as this will give some time for digestion. Sleeping on a full tummy will mean more work for the body and this may cause sweating.

How to Help Your Child Avoid Night Sweating

A commonly asked question by most moms and they know how important it is to get a proper night’s sleep. It usually goes away as the child grows. But do not ignore if this continues for too long. Given below are some ideas
Dress Appropriately- Just one layer of clothing is good for kids and infants unless it is very cold. Layering them with too many clothes and blankets will just raise their body temperature.
Feed Plenty of Fluids – If your child is prone to sweating in the night, it may be a good idea to replenish all the lost fluids by making sure they drink plenty of water. This amount should ideally be drunk during daytime and as the day progresses and nightfall starts, reduce consumption of water/fluids so as to make sure they don’t keep waking up for bathroom visits.
Keep the Room Temperature in Check- Maintain a comfortable and airy temperature in your child’s room throughout the night.
Feed Hours before Bedtime- It is always good for the child and us to have early meals in order to help digestion. Always allow a gap of minimum two hours so that the food can digest and the child sleeps fitfully.
Avoid Giving Spicy Foods- It is always advisable to avoid spicy food as they can cause body temperature to rise.
Eliminate Any Medical Issues- If you feel that for any reason there may be more to the night sweating experienced by your child, it is advised to eliminate any medical causes. Do consult your paediatrician for any doubts you may have.
They say a mother knows best. And when there is doubt, you can always check with us other mothers.

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