Why Is My Baby’s Poop Green?

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Why Is My Baby’s Poop Green? Many parents wonder. The phase where a woman becomes a mother is full of surprises for her. Her body undergoes remarkable changes and embarks on a new birth as well. She is obsessed with the baby and other things associated with the baby. Simultaneously, she worries and doubts if the baby is taking proper feed, passing stool, urinating properly and gaining adequate weight.
The color, texture, and smell of the poop changes regularly. Therefore, it is tough for the mother to relate to what is “customary” or normal. The color of baby’s poop is often confusing and whether it is yellow, brown or green is always a thing to be observed and seen.
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Is It Normal For My Baby To Pass Green Poop?
Why Is My Breastfed Baby’s Poop Often Green?
Why Is My Formula Fed Baby’s Poop Green?
Can Green Poop Be A Sign Of Teething?

Is It Normal For My Baby To Pass Green Poop?

A baby’s stool can be an array of changes which might or might not need attention. When the baby is born, the very first diapers are seen to be a greenish-black color. The texture is tar-like, but actually, there is nothing to be worried about and as per doctors it is termed as “meconium”. The first set of poop has no traces of mother’s milk or the formula milk. It contains the constituents that have been absorbed by the uterus, amniotic fluid, mucus and skin during the time when the baby is in the womb. This does not even have a smell.
A day or two after the birth of the baby, the poop’s color and texture would differ again. This time, it will not be that sticky and appears dark green color, almost like military green. This also is not a point to be worried about. These are positive signs of the fact that the breast milk or the top feed is digesting properly.
The only time to worry about the baby’s stool is if it has froth and if its color is bright green. Also, if the stool is green with greasy texture and has shiny traits we should be more watchful. The shiny traits indicate that mucus is present in the poop. This is almost a regular feature for babies who salivate a lot. However, at the same time, if the frequency is more, then, it could be a sign of some infection and need medical attention.
If the baby is solely on mother’s milk, the stool normally will be yellow or greenish. Also, the stool would have a gooey consistency. Green poop also indicates that the mother altered her food habits. This also happens when the baby is introduced to solid foods like purees of spinach, peas or beans, basically any green color vegetable between the span of 4-6 months.
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Why Is My Breastfed Baby’s Poop Often Green?

Even after the baby relies entirely on mother’s milk the poop is green, it can be an indication that the baby is not feeding well. This could be due to few reasons as listed as under:

  • Your baby is sensitive to the antibiotics or medicines that are given to you. This can result in green poops in baby
  • Your baby is not latching on properly. As a result, the baby will be getting watery milk or the foremilk and won’t get the fat- rich, creamy hind milk. Foremilk-hindmilk imbalance can bring about stomach upset. As a result, the baby might pass green poop.
  • If the antibiotic has a high iron content, then it can result in an upset stomach or stomach pain, nausea and vomiting
  • Your baby is sensitive to something that you have eaten. In such cases, most of the time along with green poops he may also develop a rash
  • He has an infection or has diarrhea

Why Is My Formula Fed Baby’s Poop Green?

If the baby is being fed with formula, then the babies have a pale and colorless stool resembling peanut or almond butter. It may also have shades of brown. It can be greenish brown, yellowish brown or dark brown. The quantity of stool of formula fed babies can be less. However, the frequency will be more. Also, it stinks more than the babies who are breastfed.
Also, note that not all brands of formula are alike. Babies develop allergies to a certain brand of formula milk. This, can  result in green poop in formula fed babies. So, if you notice any change in color of your baby’s poop then do consult your pediatrician. There is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is to change the brand of formula milk.
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Babies need their feeds. No matter if it is breastmilk or formula. Either way, they should pass stool. However, an excess of iron, antibiotics, alteration of food habits or wrong concoction of baby powder can bring about green stools.
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Can Green Poop Be A Sign Of Teething?

Teething is a course of action by which the milk teeth or infant’s teeth bud up from the gum.Teething, at times, can bring about high temperature for some babies. However, the temperature generally does not come into the range of fever. The pain experienced varies from one baby to another, accompanied by swelling of gums, drooling, mood fluctuations, crankiness or stomach upset.
A bright green color poop can be a sign of teething and is considered quite usual and it needs no medical intervention, and it is generally due to the below mentioned two causes:

Dietary Causes

  • If the baby is fed with colored food, certain additives, soft drink, etc., it can result in green stools
  • Teething signs can be reduced if babies are fed with honey or grape flavored pain killers, but these are also the reason for green stools
  • Feeding babies with solid foods, especially purees of spinach, beans or peas or any other green leafy vegetables is yet one more cause of green stools
  • Vitamin or Iron drops, which are given to infants or babies are one more major reason for green stools

Medical Causes

  • The food intake of mother can also result in green stools, particularly when the baby has any type of allergy to the food that the mother consumes
  • If the mother intakes cow’s milk or other dairy items which get circulated to the breast milk which at times can aggravate allergies to the baby
  • Babies tend to salivate more while they are teething so they produce more and even swallow it which results in loose and green stools

Thus, we can say that green color is associated with many reasons. It results in babies that are breastfed as well as formula fed. The color green is the result of intake of food by mother, allergies, teething etc. Parents need to watch out the frequency and other symptoms like weight gain or any other sort of discomfort associated with the stools, and the baby should be taken to medical supervision immediately if the situation worsens.

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