Why New Mothers Love Getting A Massage?

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New mothers love taking massages as it leaves them relaxed and rejuvenated

What better way to pamper yourself than getting a hot oil body massage! The custom of giving a body massage to new mothers for some days after delivery is said to have certain advantages. The mother’s body becomes weak after the long and tiresome process of childbirth. Whether a woman has had a caesarean section or a natural delivery, she has to be taken care of very well. There can be various ways to help her regain strength and composure. The new mother should have a balanced diet. Providing her proper rest and exercise is as important as giving her a balanced nutritious diet.

One age-old method that helps rejuvenate the tired body is a good body massage. The benefits of a massage to mothers after childbirth have been known since long and the tradition is followed in Indian society till date. A number of Indian households have seen a masseuse, commonly known as the “malishwali”, coming over to the house every day to give a massage to the new mothers. Listed below are some benefits of a massage that are believed to help mothers regain their lost physical strength:

  • The strokes given during the massage session help relax the muscles.
  • It helps to tighten the loose muscles of the body, especially those in the tummy area, which loosen up owing to the extra fat gained during pregnancy.
  • It helps you get back into shape.
  • Massaging with natural oils such as almond oil or medicated stretch marks control lotions help to minimize the stretch marks around the stomach though only to a limited extent.
  • It improves the flow of blood in the body thus, helping relax the nursing mothers.
  • It helps in the reduction of cramps and spasms which become a regular problem after pregnancy.
  • Some of the doctors believe that massage is a great stress buster and helps to rebuild the lost confidence in ladies. It relaxes the body and helps move out of post-pregnancy blues and depression,   if any.
  • The time of the day to get the massage done should be scheduled in such a manner that the little one does not get affected by it. The mother should prefer to call the masseuse after she has fed her baby and the baby is ready to sleep. This will ensure that the baby gets the proper care and attention that she deserves when awake and is not left unattended.

All said and done, the strokes used during massage should be carefully chosen according to need. In case of C-section, the masseuse should be cautious with the strokes she uses near the tummy area as the stitches need some time to heal. In case of a normal delivery, the masseuse can have more stroke options to choose from. As a precaution, new mothers are advised to consult a doctor before going in for a regular massage as, in several cases, the mother might need to avoid massages for a specified time or a massage can be strictly not allowed due to her medical problems. If she has a fluctuating blood pressure or hernia, the doctor may not advise her to go for regular massages. If she has sensitive skin, only specific medicated oils may be used on her body.

So, you definitely need to be aware about your body and skin type before you go for regular body massages to pamper yourself.

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