Your Baby- Month 23

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A twenty three months old child is on the verge of competing his/her second birthday. Time has flown and parents would be able to expect a different phase of development in their children from this point of time onwards. With the prospect of school looming over the horizon, the focus should be on grooming your child for the same. Many children would already have been exposed to the concept of school through preparatory school and crèches.
23 month old baby

What Most Babies Can Do

Running becomes common for children of this age. Most would be able to run freely. Even climbing stair become much easier at this age. Most would be able to do this without any sort of assistance. Moreover, activities such as kicking a ball or riding a bicycle are regular activities a child can be expected to engage in.
At twenty three months, the hand eye coordination has developed to an advanced stage. This would enable a child to produce catch moving objects. Activities such as pulling a chair are regular pass times for children of this age. Human emotions begin forming once the child is old enough to have a lasting memory. By the twenty third month, these traits can be easily observed in a child. He/she may express his/her displeasure at certain things or events. Voluntary crying may be observed in children who try to get their wishes.
At this age, many a child would be able to use gadgets such as phones and computers without much difficulty. He/she would learn to use specific applications that are simple in operation.
Most children would be able to write with relative dexterity. Scribbles and drawings become more refined as your child may try and express some ideas through these. Many children would manage to write one or more letters of the English language. Small words are common too. By this time, your child would be able to speak his/her name in a decipherable manner.
Toilet training should nearly be complete by this time and your child would be able to control their bladder activities for a considerable period of time. You can finally shed those diapers. Very soon, your child would be able to use the adult toilet seat as well.
Little girl scribbling

What Some Babies Can Do

Most children should have been introduced to toddlers’ books a few months back. By this time, many children would be able to remember most or parts of the English alphabet. Some children may even remember the entire set. Some kids may be able to recite poems and rhymes from memory. Some may even learn to greet people on meeting.

What Few Babies Can Do

At twenty three months, the requisite hand eye coordination still cannot be expected to be extremely perfect. Few children of this age would be able to catch a ball in the air. Besides, words that consist of complicated pronunciations would only be managed by a few children. Few children would be able to accomplish actions such as jumping or walking backwards.

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