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Your Baby- Month 7

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Raising a baby is not just about looking forward to the achievement of the milestones by the growing baby. It can be thought of more as a celebration for the entire family. Parents can take this moment to experience a joy like no other. At the same time, it is important to be cautious. Care needs to be taken for the physical well being of the child. Regular vaccinations and visits to the doctor are only prudent during the entire period of growth of your baby.

Baby at 7 Months

Baby at 7 Months

What most babies can do

A seven month baby is quite different from the infant that was born half a year ago. He/she can be expected to no longer cry without reason. Physically, the head would be partially or completely filled with hair. Besides, the expressing capabilities should have undergone a sea of change. At this age, a baby can recognize people in the immediate vicinity of him/her. This would include the parents, the nanny and/or anyone who is close to the baby. A distinct smile of recognition can be expected from the baby.

By the seventh month, most babies can be expected to sit without much support. The spine strengthens enough to support the entire body. To keep your baby occupied, it is important to keep him/her engaged. Some fine motor skills will also be visible.

It is also the time for you to introduce changes in the diet pattern of your baby, if you haven’t already. A diet consisting solely of milk would not suffice to support the nutritional requirements of him/her. Nutritional supplement for babies can be the way forward in this regard. Besides, since your baby would have a set of teeth, normal diet can be introduced in minute amounts.

From this time onwards, it may be wise to instil a sense of schedule into your baby. The most important in this regard is the sleeping pattern

. Babies normally realize that night is the time for sleeping and not vice versa. Though, fine tuning the pattern of sleep into your baby’s schedule may take time, this is a good time to begin.

What some babies can do

Though babies can be expected to sit without support from this period onwards, it would still be some weeks before he/she can make himself sit between these positions. Some babies may be more advanced in this regard and can shift their postures between sleeping on their stomachs and sitting. Some babies may develop his/her set of vocabulary consisting of single syllable words to indicate certain things.

What few babies can do

Few babies of this age would be able to replicate adult words. Such babies are well ahead of their peers in imitating the speech of the adult human. By this time, most babies can move about a great deal. This can be with through creeping or in exceptional cases, by crawling. Even an attempt in this regard can be considered as a great advancement.

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