Your Baby- Month 8

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8 Month Baby

8 Month Baby

An eight month old baby is not that different from a seven month one or a nine month baby for that matter. They are always cuddly and delightfully cute. But emotions apart, it is important to observe the direction of growth of your child. Important cues need to be understood so that your child develops into an all round human. So far, as a parent you have done a great job of providing proper care and upkeep of your baby. From this point onwards, your role would not be to carry around the baby but instead providing the right environs where he/she can grow.

What most babies can do

An eight month old baby can be expected to develop some advanced level of locomotion. This would involve the use of both set of limbs. By this time, every child should be able to sit unaided. Crawling should follow the task of sitting by a couple of days. Physically at least, an eight month old child can be expected to show at least a couple of pairs of teeth; the incisors at the very least. This would enable him/her to chew or gnaw at his/her food. This development also gives rise to the tendency in children to put random objects in his/her mouth. When not asleep, your child would seek to discover the world around him/her and will most likely crawl on all fours. At this age, you need to ensure childproofing of the house. The baby nursery should be designed in such a manner so that it is able to keep the child absorbed for lengthened periods of time. At the same time, it should be free of chemicals and sharp edged objects. An eight months baby should show prominent skills of expression of approval and/or disapproval. He/she may take still take some time to develop the requisite social skills but a beginning can be expected by the eighth month. He/she may be more open to unknown groups of people and may no longer cry in presence of unknown company. Some children may enjoy the affection that he/she draws from people. A smile of recognition becomes very common now. At the same time, enhanced vocal support would provide the requisite platform to express, and some maa’s and daas would be echoing in the house.

What some babies can do

Though sitting becomes common for children from this stage onwards, shifting between the postures of sitting and/or sleeping may be difficult. Still, there would be some who may be able to achieve the above tasks. Besides, the ability to grasp objects and latch onto it is something that begins from the second month onwards. During this period onwards, a baby may try to lift himself up to a standing position with the support of something. This is also a time for bumps and falls.

What few babies can do

Few babies would be able to make use of a walker or other such devices. An eight month old baby is still learning to make the best use of his/her feet. An even fewer proportion of eight month old children would be able to utter words that involve three or more syllables.

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