10 Easy & Cute Hairstyles for Girls

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Written by Bindu Raichura

Bindu Raichura

Girls are blessed with beautiful hair, which they can use as an asset to enhance their confident personality. While younger girls have no choice but to opt for specific hairstyles considering schools, teens usually prefer something cute and stylish. So here you go! We have a list of 10 simple yet cute hairstyles for girls.

hair style for girls

Easy Hairstyles for Girls:

1. Two Ponytails:

A very simple, easiest of all, and time-savvy hairstyle for school girls of all ages.

hair cutting style for girls

2. Let Loose:

If your girl is pretty responsible to take care of herself, let her keep her well washed, conditioned, and combed hair loose. She can tie or untie the same with a simple elastic band as and when needed.

girl with loose hair

3. Classic Bob:

This is one of the oldest and yet the trendiest hairstyles for short hair.

girl with bob hairstlye

4. Short and Cute Pixie:

This short cute front hairstyle for girls is a go-getter. It is equally smart and sporty. Irrespective of age, this zero-fuss hairstyle suits girls of all ages.

girl with short pixie hairstyle

5. Cute Bun Pony Style:

A very simple and easy hairstyle for girls with shoulder-length hair. Looks great on girls with oval and round face.

girl with two cute bun pony style

6. Half Ponytail with a Chunky Hair Tie:

if your kid does not prefer many hairdos, then all you can do is half clutch the top section of her hair and make use of a good piece of hair clip to complete the look.

girl with half ponytail with chunky hair tie

7. Cute Puff:

Simply make a puff by taking a section of front hair. You may or may not make use of a hair volumizer to make a puff.

girl with cute puff hairstyle

8. Flower Accessory:

If your girl has too little hair to fit in any band or clip then simply add a flower to her hairdo to enhance the look.

girl with flower as accessory hairstyle

9. Pigtail Braids:

An adorable hairstyle. Split the hair vertically into two sections. Thereafter make individual french braids on both sides. Doesn’t she look cute?

girl with pigtail braids hairstyle

10. Afro Puff:

Make a vertical division of hair by splitting into two halves. Now make use of a good quality elastic band to gather all hair on one side and tie it in the form of a bun.

girl with afro puff hairstyle

These hairstyles for girls are not just simple but will definitely add style & glamour to your daughter’s look. You may use them as they are or draw inspiration to create more different yet cute hairstyles!

Bindu Raichura,MA (English Literature), Delhi University Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communications, Xavier Institute of Communications (XIC), Mumbai

Bindu’s background in English literature paved the way for her writing career. Her vast experience in content across different genres has proved her strong point as a successful writer.Read more.

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