Top 6 Best Bath Books For Babies in First Year

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Sindhuja Prabhu

Bath Books For Babies

Bath time can be really fun and a great way for parents to connect with their babies. It is quality time you get with your little one and it is important to make the most of it. while just enjoying bathing your baby and giving them a nice massage may seem enough, what if it could do more for your baby? Bath books for babies are an excellent way of adding that something little extra to make your baby’s bath time fun.

Did you know, your brain can absorb more when it is relaxed and calm? A nice warm bath does just that for you. So, if you give your baby a good bath book, they will enjoy it and learn from it at the same time. Does your baby love books? Do they like to carry them everywhere? Even into their bath? Read on to find out which are the best bath books you can buy for your baby.

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What Are Bath Books?

Bath books are books that you can carry into a bath. The book is made from waterproof material, making it the perfect companion for a book lover, during bath time. The pages won’t tear due to the water and can be left in the water for any amount of time. The book is light and will float on water too.

Bath books will mostly float on water and won’t get damaged easily. Some of these books can also stick to the sides of the bathtub or on the wall when the pages are wet.

Are Bath Books Good For Babies?

Bath books are an excellent investment for your baby. While you may have numerous books made from different textures or materials, a bath book can offer a unique reading and learning experience for little babies.

Babies love to play in the water and explore many things. Giving them a book that can’t tear even when in water can be perfect for those little hands. Most babies are constantly trying to tear or rip things apart. This is why a board book or a bath time book can be just what you need to give your baby instead of constantly rescuing books from them.

When Should You Introduce Bath Books to Your Babies?

You can start giving these books to your baby once your start placing them in bathtub for their bath. Some babies dread bath time and it can be very difficult to manage them. Bath books can make their bath time fun and educational too. You can show them the pictures and read them to them. Though they may not perceive the colorful images yet, or know how to hold and explore the book, your voice can be soothing and reassuring for them.

Once your baby starts enjoying bath time or finds it difficult to sit still, you can give these books to them and let them explore in their own way.

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Top Benefits of Bath Book For Babies

Benefits of Bath Book For Babies

Books are a great way to open up your baby’s world. Babies love to see, observe and learn new things. While it is physically impossible to take your baby to various places and show them everything, books can be just the perfect way to introduce them to the world.

Some babies love bath time and some just hate it. Either way, babies will love to carry something with them to keep them company when you wash them head to toe. But why a book in water, you may ask? Giving your baby a bath book can offer the following benefits

Benefits of bath books for babies include

  • Acting as educative toys during bath time
  • Helping improve vocabulary
  • Can calm babies who get agitated during bath time
  • Can improve a baby’s focus and concentration
  • Encourages baby to splish and splash in the water as they follow the story
  • Baby can absorb better as they are relaxed and free of other stimuli or distractions

From the parental point of view – these books are very light to pack and carry. If you need to bathe your baby in a new place, giving them a book they love or are familiar with can keep them calm enough for you to give them a quick bath at least.

Top 6 Best Bath Books For Babies in First Year

Here are a few bath time books you can introduce to your baby- either by showing it to them when they are in their bath or letting them explore the books in their own way during bath time. Just follow your baby’s lead.

1. First Baby Days Bath Time by Pat-A-Cake

First Baby Days Bath Time

(Image Source)

A bright bath time book made from waterproof pages that can change color underwater. Every page repeats the splish and splash, which your baby will learn and start repeating very soon. This book can not only be the perfect bath time companion, but it can also teach your little one about animals and the noises they make.

You can make it more interesting and fun by splashing your baby every time you read those words. It never hurts to hear a baby’s cute giggle.

2. Bath Time by Sandra Boynton

Bath Time book

(Image Source)

The book is about a messy pig covered in paint, in need of a bath. Now, which child does not like a mess? Most older babies will connect with any character that requires a bath due to the mess it created for itself. That is what all babies do!

The colors of the paint on the pig can help you teach your baby colors and their names. The rhyming words, with a smooth flow, make it easy for a baby to pick up the sounds and words as they grow up and have repeated exposure to the book. A perfect bath time companion that can both entertain and educate your baby.

3. The Rainbow Fish Bath Book by Marcus Pfister

The Rainbow Fish Bath Book

(Image Source)

If you are looking for a regular storybook you can let your older baby use during bath time, instead of baby books that have just a single word or two on each page, then this could be a right fit!

The scales of the fish are made with shiny foil, which will catch the light and create effects when in water. A baby will love the shiny reflection and the impact of the water on it. It can even make it look like the book or the pages were floating in the water

4. Baby Einstein Splish! Splash!Bath! by Kathy Broderick

Baby Einstein Splish! Splash!Bath! book

(Image Source)

A little book that can teach your baby about sea life. The sea animals are all illustrated with cute smiling faces, which are sure to connect with and attract small babies. The book also features various other things you are bound to find under water. It can be a fun way to educate your baby about life underwater, while they are playing in the water.

5. Baby Bath Book by Build Me

BUILD ME Baby Bath Book

(Image Source)

This bath book features various sea creatures and is accompanied by cute little bath toys. Now, this is a great combination for a little baby. The bath toys featured in the book can excite a little baby. They can hold the toy in their hand, explore it in their own time and way, and then find it in the book.

The book can keep babies engaged, teach them about the underwater world, and match things. Identifying and matching objects with images shown is a developmental milestone for babies and this book facilitates that in a very cute and interesting manner. At first, your baby will just be fascinated to see a picture of the toy they are holding, they will slowly start matching and finding.

6. Float Along: Playful Penguins by Melissa and Dough

Float Along Playful Penguins bath book

(Image Source)

A book featuring penguins that is accompanied by miniature penguin bath toys. The toys are fully sealed to prevent any water from going inside. You get three penguins for your baby to play with as you read the book to them. The rhyming words can help improve your baby’s vocabulary as picking up words is easier when they sound similar.

As your baby grows and starts understanding the story, they can enact the scenes with the penguin bath toys. Don’t be surprised if your baby wants to use these cute little penguins outside the bathtub too.

Bath books can be a really fun way to inculcate a reading habit in your baby. It can be a great bath toy too as it will not only entertain but also educate your child while having a relaxing bath. Invest in a few different bath books and keep switching them. Both bathing and learning can be more fun than before.

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1. Can Baby Bath Books Get Moldy?

Bath books are made with waterproof material that feels like plastic. The water does not stay on it and drains off easily. You don’t have to worry about mold formation when there is no water retention. To be more cautious, always wipe down the book once your baby is done with it.

2. Can Bath Book Pages Hurt a Baby?

The pages are soft-edged and rounded in the corners. There are no sharp ends that can hurt your baby’s tender fingers. However, if your baby were to slide their hand up and down the side of the book, it might cause a cut if they slide too fast.

3. Is it Good to Read to Your Baby in the Bath?

Reading at bath time can be a lot of fun and very relaxing. The body and mind relax during a bath, making the mind more open to exploring and learning new things. Your baby’s mind might be more receptive when they are relaxed and calm

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