15 Tips For Parents To Prevent Accidents In School

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School Accidents
A Finnish proverb correctly expresses – “An accident won’t arrive with a bell on its neck” . Stands out aptly, especially when it comes to kids. You can try child proofing the house and take measures to safeguard your child when you are around, but what about the time he spends in the school? Why, a major chunk of the day is spent in learning, and waiting for the recess bell and getting to the act of mischievousness. School accidents and injuries are very common, and the best way to avoid them (remember: you can never be 100% sure) is to make your child aware of a few basics to that he knows when he needs to hold his foot.

  • What Injuries Can Occur in School?
  • What Does The School Do?
  • Role Of Parents
  • 15 Top Tips To Ensure Your Child Stays Safe In School

What Injuries Can Occur in School?

From falls, to fractures, older kids are prone to hurting themselves while chasing and running around. Some kids can hurt themselves in the labs when dealing with chemicals. Indigestion, slipping and playground injuries also score high.

What Does The School Do?

Almost all schools do adhere to safety standards as laid out by the Government. But with so many children and teachers, it is impossible to be 100% fool proof. A can of water spilled on the floor or a jumping challenge by a friend are beyond the control of the school safety management. However, schools must form a safety committee consisting of teachers as well as students who so as to keep the school safe or identify the potential areas where accidents can happen – for example, toilets should be wiped and mopped every few minutes so that the floor does not get slippery.
The school safety committee should also resort to repairing all unsafe equipment or areas. The barbed wires, or the broken swing – all should either be repaired or removed from the school premises so that safety of the kids is not compromised.

Role Of Parents

A mother’s heart is always restless and apprehensive when her son or daughter is not safely in front of her eyes. As the apple of your eye grows, his physical energy increases and he indulges in a variety of games and running around. Young kids eagerly wait for recess so that they can set themselves free in the school playground and have fun chasing each other or play football. As a parent, the below tips will help you educate your child about school safety and preventing accidents at school:

15 Top Tips To Ensure Your Child Stays Safe In School

  1. Slipping FallingThe most common cause of injury at school is slipping, tripping or falling. This may result from running in the playground, slipping over wet surface or missing an obstruction and falling. In some cases, other children may intentionally trip other kids for sake of fun or revenge.
  2. Question your child if he reports such an event. Kids are becoming increasingly intolerant and may gravely injure other children. So do not take your child’s words lightly
  3. You may consider meeting the authorities and discussing the matter. Parents may collectively suggest setting up a vigilance team or appointing a supervisor in the playground and at all places to maintain discipline and prevent accidentsWater spilled on the floor
  4. Observe the Signs:Instruct your child to observe the signs of ‘Caution’, ‘Wet floor’, ‘Work in Progress’, ‘Go Slow’ and how do these signs look and mean. You can practice at home and also point these in malls, airport and railway stations
  5. Exercise caution with stairs: Instruct him to hold handrails while moving up and down the stairs. Advise against running on stairs as he may slip and become seriously injured
  6. Get personal: Show him animated clippings of how his favorite character trips and gets seriously injured and the pain is intense
  7. Teach sports and game ethics to your child: Also teach him to be alert if he observes such misconduct. Instruct him to immediately inform the in-charge or school authorities. Strongly tell your child against pushing other kids and colliding with them
  8. Following instructions: Strictly direct your child to follow the instructions of teachers and never breach them as they are for his personal safety
  9. School fences: Teach your kid to stay away from school fences and not to entertain strangers
  10. Safety in School Bus: Instruct your child to get on or off a school bus only when it has stopped moving. Also ask him to exercise caution when it comes to waving out from the bus windowsSchool Bus
  11. Accident Alert: Always provide him with a clean handkerchief and teach them to immediately inform the authorities if he is hurt.If no one is around, instruct him wash the wound with clean water and cover it with a clean handkerchief. Ask him to make a mental note how he got injured, in case he might need a tetanus injection
  12. Provide proper stationery: Some children cut their fingers by blade while sharpening the pencil. Provide your kid with a proper sharpener. Teach your child not to play with sharp objects such as compasses and rulers and store them immediately after use in the geometrical compass box
  13. Safety from Furniture: Strictly advise your child against playing with doors and windows. Tell him not to slide the windows or bang classroom doors as this may harm him or other kids. Jumping on the chairs or benches can also be dangerous
  14. Open Laces: Direct your kid to immediately tie his shoe lace if open and properly wear his shoes
  15. Playground safety: Advise him against climbing trees, mishandling playgrounds equipment such as swings, crowbars etc. Ask him to play, but with cautionAccidents in playground
  • Take the school tour: When it comes to the safety of your child, feel free to visit the school premises. If you find anything unsafe such as rusted play equipment or live wires, immediately inform the authorities and insist on getting it repaired on priority. You may also instruct your child to not use them until they are repaired. You can tell him that you will take him to the playground in the evening till the school amenities are fixed. Insist that school install proper shock absorbents such as sand or foam filled landing surfaces below slides and swings
  • Bicycle Riding: If your child rides bicycle to school, teach him not to show off the stunts

No matter how hard you lecture and make your kid understand the precautions, in the end he is just a kid. His exploratory, inquisitive and challenging nature may not permit him to slow down. However, you can always teach him to take care of themselves and what measures to take if he gets injured
It is important to mention here that injuries do happen,m and will happen, do not let the injuries dampen the spirit of your child. As Marcus Aurelius rightly proposes “. This is particularly observed in girls who shy away from playing again due to the fear of hurting themselves. Do not fuss over an injury and divert your princess’s mind by boosting her confidence that she is a big girl now. Insist on taking precautions and let your kids enjoy their childhood!

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