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Car Safety: Tips For Parents To Keep Kids Safe

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The birth of the child teaches a lot of new things to parents. They learn to have a lot of patience, time management, co-operation for the smooth functioning of the family. Another huge challenge that is posed for the parents is when they need to travel with young children. Children are restless by nature, but there is a lot of knowledge that needs to be imparted to them concerning car safety. It is imperative as even if any one of the car safety measures is ignored, it could lead to a life-death situation. While traveling in a car, never make any compromises with safety.
Driving a car is very common these days, and so are the habits of the parents or elders which the kids tend to pick up. Many follow all the rules, yet some are careless and do not set up an excellent example for the kids who could later lead to troubles. Parents always need to remind the kids and themselves that it is crucial to buckle up during the drive, not to keep the hand outside the window, not to talk on the phone, follow signal rules, etc. Setting the basics right from the start helps to keep them alert and make it easy for them to be driving successfully later in life.
car seat safety

There are certain tips that one can follow to maintain the security of the kids, and these are mentioned as under.

Seat Belt, Seat Belt, Seat Belt!

It is a must for a child to put the seat belt on, whether they are seated in the front or at the back or any other position in the car. The children need to be persistently reminded that seat belt is the best way to keep oneself safe under any accident. They need to understand its significance as well as the fact that it needs to be put until the journey is on, it does not matter if it is for half an hour or 12 hours. It needs to be instilled in their minds that sitting in a car is relative to putting the seating belt, and once it is told to them repeatedly, they will never forget the same. Older children also need to understand the consequences of not putting the seat belt. The seat belt is crucial in saving one’s life. Some facts associated with the importance of the seat belt are enlisted as under:

  • The most common cause of death is car accidents.
  • It has been seen that most adult passengers, as well as drivers, have been taken to the emergency department as they got injured because of not putting the seat belts.
  • The seat belts put by adults are safest to protect the lives and avoid any injuries during a crash.

Proper Use Of Car Seat

Seat belts are the safest way to protect one from any severe damages or injuries, but small infants can’t be put seat belts as it is not of their size, and it could harm the baby if put for a longer time. Thus, car seats are a good and safe option for the little ones. Car seats are no doubt good, but if not used in the proper manner can harm the child as well. Some of the ways in which the safety of the car seat can be ensured are as follows:

  • It is crucial to be sure that one has procured the correct size of the seat for the child, and he has been fastened in it properly.
  • Unlike clothes, seats do not come in one size that can be used by all.
  • Car seats are available as per the age of the child so that it will be neither too big nor too small.
  • After installing the car seat, always check to see if it is not too loose, else it could lead to an accident.
  • The car seat needs to be placed in the rear portion of the car.
  • The harness used should not be too loose, nor too tight; it should be good enough to hold the child.
  • Always place the child inside the car seat prior to driving to ensure that he is comfortable in it.
  • It is advisable to take a booster seat as it helps to lift the child to fit in the seat belt

Don’t Leave Your Child In The Car

The child should never be taken for granted even it is for a few minutes as the unexpected happens when least expected. One cannot trust what the child can be up to; he may unintentionally fiddle with the gears, which could lead to trouble. The child should never be left unattended as they are very curious and keep trying new things. In case the car is off, and the child is left inside it, the temperature will shoot off drastically, making it very uncomfortable for the child as no air flows in or outside the car.

Don’t Text And Drive

Driving while texting tends to distract, and one can lose control. This, although, is a trend for a few years as before that it was not given too much importance. Texting can be done later, unless very urgent. In case of urgency, it is advisable to take the caller on speaker, send him a template to call back as texting repeatedly tends to take away the concentration of the person, and one would not be too alert. The focus goes away from the driving and gets to the phone, which is harmful to all. Whether it is for a few minutes or hours, not paying attention while driving or losing focus will only lead to accidents.

Put Everything In Your Trunk

It is important that once you are driving, the items present in the car should be kept properly and intact else in case of an accident, all these items can hit the head of the others in the car. Especially under an accident while the vehicle is going at high speed, the items if lying here and there can dash and fall on someone’s head leading to injuries. In the case of bulky items, sharp items, perishable items, it is advisable to keep them in a trunk or a box. Keeping them intact in the trunk will save the items as well as the others in the car.
Thus, the safety of the kid is a prime concern, and by going through the safety precautions listed above, one can evade the chances of something dreadful to happen. Always be there to supervise and navigate the kid, be alert so that your kids are safe with you.

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