500 Powerful and Strong Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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Powerful And Strong Baby Boy Names With MeaningsThe name has a huge impact on the personality of the baby. For baby boys especially parents look for names that are bold, exuberate strength and powerful. Here you can find some powerful and strong baby boy names with meanings. The source of these names can be from different parts of the world, from distinct cultures but have the same connotation. Strength and power are also the qualities of famous gods, kings, rulers, and their likes. So many names could represent them or their characteristics. Elements of nature even have power in them so names representing strength and power can even have traces of the names of elements of the earth. 

Most of the names of the boys given below either mean power and strength or indicate power in different cultures and dialects. Few names are inspired by history, mythology, nature, etc. All the names listed below are highly influential and the list features a mix of traditional, modern, trendy, and unique kinds of names. These names have been sorted alphabetically for a better understanding. The list has a compilation of the names with meanings which helps in choosing the right name.

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Powerful and Strong Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Power and strength are something that is loved by all. Most parents want their kids to be brave and have the power to be able to face all sorts of situations and obstacles in life. A few powerful and strong baby boy names inspired by different nature elements, gods, kings, symbolizing power are given as under:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aabhu  Strong and prosperous 
2 Aamodit  Strong Fragrance 
3 Aanvik  Powerful 
4 Aarakta  Strongly attached 
5 Aaron  Strong 
6 Aavir Brave Forever 
7 Abdul  Servant of the powerful Lord 
8 Abelardo  Noble Strength
9 Abhibhava  Overpowering and victorious 
10 Abhir  Brave and Intelligent 
11 Abhiru  Strong and not a coward
12 Abhyank  Strong and fearless 
13 Abiri  Strong and mighty 
14 Absko  Strength 
15 Adir  Mighty People 
16 Adreas  Strong and manly 
17 Advith  Powerful like Lord Vishnu 
18 Agnar Powerful warrior 
19 Agnisinh  Powerful like Fire 
20 Ahovira  Extraordinarily strong and a sage 
21 Aiden  Powerful 
22 Aimilios  Strength 
23 Ajas  Powerful and pure 
24 Ajay Singh  Unconquerable 
25 Akbar  Powerful 
26 Akeel  Strong and Intelligent 
27 Akesh  Power of Eternity 
28 Akshin Strong and brave 
29 Akshleen Extraordinarily strong 
30 Alaric  Powerful ruler 
31 Aldric  Ruler 
32 Alec  Defender of men
33 Alexander  Strong 
34 Alistair  Defender of the people
35 Amaury  Work Power
36 Amav Undefeated and powerful 
37 Ameli  Power of an eagle 
38 Amir  Leader 
39 Amitesh  Brave and Strong 
40 Amos  Strong 
41 Amtoj  Powerful 
42 Amun  God of Mystery
43 Anders  Manly 
44 Andre  Brave and manly 
45 Andreas  Strong and powerful 
46 Andrew  Manly 
47 Angadveer  Brave and powerful 
48 Angama  Strong 
49 Ansal Mighty and powerful 
50 Ansaldo  Leader 
51 Ansel  Protector 
52 Anshad  Strong and brave 
53 Anvik  Powerful 
54 Aodhan  Little Fire 
55 Apollo  Destroyer 
56 Arasu Most powerful person in the world 
57 Argus  Vigilant Guardian
58 Ari  Lion 
59 Arib  Brilliant and Intelligent 
60 Ariel  Lion of God 
61 Ariz  Ruler of Nation 
62 Arjev  Powerful 
63 Arjit  Powerful 
64 Arlo  Manly 
65 Armstrong  Strong Fighter 
66 Arsenio  Strong and virile 
67 Arshak  Powerful 
68 Arshan  Brave and strong 
69 Artay  Strong 
70 Arthur  King 
71 Arush  Strong like the first ray of the sun 
72 Arveen  Powerful 
73 Arya  Powerful 
74 Aryavir  Powerful 
75 Asim  Protector guardian
76 Asva  Strong and Swift 
77 Asvath  Strong as Lord Vishnu 
78 Aswin  Strong and powerful 
79 Atibal  Immensely powerful 
80 Atral  Skilled and powerful 
81 Atticus  Strong 
82 August  Great Power
83 Augustus  Increase
84 Autry  Noble Strength 
85 Avay  Strong 
86 Avniel  God is my strength 
87 Avyam  Strong
88 Ayele  Powerful 
89 Azai  Strength 
90 Azam  Powerful One 
91 Azaz Strong One 
92 Azeil  God is my power 
93 Aziz  Powerful 
94 Azmal  Good and strong as Lion 
95 Azmi  Resolute and strong 
96 Bahumat One who has strong arms 
97 Balaksa Strong eyed
98 Balavan  Powerful 
99 Balbhag  Fortunate and Powerful 
100 Baldeva Strong 
101 Balendra  Strong and powerful God 
102 Balin  Powerful and strong 
103 Balinder  Strong and powerful God 
104 Baljot  Light of strength 
105 Balmeet  Mighty friend 
106 Balnik  A strong prince like the Panchal King 
107 Balnoor  Strong 
108 Balstha Strong and powerful 
109 Balsvan Strong and powerful 
110 Balula  Strong and powerful 
111 Baqar  Inevitable and powerful 
112 Barhana Strong and vigorous 
113 Barin  Noble Fighter 
114 Barlas  Warrior 
115 Barrett  Bear Strength 
116 Batair  Strong Warrior 
117 Benhail  Strength
118 Beren  Strong 
119 Berk  Firm and solid 
120 Bernard  Brave bear 
121 Bharat  Strong Leader 
122 Bhavkirat  Powerful like Lord Shiva 
123 Bheemak Strong and the king of Vidarbha 
124 Bhiimaah Strong 
125 Bhimrao  Strong and powerful 
126 Bhrish  Powerful and strong 
127 Bibhu  Powerful 
128 Bidzil  Strong
129 Blaze  Fire 
130 Brian  Noble 
131 Briant  Noble 
132 Bryce  Strength 
133 Buggi  Powerful man 
134 Burke  Fortress
135 Carlo  Manly 
136 Cathal  Battle Ruler 
137 Chacha  Srong in Kiswahili 
138 Chanin  Strong Person 
139 Chasin  Strong and mighty in Hebrew 
140 Chirah  Brave and powerful 
141 Conall  Strong Wolf 
142 Conrad  Brave Counsel 
143 Cypress Strong 
144 Dahak  Powerful 
145 Daivat  Powerful 
146 Dakshak Strong 
147 Daugalias  Power 
148 Dax  Leader 
149 Deandre  Strong and manly 
150 Denzel  High Stronghold 
151 Dhanush  Mighty and powerful 
152 Dhiren  One who is strong 
153 Dhrishnu  Courageous and strong 
154 Drew  Strong Warrior 
155 Dridh  Solid and Strong 
156 Drudo  Strong 
157 Durvasa  A powerful Rishi 
158 Dylan  Son of the sea 
159 Eagan  Fire 
160 Ebert  Wild Boar 
161 Edric  Power 
162 Eeshwar  The Supreme God 
163 Egnesh  Powerful and Intelligent 
164 Egon  Strong with a sword in German 
165 Ehno  Resolute Protector 
166 Ejikeme  To use Strength 
167 Ekana  Lord Vishnu and Shiva 
168 Elfried  Strength in German 
169 Eli  Ascended 
170 Emery  Strong Ruler 
171 Enzi  Powerful 
172 Enzo  Home Ruler 
173 Eric  Eternal Ruler 
174 Ethan  Firm and strong 
175 Evander  Strong bow warrior 
176 Eyal  Strength in Hebrew 
177 EzeKiel  God Strengthens 
178 Fadi  Saviour 
179 Farrell Courage 
180 Farris  Courage 
181 Fenyang  Conqueror 
182 Ferguson  Supreme Man 
183 Fermin  Firm and Strong 
184 Fremont  Protector of Freedom 
185 Gaba  Strong man of God 
186 Gabi  God is my strength 
187 Gabriel  God is my strength 
188 Gaja  Strong like Elephant 
189 Gaju  Powerful and Strong 
190 Garan  Guardian 
191 Garrett  Ruled by the spear 
192 Garrison  Protection
193 Gary  Mighty like spear 
194 Ghajeshwar  Powerful like Lord Ganesha 
195 Godric  God’s ruler 
196 Grady  Descendent of the noble 
197 Grant  Tall or great 
198 Griffin  Strong Lord
199 Gun  Strong warrior 
200 Gunner  Bold Warrior 
201 Gunther  Warrior 
202 Haile  Power  and force 
203 Hamza  Strong 
204 Hariric  Powerful , ruler 
205 Hasin  Beautiful and Strong 
206 Henry  Ruler of the home 
207 Herbert  Warrior 
208 Hercules  Strong warrior 
209 Himat  Strong and Brave 
210 Hiranyagarbha  The all-powerful creator 
211 Honovi  Strong deer 
212 Hrikin Powerful and Glorious 
213 Hudson  Brave ruler 
214 Hyder  Lion
215 Idris  Ardent Lord 
216 Ikemba  Strength of a nation 
217 Ikruth  Strong and Trustworthy 
218 Impal  Strong 
219 Imre  Strength 
220 Inas  powerful and bold 
221 Inesa  A strong kind 
222 Inesh  King of Kings 
223 Iry a Powerful and Agile 
224 Isayu  Fresh and Strong 
225 Isir  Strong and powerful 
226 Jabbar  Powerful in Arabic 
227 Jaivir  Strong and Brave 
228 Jaleed Powerful and patient 
229 Jarek  Strong and fierce in Slavic 
230 Jari  Powerful and Brave 
231 Jaro  Helmed Warrior 
232 Jasbeer  Victorious hero 
233 Jashyia  God’s Strength 
234 Jasnoor Strong and bright 
235 Jeelani Mighty and powerful 
236 Jegan  Strong and name of the Lord
237 Jerik Strong and gifted ruler 
238 Jiann Strong 
239 Joar  Strong 
240 Jorawar Strong and powerful 
241 Joshil  Powerful 
242 Joyanta  Powerful and winner 
243 Julius  Roman God Jupiter 
244 Jupiter  Ruler 
245 Kabira  Powerful and greatest 
246 Kadar Powerful and divine 
247 Kadeer Powerful 
248 Kahal  Strong like Lord Shiva
249 Kale  Strong and Manly 
250 Kana  Powerful 
251 Kani  Strength and energy 
252 Kano  Masculine power 
253 Kari  Strong and Masculine 
254 Kartik Bestowing Courage 
255 Karvir  Strong armed 
256 Kawan  Strong 
257 Kawill  Powerful 
258 Kendrick  Brave Ruler
259 Kenji  Strong and Healthy in Japanese 
260 Kenzo  Healty and strong 
261 King King 
262 Kosigan Strong 
263 Kumaresan  Brave and Kind-hearted
264 Kundir  Strong and big 
265 Kush  Son of Lord Rama 
266 Leo Lion
267 Leonardo Strong like lion
268 Liam Protector
269 Limbani  Strong 
270 Lithesh  Energetic and charismatic 
271 Lord Person of Authority
272 Madasamy  Powerful God 
273 Magni  Strong and mighty 
274 Mahabal Extraordinarily strong 
275 Mahakethu  Powerful and Supreme 
276 Mahatej  Name of Lord Shiva and Vishnu 
277 Maheshinder  Powerful like Lord Shiva 
278 Mahiman  Powerful and Mighty 
279 Malin  Little Warrior 
280 Malthe  Power 
281 Mandla  Strength 
282 Mano Shark Like 
283 Maoz  Strength in Hebrew 
284 Maska  Powerful and strong 
285 Matin Strong and Powerful 
286 Maverick  Independent One 
287 Maynard  Brave
288 Michael  Like God
289 Mihal  Like a god 
290 Mikin Strong 
291 Milo  Soldier 
292 Montgomery  Ruler 
293 Moriyan Strong 
294 Mujin  Powerful and energetic 
295 Najaf  Strong 
296 Napayshni  Courageous and Strong 
297 Narya  Solid and enduring 
298 Neev  Strong Foundation
299 Nehan  Strong and Beautiful 
300 Neil  Victory 
301 Neon  One who is strong 
302 Nero  Powerful and strong 
303 Niall Champion 
304 Nicholas  Victory of the People 
305 Nidheesh  Powerful like Lord Ganesha 
306 Nirdhar Strong will and determination
307 Nitul  Strong and Lucky 
308 Nived  Offering to God 
309 Njord  God of the sea 
310 Ofu  Power and strength 
311 Ojaswit  Powerful and Radiant 
312 Olis  Powerful Man 
313 Onan Strength and power in Hebrew 
314 Oorjit  Possesses great might 
315 Osiris  Strong Eyesight 
316 Oswald  Divine Power 
317 Oz  Power and strength 
318 Pardu  Strong and Handsome
319 Pasak  Strong and Brave 
320 Pavanish  One of the powerful man 
321 Phoenix  Powerful 
322 Poras  Powerful like Porus 
323 Porush  Powerful 
324 Prabal  Strong and powerful 
325 Prabhu  Powerful and mighty in Sanskrit
326 Prajosh  Powerful , God of creator 
327 Prannoy  Strong 
328 Purtab  Powerful 
329 Qadir  Powerful and capable 
330 Qawee Strong and Mighty 
331 Quillon  Strong 
332 Quinlan  Strong 
333 Qush  Strong 
334 Rabees Powerful and Fearless
335 Raghnall  Power
336 Raik  Strongest Soldier 
337 Rajaan  Best of the king 
338 Ram Pratap  Majestic like Lord Rama 
339 Ran  Strong Defender 
340 Ranganathan Mighty Man 
341 Raul  Strong Defender 
342 Ravi Powerful like Sun 
343 Rayappa Strong man 
344 Reek  Strong and brave 
345 Reiner  Deciding Warrior 
346 Reinhold  Powerful protector 
347 Rekarsh  Extraordinarily strong 
348 Richard  Brave ruler 
349 Rigoberto  Bright Ruler 
350 Rik  Strong and Brave 
351 Riki  Strong Power 
352 Rikin  Powerful 
353 Rinaldo  Counsel Power 
354 Rineeth Shining and strong 
355 Riyam  Strong 
356 Roderick  Strong Leader
357 Rohi  Strong 
358 Roman  Powerful 
359 Ronit  Brilliant and bright 
360 Rostam  Strong and brave in Persian 
361 Ruvir  Powerful and brave 
362 Ryker  Superior Strength 
363 Saahasya  Mighty and powerful 
364 Saahat  Strong and powerful 
365 Saanal  Powerful and Vigorous 
366 Sabit  Strong and certain 
367 Sabu  Strong and Loyal Person 
368 Saddam  Powerful Ruler 
369 Sagma  Mighty and powerful 
370 Sahasan  Mighty and powerful 
371 Sahuri  Victorious Strong
372 Sahvan  Powerful and strong 
373 Sakshain  Competent and powerful 
374 Sakthi  Powerful 
375 Sakthivel  Powerful instrument given by goddess Parvati to her son 
376 Sam  Lord of God 
377 Samardh  Powerful like Krishna 
378 Samarth  Powerful and smooth 
379 Sammad Strong in Determination 
380 Sanoop  Powerful and strong 
381 Sasha  Defender of man 
382 Satyavikrema  Truth makes him powerful 
383 Sewell  Strong as sea 
384 Shajan  Strong and Brave 
385 Shakra  Strong and powerful 
386 Shakvar Powerful and strong 
387 Sham  Strong person
388 Shaylan  Powerful and Intelligent 
389 Shazin  Powerful and kind 
390 Shejoy  Strong and powerful 
391 Shikvas  Mighty and powerful 
392 Shivo  Powerful like Lord Shiva 
393 Shrotin Strong 
394 Sidik  Powerful and Truthful 
395 Sinda  Strong 
396 Sisu  Strength and willpower in Finnish 
397 Siubal  Very Strong 
398 Soumik  Powerful like fire 
399 Shahesh Most Powerful 
400 Soval  Powerful 
401 Srichakra  Powerful yantra of the god 
402 Srihesh Strange as an elephant 
403 Srinik A strong desire for success
404 Stark  Strong and powerful 
405 Subahu  Might armed and strong 
406 Subali  Strong 
407 Sudhikshan  Powerful 
408 Sushmin Strong 
409 Sven  Young Warrior 
410 Svojas Strong like Lord Ganesha 
411 Swithin  Strong
412 Swithun  Strength 
413 Syamrit  Powerful and Delightful 
414 Taaraz  Sturdy and Strong 
415 Tahmuras  Strong body in Persian 
416 Takeshi  Strong anf fierce 
417 Takio  Strong as bamboo 
418 Taksh  Strong like Lord Ganesha 
419 Takul  Strong and good natured 
420 Takx  Lord Ganesha 
421 Tanavir  Strong and robust 
422 Tanvay  Another name for Lord Ganesha 
423 Tapara  Strong 
424 Tapish  Strong warmth of the sun 
425 Taposh  Strong warmth of the sun 
426 Tedmond  Protector 
427 Teejay  A strong ray of Sun 
428 Teeyan  Strong 
429 Tegh  Strong as sword 
430 Tej  Bright and strong 
431 Tejasvin  Powerful and Noble 
432 Terran  Man of the earth 
433 Thabit  Firm and strong 
434 Thanvik Strong and brave 
435 Thanvir  Strong
436 Tharvin  Powerful 
437 Thor  Thunder 
438 Tishan  Brave and Powerful 
439 Titan  Defender 
440 Titus  Title of honor 
441 Tosh  Strong like Lord Shiva 
442 Troy  Foot Soldier 
443 Tullie  Mighty People 
444 Tullis  Mighty People 
445 Tunga  Prominent and Strong 
446 Tuviksh  Powerful like Lord Indra 
447 Udbala  Strong 
448 Uksit  Strong 
449 Ulban  Strong and powerful 
450 Umedh  Strong One 
451 Urjith  Strong and powerful 
452 Uttal Strong 
453 Uzziah  My strength is God 
454 Vahuk  Strong like Lord Venkateswara 
455 Vajin Heroic and Strong 
456 Val  Strong and Healthy 
457 Valens  Strong anf healthy 
458 Valente  Valiant 
459 Valerio  Strength 
460 Vali  Strong and powerful 
461 Varuna  Water God 
462 Vayuretas  Powerful like wind 
463 Veagh  Powerful and Speedy 
464 Veeryavan  Immensely powerful 
465 Vibhul  Powerful and radiant 
466 Vibhut  Great Personality 
467 Vibhutim  Powerful and sacred 
468 Vibhuvash  Powerful 
469 Victor  Conqueror 
470 Vikranath  Powerful warrior 
471 Vikrant  Powerful and Victorious 
472 Vince  Conquering 
473 Vipan  Fearless
474 Vipish  Stronger 
475 Viram  Very Strong 
476 Viran  Strong hero 
477 Virang  Strong body 
478 Viranth Strong man 
479 Virat  Majestic 
480 Viru  Brave and Strong 
481 Vrijbal Strong 
482 Warrick  Leader who defends 
483 Wayan  Strength in Sanskrit 
484 Wei  Greatness
485 Wilder  Hunter 
486 William  protector 
487 Wyatt Brave and strong 
488 Yahu  Strong 
489 Yalman  Strong man 
490 Yuvan  Strong like Lord Vishnu 
491 Yuvsher  Powerful like Lion 
492 Zaighum Powerful like Lion 
493 Zale  Sea Strength 
494 Zamir  Brave and strong 
495 Zeus  Sky 
496 Zevesh  Strong and powerful 
497 Zinarn  Powerful and strong 
498 Zoravar Strong and powerful 
499 Zorin  Strong and powerful 
500 Zuberi  Strong and powerful 

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Qualities of Boys Who Have Names That Mean Strong and Powerful


Every name has some effect on the baby. But yet there are few things that are common to all babies who have a name as strong and powerful as their meanings. All these babies are different from the other babies and some common points are as below:

  • The child becomes a fearless one 
  • It gives them good fortune and power that stays for life.
  • Naming the child with strong meaning makes them earn respect.
  • Giving strong and powerful names helps to instill confidence in children.
  • Strong and powerful names even offer more positivity and help to build self-esteem.

Thus, names have a great impact on the baby’s personality which is the reason that the parents are very vigilant and take some time in deciding the name for their child. Hope this list of powerful and strong baby boy names with meanings is helpful. Name is a part of the being, so it is best to have a thorough know-how of the name and then choose it for the baby.

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